The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: San Juan del Sur, episode 10- “This is Where We Build Trust”

Happy belated Thanksgiving! Or, as we call it in Canada, Thursday! We’re thankful that Survivor served up a good episode for us to discuss, largely on the strength of a crazy tribal council. So we stick to the plan and discuss the moves of Reed, Natalie, Jon and Keith and give our first Power Rankings of the season.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: San Juan del Sur- episodeĀ 10

So take a break from your family and have a listen. You’ll thank us, I’m sure.

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  • It is, in fact Shark-yu-leez.

    One thing I’ve been thinking in regards to Jon’s edit, and it may be just wishful thinking because I want Natalie to be the winner. There’s another reason besides making Jon look like a winner and just using dramatic footage they have to show that scene- even if Jon isn’t the winner, maybe they’re interested in bringing him back, in the same way they made sure Ciera and Vytas go their stories out in BvW even though neither of them were winning. It’s not ‘would’t you like to see this nice man win Survivor’ it’s ‘won’t you be happy when we bring this nice man back to play Survivor again.’

    Other than that, I just wanna say that I had never seen a second of Survivor before Cagayan, but thanks to one of my housemates at the time I got hooked, and thanks to the guidance of your summer series I’m now on pace to have watched half of the show before San Juan del Sur ends. You guys are awesome and thanks so much for the insight and entertainment you bring every week.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the podcast. Listening to it always make watching Survivor a better experience.

    I found it very odd that the MRKH segment seemed edited to be more about Jon than Jaclyn. She got a bit of confessional time, but the primary narration seemed to be Jon. That seems to tell me that if either of the two of them are going to make it to the final tribal council, it’s going to be Jon, because if Jaclyn goes farther then wouldn’t they have given her more of a spotlight to talk about the condition that she actually has? And in the previews before the season began, wasn’t she described as an activist for spreading awareness of MRKH? All in all, I just found it rather baffling how that went down. I agree that they’re probably going to use that opportunity to highlight their lives even if neither of them make it to the finals, but the way it happened seemed to heavily favor Jon. Maybe it’s just that I’d much rather see Jaclyn go farther, but that segment did not instill much hope.

  • Sadie

    That whole “child-lovin’, supportive boyfriend” did feel very winner edit-y. But maybe it’s about Jaclyn going far. He’s really declaring that he loves her and she is special. Because the way Natalie, Reed and Keith talked about him, it felt like the start of a downfall.

    Or maybe they missed their chances to get him out.

    It’s weird to see Reed and Natalie so much at the forefront now, and playing so well. They were both so quiet early on, people point to Reed but they were both at the low end of concessionals and as of right now they are only separated by one. Natalie especially was a know entity coming into the show? Why so quiet!?

    I don’t think they can win but maybe they are underdogs or end-of-the season villains?

  • Rob

    I’m the guy that keeps calling Jon dumber than a sack of hammers. I mostly stand by that assessment (he literally went to a tribal council earlier this season and said he had no idea what was going on or who he was supposed to vote for). However, I’ll walk it back as far as to say that even seemingly inept players can be more canny than they come across on the show. Tony said Jefra was a player and her exit interview was respectable; John and Candace from the last BvW were way more canny about strategy on the most recent RHAP show than they ever seemed in the actual game; Tony, though flawed, was way smarter than the show made him seem. I’m sure there is no shortage of similar examples, and the show obviously cuts out a LOT of strategy talk. Still, Jon’s general lack of long term plan, and complete inability to put his finger on the pulse of the camp puts him well below average in my eyes. He’s not Alec… or Wes… or Drew… or Keith, but he’s still not particularly bright.