The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Cagayan Episode 9 “Sitting in my spy shack”

No hashtagged chaos this week, as Tony and Woo’s old alliance mates welcome them back (some more willingly than others). Once again Trish shines in the social game, kissing the boo-boo that Tony’s betrayal left on Jefra.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Bag of Tricks

Tony, of course, keeps being Tony. And we finally get an appearance from Tyler Perry’s immunity idol. (For more explanation on the reason it’s called the Tyler Perry idol- if you haven’t gotten enough of one from us- check out this article.) We debate whether Tony will now just coast to the endgame, or if he will be incapable of complacency.

We also answer a WordPress commenter’s question (Thanks, Katrina!), bring in a guest that has been feeding us questions for weeks, and somehow avoid discussing Trish’s comment about Morgan’s boobs.

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2 thoughts on “The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Cagayan Episode 9 “Sitting in my spy shack”

  1. Question: In this episode you mention you think a Final Two tribal counsel could be on the table. Is this in question every season? I had been operating under the assumption that somewhere along the way they changed it from 2 to 3 and that’s just the way it is moving forward. But now that sounds like it’s not so. Is there something I’m missing that makes you think it could be in play? Also, when they did change it did they address why? I figure it was because it gave the winner of the final immunity too much power to just pick who they sit next too,

    1. Sorry for not noticing this/getting back to it earlier.

      Generally- at least in recent seasons- it has always been a final three. When they initially changed to a final 3, I believe they publicly stated that it was because they got tired of players dragging the most objectionable goat to the finish line. Adding an extra person to the finale was supposed to result in closer voting at the end (it’s been hit or miss in that regard).

      So your guess is mostly right, because the winner of the final immunity was always picking the weakest competition (with two very notable exceptions).

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