The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Ranking the Survivor seasons, episode 4 (Samoa, Australia, Vanuatu, Marquesas)

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Ranking the Survivor seasons, episode 4

Reminder: We’ll be doing a series of these for the next few weeks, with a different guest each episode recommending or bashing certain seasons for us in order to influence our rankings. At the end, we’ll post everyone’s rankings and give our own rankings so you can tell us how wrong we are.

In this Canadian-heavy episode, we discuss four seasons: Samoa, Australia, Vanuatu, and Marquesas. Our guest this week is Craig, whose rankings on these seasons were wildly different than most of the other people we polled. Craig makes a strong case for one of the more divisive seasons that makes us consider whether our view of Survivor Samoa is clouded by later revelations about how awful Russell Hantz is. Craig also gives us a passionate defense of Vanuatu, which we quickly crap all over. And, of course, we discuss Survivor’s first ever Playboy covergirl.

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  • I finally listened to this episode, only a month after it was released. I am behind in listening to all of the podcasts I follow, but the real reason it took so long for me to listen to this episode is that I was not looking forward to listening to my voice for an entire hour. I must say it was not as bad as I thought it would be, but I didn’t realize (and I have been told this before) how much on this episode I would start talking and then just go non-stop into a giant run-on sentence. Other episodes had people explain why they liked a season in 1-2 minutes but it felt like I answered that question by talking for over 5 minutes straight without stopping to take a breath. I commend you for resisting the urge of not editing me completely out of the episode (like you obviously did with Andy in the next one).

    Looking forward to binge-listening to the rest of these episodes before next Wednesday!