The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Cagayan Episode 6 “Head of the Snake”

Merges and flipping and idols, oh my! In this week’s podcast, we can hardly believe that a 28-season show is still capable of surprising us like this. There was so much going on this episode that we brought in a third musketeer to help us talk about it, as once again Matt joins us as an emergency health replacement. Always good to have a strong utility player on the bench.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Head of the Snake

We break down the crazy tribal council, decide if #ChaosKass made the worst decision or worstest decision, disavow any previous approval of Sarah and any previous condemnations of Tony, and ask the question “Is Trish secretly playing the best game this season thus far?”

And because Survivor nerdery is just not enough for us, we talk about Sunday’s return of Game of Thrones by asking the important question “Who would win Survivor: Westeros”? So have a listen before winter comes, because when you play the game of Survivor, you win or you die. (Metaphorically. With torches and stuff).

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