Survivor NZ Episode 13 & 14 Recap

It’s that time again, time to get ready to rumble and by rumble I mean watch Survivor NZ. In the immortal words of PJ and Duncan “watch us wreck the mic, watch us wreck the mic, watch us wreck the mic, psyche!”

Episode 13

At Redemption Island Mike isn’t shocked at all that Sala is there. He expects RV to be coming to Redemption which is just annoying because the dude’s name is Avi.

Speaking of Avi, he is not happy when they return to camp; he wants an explanation for the blindside and he wants it now. Avi displays utterly abysmal  Survivor play by going after Nate, Shannon and Barb for the move t blindside Sala; and to their credit, well Shannon and Barb’s credit, they shut him down. Shannon is completely right to tell Avi that they had a solid three she wasn’t in and the time was now and Barb is a stone cold killer when she looks Avi in the eye and says “I know everyone has underestimated me”. Avi continues to have full blown meltdown about the stupid game, like no Avi you couldn’t just be nice and win. No one wants to watch that game. That game doesn’t get 35+ seasons in the US.

Avi gets a confessional that turns me completely off him. He doesn’t think anyone deserves to win, because they won’t use the money to send their students to school or something nice. Fuck off Avi, what the fuck show did you think you were going on?

Barb needs to cool it on the mafia boss shit (or as it’s known in Survivor the Kim Spradlin). Barb is lying in the hammock and having everyone come to her to talk; it has been noticed by Shannon and Shay though.

We go to Redemption Island for the duel. Mike has a message for Shannon, he’s been holding onto it since he was booted. He is butthurt that Shannon promised to never vote him out, he thinks she’s fake. To be fair to Shannon, she is apologetic but Mike doesn’t believe part of her decision was down to not wanting to draw rocks. Why would a player you have 5 out of 5 in your alliance be willing to draw a rock from you when there is a chance to be 4 out of 6 on the other side? The male ego strikes again here; she didn’t do what he wanted her to, I don’t think there is an answer that will satisfy him. Shannon is the perfect person to take to the end now, every one of her tribe mates must see that. I get the feeling that this is going to be a very bitter jury (if we believe in those). The duel is a memory challenge and Mike wins again.

After the duel back at camp Shannon has a breakdown over the kind of person she is. Barb and Jak have a chat in the shelter about how Shannon now cannot jump back but Shay is the one who took her off to talk and a deep bond has been formed. A plan is brewing; Shay thinks she can pull Shannon over with her and Avi and to vote out Tom but as Culpepper math tells you 3 out of 7 won’t go.

We then get surprised by an immunity challenge invite. Maybe we are getting lucky and someone is getting voted out in both episodes of the week. The retro Survivor theme continues with the Survivor Blair Witch Project challenge.  The winner is Tom.

The plan is for Jak to go, Tom and Jak think it’s Avi and Avi is playing up the fact he’s going and can’t fix it. Let’s see if Tom and Jak are complete arseholes to Avi about his acting? But Nate wants to tell Jak that Nate will be voting for him, probably a bad plan all round.

Walking into Tribal Council and Jak is wearing his stupid loincloth. The answers at Tribal are as expected, there is a lot of paranoia, a lot of emotion and a lot of unpredictable. IN the end, Jak is blindsided and we get to see a great big blur of his arsecrack as he leaves and it’s the first time he’s made me laugh out loud all season.

Episode 14

The next morning we are back at camp and Shay and Avi are talking about Barb and her power. Avi says something completely contradictory in his confessional. He says “Barb is a threat because everyone wants to sit next to her in the final 3 because she hasn’t done anything this entire game” then he says “she’s also come up with some huge plays like with Sala”. Well, which is is Avi? Is she a goat or is she a power player? WHICH IS SHE? Either way, Avi is cooking up a play to remove Barb from the game. Shannon and Nate are also thinking Barb might be the logical next move.

Individual Immunity Challenge again which leads me to think that the next Redemption Island duel will be a truel and the winner will come back making it to final 6. The challenge itself is a Reynolds Tofer sandbag throwing special.  Tom wins his third immunity in a row. (Matt says 3/3 but that only works if you discount that Mike and Jak each won once). This throws a spanner in the works of blindsiding Barb.

