The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: San Juan del Sur, episode 5- “Blood is blood”

Well that was disappointing on a lot of levels. In this podcast, we mourn the loss of Kelley- a player both of us liked and thought would do well- and discuss how she got screwed in the swap (phrasing).

We also lay out some plans for how Dale can still overcome some long odds and succeed in the game without her. We’re probably reaching a bit on this, mostly because we were Kelley and Dale fans. Seriously, Dale, I hope you came up with the plan I propose for you. It would be incredibly successful and great TV at the same time.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: San Juan del Sur- episode 5

Of course, this episode can’t be discussed without talking about the rice situation, or “playing the rice card” if you will. Was the blue tribe actually crazy to eat all of their rice so soon, or were they crazy like a fox? And what punishment could Survivor levy on their tribe to keep this from happening again?

The Zero Percent Club gets a heaping helping of new members this week, and Quit Club seems to be down to a small handful of choices with one clear leader. Andy’s 3-0 hot streak with predictions finally ended last week, but he attempts to start a new streak with our picks for next week’s castoff.

As always, we welcome your feedback either here or on one of the many other avenues you can reach us (especially Twitter: @purplerockpod or gmail: purplerockpodcast). Thanks for listening!

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Andy and John are the hosts of the Purple Rock Survivor podcast.
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7 thoughts on “The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: San Juan del Sur, episode 5- “Blood is blood”

  1. Andy,

    I mentioned this way down in the comments on the AV Club, but I had remembered hearing Josh and (C)reed were abstinent before, too.

    As always, great podcast, guys. Y’all bring a ton of insight to the game and it’s appreciated.

      1. I don’t remember hearing anything about Josh and Reed being abstinent before this episode, and that’s the kind of thing that you remember a player saying, like “I’ve had 3 divorces” or “Did you hear I was on The Amazing Race?”

        I don’t watch any of the pre-game interviews, so maybe those that say they’ve heard Josh and Reed mention this before on the show are remembering it from one of those interviews? Just a thought.

  2. I don’t know that I agree with you Josh v. Jeremy segment. Parts of it are obviously true, but I think you are overlooking Josh’s strategic confessionals and his game control. He was the one who got Baylor to vote with the guys and alienate herself from the girls. And he’s literally the only reason Val went. And he was a major player in the Rocker blindside.

    Jeremy is obviously strategic but also impulsive. Keith does something and Jeremy is immediately on the attack. Josh sits back and somewhat painstakingly mulls over how things go right or wrong for him.

    I think I’ve seen a bit more support for Jeremy winning and I agree but it’s more because of the 4 singles against one couple. Instant huge target for Josh/Reed.

    1. The Val thing should have been a no-brainer. It’s good that Josh did figure it out, but his edit doesn’t seem to suggest that he’s a mastermind.

      I totally agree that Jeremy seems more emotional and impulsive, but recent history suggests that may be ok.

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