The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Cagayan Episode 8 “Bag of Tricks”

Well, that was unexpected. Tony keeps being Tony, and the game shakes up again. A whole lot of our time this week is spent talking about Tony and Trish, who have the most interesting positions in the game following this vote.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Bag of Tricks

Was this the right time for Tony to strike? Did he go after the right target? Where does Tony buy his mirrors? These questions and more will be answered or shrugged at in this week’s podcast.

Trish’s game prompts a discussion of Big Moves (Tony) vs. Best Moves (Trish), and which is working most effectively this season.

We also take a listener question, drop some pop culture references, and celebrate the fact that we are so terrible at predicting this season.

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Andy and John are the hosts of the Purple Rock Survivor podcast.
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6 thoughts on “The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Cagayan Episode 8 “Bag of Tricks”

  1. hi guys, came to your podcast via the AVClub, and I really like it. One thing, I think it falls under the category of petpeeve — I hate when you, and AVClub commenters, go into the whole “favorable edit” or “winners edit” thing. I get that its smart, and detectivelike, and usually right, but it makes me watch the program differently, as if I had been given spoilers.

    1. I partly agree. I don’t like that I now look for how people are being edited. However, there is not always a winners edit. I’m playing catch up (this is my second live season) and I recently watched Pearl Islands. Aside from the first episode where she uses her language skills to negotiate she was basically a non-entity until Rupert was voted out in episode 10. I say that as I was specifically watching for her because I knew she would win due to watching Heroes v. Villains first (I read it was the best season). More often than not a winner will get a good amount of screen time since they are in every episode and generally have to be involved to stay in the game and lay the ground work for votes. But it can be done in other ways too.

  2. Love your podcast, some insightful & fun stuff here.
    Miss the 0% club though. It was one of the only ways to talk about some of the contestants. Without the 0% club noone would ever mention Jeffra, Morgan, Jeremiah etc. the people that do nothing strategic & have no game play so it’s super easy to forget they are there.

    1. The zero percent club might be back next season, but we’ve basically run out of room in the club. Andy’s inducted everyone accept Spencer, Tasha, and Jefra, while John’s inducted everyone but Spencer, Tasha, and Tony. So there’s not much else to say. And if either Spencer or Tasha win, we’re golden.

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