As Barb and Nate go off for a walk and discuss that Barb wants to talk about Shay, the other four are discussing it being Barb. Shannon has decided that she needs to listen to her conscience (stop it Shannon). Tom wants to get rid of Shannon as she’s a strong player and splits up the Shay/Shannon alliance. Nate sees the Tom/Avi relationship as very tight but for some reason thinks it should be Shay here. Avi is the swing and is swinging towards Barb. Barb is totally right that Shannon is the wrong move, she’s a golden goat at this point. The true joy of final 6 is everyone is going after everyone else, their minds are going all over the place. Tom is playing this very well. He sets up Shay to say she wouldn’t want to sit next to Avi then uses that info when Avi comes back to him asking them to go with Barb instead.

In the end, we see Shannon go to Redemption. It’s an odd choice considering Mike and Lee hate her and no one wants to sit next to Avi at the end.

How did you guys feel about this week?
Who would you have taken out at F6?
Will Shannon win the Redemption endurance challenge that tends to favour women?
And at this point who do you think is winning this thing?

Survivor NZ Edgic

Call me mad but I think the edgic is saying that Dee is going to win.

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Favourite seasons: HvV, Pearl Islands, Cook Islands, Micronesia, SJDS

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  • Prom King

    I’m so glad this season finally turned and much thanks to Barb for being the pivot point three episodes ago!

    Kemper, I think when a couple players have said “Barbara doesn’t do anything”, they are probably talking about performance challenges and/or working around camp and/or overtly strategizing all the time. Not that I agree with that (she’s won one challenge, we saw her cook dinner, people came to her to strategize)… but that’s the only logical thing I can think of because people do recognize that she’s made the biggest power move so far.

    In ascending order of who I’m rooting for:

    Mike: strong gamer and pretty good villain, even on Redemption. His smug callowness and petty bullshit are fun to root against. Here’s hoping Shannon beats him on Redemption! Also, what was his nonsense about “there’s no strategy” in the eliminations that have happened? He doesn’t seem like an idiot (I hesitate to say he’s smart) so why can’t he see the strategy? I blame his bitterness clouding his mind. Although I do agree with him that Shannon’s reason about not wanting to go to rocks was bullshit, but only because viewers have seen all along that Shannon has been willing to target him and was planning on turning on her alliance.

    Zak: like Kemper I think he’s been ridiculously unfunny all season so was quite a relief to see his dumb ass go home and he finally provided me with a laugh – not with naked ass (ugh, hard to watch) but with that hilarious faux-angry look he gave when turning back to the tribe as he exited. Still, that credit doesn’t balance out the debits of his lame attempts at humor and all of his snide, unfunny mockery of the older folks.

    Avi: it’s so strange to me that someone I’d easily be friends with in real life (there are many people like Arvey in my group of friends)… is someone who completely bores and annoys me on Survivor.

    Shannon: I don’t care for too much for her but at least she was one of the more complex characters, up until all of the tears and self-recriminations. Ugh she became so boring. I’m reminded of what I’ve told people at work who I’ve supervised: I hate watching people beat themselves up; recognize what you’ve done and move on. But hopefully she beats Mike and that other guy.

    Nate: I also don’t care too much for him (mainly due to the flashes of self-importance) but I have been impressed with his jury management, and even his attempts at jury management like with Jak. He understands juries more than many this season.

    Tom: I’ve found him endearing from the start; not sure why. Maybe the combination of cluelessness and deviousness. Or how he seems vaguely uncomfortable in front of the camera. There’s a shyness to him that’s endearing. So it was great seeing him finally calling the shots and revenging himself on Shay and actually eliminating someone.

    Shay: She’s like a textbook example of how it’s best to backstab people pre-merge. Hardly anyone brings up her former snake status – that’s all on Shannon & Barbara now. And she has a great ally on the jury. The way she speaks is pretty dull but I still perk up whenever she’s on screen because her mind is always working and she’s always thinking.

    Barbara: queen of the season. I’ve loved her sour, bored expressions and snide comments since the first episode and watching her become a central character is what turned this season around for me. I just wish she had stayed focused on removing Arfie.

    One impression I have about New Zealanders is that they seem like a very mellow, relaxed, soft-spoken sort of people. It doesn’t make for the most exciting show but I’m not finding anyone detestable, even villains like Mike or irritants like Za(c)k. A real contrast to the Australian players, several of whom I found to be almost as obnoxious as many American players (just a different sort of obnoxious – more self-righteous, but less willing to turn themselves into caricatures for the camera).

