The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Our Survivor season rankings, part one (#15-28)

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Our Survivor season rankings, part one (#15-28)

You may recall that this summer, we invited guests on to discuss the highs and lows of each one of Survivor’s 28 seasons. After weighing the opinions of our guests, we have developed the definitive, indisputably correct rankings for each of Survivor’s seasons.

In part one, we cover the bottom half of those rankings. Starting with the worst season Survivor has ever made (Spoiler alert: It’s Nicaragua. It’s always Nicaragua.), we work our way up to the middle of the charts, giving some brief explanations of why each season is ranked where it is. We even offer some suggestions as to which of these seasons you should bother watching if you’re relatively new to Survivor, because there are certainly a handful that you can skip.

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  • “I may even rewatch Vanuatu.” All right!

    Also, where was the “Theme music!” at the end? You can’t blame the editor every time.