The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Ranking the Survivor seasons, episode 7 (Borneo, All-Stars, Guatemala, Thailand)

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Ranking the Survivor seasons, episode 7

Reminder: We’ll be doing a series of these for the next few weeks, with a different guest each episode recommending or bashing certain seasons for us in order to influence our rankings. At the end, we’ll post everyone’s rankings and give our own rankings so you can tell us how wrong we are.

It’s a whole lot of early-period Survivor on this episode, where we cover four of Survivor’s first eleven seasons: Borneo, Thailand, All-Stars, and Guatemala. Is it even fair to rank Borneo? Why is Guatemala the forgotten season? And what exactly is a fish monger? Our guest Adam examines these questions and more with us on this episode, wherein we also learn that Adam is both a lover of the classic Survivor seasons and a hopeless romantic.

And because they are sensitive and progressive modern men, John and Andy somehow avoid talking about exactly how attractive Danni Boatwright is. That probably deserves some sort of medal.

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  • You said that Borneo had the first and only reward challenge judged on “artistic merit” (TAGI IS GROGGY). What about the challenge in Africa where they had to … I can’t remember exactly what they did (that season is so bleak and depressing I’ve blocked most of it out) but they had to decorate the camp or do the best job to attract a plane’s attention. All I remember is Tom dancing with a feather sticking out of the back of his pants, and the guy on the plane chose the winner. Also in All-Stars, the shelter-building challenge was judged by the building contractor.

    Regarding Judd’s boot in Guatemala, the best part about his “scumbags” quote is that after he leaves we see him in the path of shame and you can just barely hear him say “scumbags” again (they even close caption it).

    And as for Robb (“two Bs man, two Bs”) choking Clay during the challenge in Thailand, he wasn’t officially ejected from the challenge for that. The rules of the challenge were that the players had to have at least one foot in the “attack zone” and then they were allowed to beat the crap out of each other. But when Robbbb choked Clay he wasn’t in the attack zone, which led to this classic Probst quote: “Your foot wasn’t in the attack zone when you … when you grabbed Clay by the throat.” which led Robb to say “We didn’t lose that challenge, we got beaten by a bunch of rules!” I think the attack zone was the first time they had allowed and encouraged the players to physically attack each other during a challenge.

    • I actually did remember that Robb was ejected for attacking outside of the “attack zone”, but I’m far more amused by the way Jeff can barely describe what he just saw.