    • Kemper Boyd

      This is a great summary of the season and you’ve got the order dead on except that I’m over Nate. He’s not played whereas every other player had made moves he had coasted.

      Shannon was rootable until she had her change of heart. I’d still like to see her win at RI so Mike doesnt win and ruin the series.

      • Prom King

        Oh I’m over Nate too. Was never even a real fan, unlike Barb and Shay. But at this point I’m just finding him slightly less annoying than Shannon’s tears. If she slays Mike & whatshisname, up a notch she goes.

        I rather wish Shannon didn’t get voted out because I wanted Mike to re-enter the game and then get blindsided right before final two or three. Ha, that would have been delightful! That’s the way I like my villains to be treated: last a long time to entertain me, then receive the richly deserved humiliation near the end.

  • Maritimer

    The strategy here confused me so much. Barb/Nate/Shannon were in the best position – they had their 3 within their 5 with 7 left. They were golden. Then Shannon had this fit of morals, possibly followed by Nate, and now its a mess. At this point, is there even a majority? We have Avi+Shay and Nate+Barb with swing vote Tom, but they all want Tom out as soon as he loses immunity. Plus, someone from Exile probably coming back. Barb and Nate could have used some of Keith Nale’s advice this episode.

    I also don’t understand why they passed on their chance at Avi TWICE. I know they can’t see the big flashing winner’s edit sign over his head, but when you keep talking about not wanting to get rid of someone because he’s so nice and deserving and everybody likes him, you should probably vote his ass out before he beats you

    (I fully acknowledge that Avi isn’t the only person with a potential winners edit and that NZ may have a different idea of such a thing, I’m being a bit facetious there)

    • Prom King

      I blame Shannon’s tears. And Barb shouldn’t have let her natural apathy towards the human race get the best of her. There’s so much more she should have been doing last episode instead of laying in her hammock, writing various scenarios about her fellow castaways meeting their doom. There’s time to amuse yourself with such activities AFTER the show, Barb!

      • Maritimer

        Me too. Everyone attacking Shannon for playing Survivor seemed to finally break her, which is unfortunate.
        As for Barb, her natural apathy should have worked for her, especially with Jak constantly asking who to vote for. They had to vote together ONE MORE TIME to get rid of Avi and they were clear.

        • Prom King

          I know right? Very frustrating! And so my dreams of a Barb win were snuffed out. But hopefully she’ll still last a while.

          • Maritimer

            I think she can still win. She just made her road more difficult, and everyone sees her as a target now. She needs a second goat though

          • Prom King

            I admire your optimism and will try to embrace it. Barb for the win!

          • Figaro

            I *hope* she can win, but I dunno if the jury would be willing to vote for her over everyone else left. Even if she articulates her game really well at final tribal I feel that the others are perceived as more likeable and I’m getting the vibe that being ‘well-liked’ might be all it takes to win this season.

          • Maritimer

            She needs the right goats – Nate and another one, who should have been Shannon, but I think Shay could still be goat-y enough. I agree with you that being likable is going to be the winning criteria this season though (or at least, the least-dislikable)

    • Kemper Boyd

      If you had to clip Sala because he’s a good dude people will want to give money to why the fuck haven’t you done Avi? He’s fucking obvious and Shannon is perceived as a goat. Avi going with Tom over Shay was dumb shit, Tom shouldn’t have been able to call the shot, Avi should have said “look, this one is Barb”. Why didn’t Shay or Shannon go to Barb and say “Barb, it’s gotta be Avi, he’s too nice a guy, he’ll win”.? WHY???

      • Maritimer

        Right. I don’t understand how they could do it to Sala then get cold feet at Avi.
        Avi also should clearly have stuck with Shay, and taken Tom with him. I just don’t t understand these people. It’s the whole stupid mateship and honour thing again isn’t it?

        • Prom King

          I’m not getting that Australia mateship vibe at all, and I’ve been on the look-out because it drove me up the wall during that season. I think they just all actually like RV and it is clouding their brains. One of the comments during the last episode really struck me: “No one likes to see a sad RV”

          Sala brings the honour vibe but somehow he does it in a way that doesn’t make my skin crawl. And Mike brings up honour hypocritically, which is eye-rolling and also hilarioius.

          • Maritimer

            Yeah, that’s a better assessment. Its Mike pitching honour hypocritically and they all are buying into it for some reason. They all don’t want to seem like the bad guy

  • Diego Armando

    Cirie is the Mafia Boss of Survivor.