The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Ranking the Survivor seasons, episode 5 (Tocantins, One World, South Pacific)

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Ranking the Survivor seasons, episode 5

Reminder: We’ll be doing a series of these for the next few weeks, with a different guest each episode recommending or bashing certain seasons for us in order to influence our rankings. At the end, we’ll post everyone’s rankings and give our own rankings so you can tell us how wrong we are.

We lost Andy’s audio for this podcast, which results in an incredibly short episode (just under 30 minutes) and an episode that’s got a lot of John talking (which I apologize for profusely). The audio was pieced together from what remained of the other two guests, so apologies again for the occasionally disjointed editing.

In this episode, we discuss three seasons: Tocantins, One World, and South Pacific. Our guest Michelle comes from the land of kanagroos, boomerangs, and Paul Hogan. In a lovely Australian accent, Michelle tells us why Tocantins is her favorite Survivor season, makes a tepid defense of One World, and shrugs at the existence of South Pacific.

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  • I must say that while I missed hearing Andy (and I kept thinking “why didn’t they re-record the podcast or just re-record Andy saying what he remembered he had said and splice it in?”), I thoroughly enjoyed the replacements that John provided. I also send maple syrup to people in other countries and pause in the middle of a conversation (without warning) to sing O Canada.

    When you were listing One World’s firsts you left out that it was the first (and only?) season to use pop-up notes on the screen in the premiere to identify the cast. Here in Canada it reminded me when FOX added a red circle over the puck when they aired hockey games because viewers complained that the puck was too hard to see (all Canadians had a good chuckle over that one). I figured viewers had complained to CBS, “We’re too dumb to figure out people’s names, just tell us on the screen so I don’t have to listen to anyone!”