The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: San Juan del Sur, episode 6- “Make Some Magic Happen”

Despite the promise of potential excitement in last week’s previews, this episode of Survivor limps into the merge with a fairly predictable thud. But there was at least one notable element: Dale actually executed the plan we proposed last week! And did it work flawlessly, like we said it would? Of course it did, because we are never wrong.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: San Juan del Sur- episode 6

Once again, we “play the rice card” by talking about whether the payment Jeff demanded was reasonable. Did Jeff lose this negotiation? Should future Survivor players abandon the concept of rationing? And hey, did you guys notice how frequently and casually Survivor was showing affection between gay guys? We discuss all of these things, and also go into a brief discussion on the best player in this episode and the best player of the season. Andy makes a bold (read: wrong) case for the season’s best player.

The Zero Percent Club doesn’t get the busload of new members that it got last week, but there’s only so much room left in the land of Zero Percent. And Quit Club seems to be down to one option, which is definitely the player we’ve been suggesting all along (note: do not go back and try to verify this). For the first time this season, John’s prediction on who was going home turned out to be correct. Will that streak hold next week? And in this relatively short episode, does Robot Andy have time to get a few words in? You bet he does.

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10 thoughts on “The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: San Juan del Sur, episode 6- “Make Some Magic Happen”

  1. You make a convincing argument that Missy is playing an exemplary social game that a lot of players would kill for (or should kill for if they only knew how important it is.) But I don’t think that makes her a good player. It seems to me like this is a case of the bizarro-world inverse of Russel Hantz — someone that everyone likes and who is playing the role of nurturer, but who has no idea they are on a game called Survivor.

    It feels like she’s gotten very few confessionals, and I can’t recall her talking strategy except for the instinctive need to protect her daughter. She might have been lost in the clutter with Hunapu never losing immunities (save for the epic Drewsh episode) but we still got plenty of time for Jeremy and perhaps one or two other players from all that time. I can’t imagine her lasting until, say, final 7 or final 6, whereas I can very easily see Jeremy getting that far. It just seems like she’s going to be a quick post-merge boot, despite her strong social game. Or she would be the quitter, if it were not for that Julie segment in this week’s episode.

  2. People have caught fish before. I remember in a recent(ish) season a woman going off from the tribe who caught, cooked and ate a fish before an immunity challenge. I believe she was older and blonde and it was post-merge but I could be wrong.

      1. Didn’t she catch fish and then cook it away from camp and eat it herself because she thought her tribe didn’t deserve the fish she was catching?

  3. “If you’re looking for places to intelligently discuss Survivor … it could be one.”

    I think you just found your official podcast motto!

  4. Cirie catches a fish on a line towards the end of Panama! It’s actually a pretty cool moment. She is the best part of that season, easy.
    (I’m in the midst of a rapid all-season re-watch)

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