The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Ranking the Survivor seasons, episode 1 (Heroes vs. Villains, China, Nicaragua)

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Ranking the Survivor seasons, episode 1

It’s the Survivor off-season, the perfect time to reflect back on the 28 seasons we’ve seen so far and pit them against each other in order to determine exact rankings. This is, after all, what Survivor nerds like us do.

We’ll be doing a series of these for the next few weeks, with a different guest each episode recommending or bashing certain seasons for us in order to influence our rankings. At the end, we’ll give our own rankings and let you tell us how wrong we are.

In this episode, we discuss three seasons: Heroes vs. Villains, China, and Nicaragua. Our frequent guest Emma joins us to give her take on those three, and John sounds like he may have recorded this podcast while talking through a can attached to a string.

We welcome discussion of previous seasons, and if you think we’ve treated a previous season unfairly, please send us your feedback, either here or on one of the many other avenues you can reach us (especially Twitter: @purplerockpod or Skype: JRPurpleRock, where you can leave us a voicemail). Thanks for listening!

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  • Awesome to see my favorite Survivor podcast back with some special episodes. Late to the party but happy to get some good listening in. Several of my favorite seasons not even having been discussed yet. I’m on the edge of my seat.