The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: San Juan del Sur, episode 13- “Let’s make a move”

Get ’em, Twinnie! Natalie finally pulls off the power move she’s been telling us she wanted to do for weeks, and Jon heads to Ponderosa with all the other guys who were not actually getting a winner’s edit. Meanwhile, Keith is still in the game, spitting and preaching the gospel of child abuse.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: San Juan del Sur- episodeĀ 13

Last week, Andy claimed that Natalie’s idea was a terrible one, and that we were seeing Jon’s march to victory. John may or may not mention that fact to Andy as soon and as frequently as possible. We also discuss whether Natalie is now in the pole position to win this season.

We bring in guests this week that fit the Blood vs. Water theme of the season (no, it’s not our wives), and talk about how the season has gone so far, whether we like the gimmick, and what are hopes are for next week’s finale.

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5 thoughts on “The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: San Juan del Sur, episode 13- “Let’s make a move”

  1. I’ve been saying Jon is dumber than a sack of hammers for weeks, and I was still *shocked* that he blew off Jaclyn’s concerns about Natalie after that vote. She’s not that dumb and it was slap you in the face obvious what happened. I underestimated Natalie’s evaluation of Jon’s intelligence. So nice work Natalie.

    1. I actually thought Penner got some antibiotics, but I could be wrong. He definitely got irrigation and stitches though. Also, James got a brace or splint thing in HvV (I think… definitely James and I think that was the season).

    2. And I’ve been saying Jon’s not dumber than a sack of hammers for weeks. Jon thought he was in a solid alliance. He was wrong. There’s a slight lack of game awareness there, but it’s an understandable lack. It could just as easily been one of those seasons like South Pacific where the alliance is solid, in which case blowing it up out of misplaced paranoia would also have been really stupid. That’s the situation Jon thought he was in, he was wrong. That makes him a flawed Survivor player, but not a dumb or necessarily bad Survivor player.

      I think we have to put ourselves in Jon’s shoes and not look at things so retrospectively. Survivor is hard. You have to trust people, you don’t have a choice. And when those people betray your trust, you are going to go out. And you have to pick the right people to trust despite only knowing them for a few days or weeks. Natalie seemed really trustworthy, and she was not. Believing Natalie voted for the wrong player was really stupid, sure. But you can see how it comes about.

      I think instead of calling Jon stupid, let’s give Natalie credit for not giving Jon any reason to suspect her in the alliance. The job she did of putting up a really trusting face to Jon while constantly plotting against him was masterful. Also, until she had no other choice, she picked the right alliance mate in Baylor, who was also willing to make moves and not be a Missy-like “we’re good with this alliance person.” She’s played such a good game this season, and would instantly be in at least the top half of winners.

      1. I understand that you’re in love with Jon and desperately want to look at him in a positive light. My labeling of Jon is also somewhat hyperbolic. He’s not Keith… or Drewshe… or Alec… or Wes… (that Mt. Rushmore of idiocy is pretty emblematic of why I don’t like this season). However, he had two undeniable “dumber than a sack of hammers” moments this season:
        1. The Towelie “I have no idea what’s going on right now” tribal council
        2. “I can’t wait to tell the jury how Natalie blew the vote split… What, Jaclyn?…. No way that was intentional, don’t be stupid.”

        Just listen to what Rob and Stephen had to say on RHAP. With so few players left in the game, there is no question that they obsessively discussed the vote split. If it were one of the 4 morons I listed above, you could buy it, but if you think she has even a tiny bit of intelligence, what she did is blindingly obvious. Therefore, I can call Jon incredibly stupid, AND give Natalie an amazing amount of credit for conning him so well. No reason to choose between the two.

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