The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: San Juan del Sur, episode 7- “Million Dollar Decision”

An episode of planning, strategy talk, and two power players going head to head results in a big fat nothing. Lucky us, we get to talk about it and this dismal season. Plus, for the third season in a row, we ask “was this the worst quit ever?” All that, plus #trailmixscandal excitement! Ugh.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: San Juan del Sur- episode 7

Now that we’ve had enough data, it’s time to decide: is the Blood vs Water concept (in non-returnee seasons) a failure? Does Survivor not work in pairs?

And since this episode is no fun to talk about, we decide to discuss something that is: fan-casting an All First-Boot Season. You know, in case you wanted to see a cast worse than the one we got.

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11 thoughts on “The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: San Juan del Sur, episode 7- “Million Dollar Decision”

  1. Regarding the blood vs water concept, I went through the exact same thought process while I was walking to the grocery store today, so totally with you.

    I’m not completely down on casting Amazing Race rejects, because, after all, Parvati was one, and Natalie, who I’m really loving, is maybe the ultimate Amazing Race casting choice.

    As for Sekou, I’m rewatching Cook Islands with my roommate right now, and I can’t say I think he would be better given a second chance. He was basically every alpha male pre-merge boot cliche rolled up into one dude. He browbeats one of the women (Stephanie, I think) with assertions that if they toss him they will starve in the cold. Plus the napping. Dude was not there to play Survivor, and it showed.

    1. I don’t doubt that about Sekou. Our basic premise was “the season would suck because of these people”. So you’re probably right about him too. He, like most of the cast that season, was a recruit.

  2. Not to be contrary, but I like this season. It’s not amazing. But I do like it better then the first BvW. There are some boring players but I’m interested in a lot of the dynamics, and some of the strategy is basic but it’s not terrible.

    I think that as for Jon/Jaclyn. It’s really a toss-up for them either way they go. Their best bet is to keep flipping. If they go with the Missy/Jeremy side they are the most threatening ones because they’re a stronger pair then Missy/Baylor. And Missy is way closer to Jeremy and Natalie, so if they become the swing votes…. Not good for the “Mischigans”.

    On the Josh side… They’re the bottom couple. But they aren’t the biggest threat on that side, Josh and Reed are. So they could use that to scare people to their side.

    I also had the exact same thought about getting rid of Alec as a show of loyalty. I would do that willingly if I was Josh or Jeremy. I think Josh would do it, he’s been flexible before. We saw him break the guys alliance to get Rocker out and even if it had nothing to do with saving Jaclyn, it could be sold that way.

    I think the reason I can defend/like this season is because I am genuinely interested to see who does what and where things fall next week

    1. Hey, we like differing opinions. I mean, you’re wrong, but we like hearing what you think!

      And really, we just aren’t impressed with the cast. It’s possible the season gets interesting, it just seems unlikely.

  3. Haha! Yes! Was hoping you would actually do the First Boot draft. If this season continues to be as boring as this, you gotta play the whole First Boot season out on one of these recap episodes.

  4. Gotta agree with Christopher. While this seasons doesn’t seem an any danger of being an amazing season I really doubt that it will be the worst (at least in my rankings). It looks to easily be on pace to be better than Redemption Island, South Pacific, Caramoan, and probably One World (that’s the only one I haven’t seen but I’ve heard it compared to RI and SoPa so I’m assuming I wouldn’t like it). Depending on the second half it could get above Nicaragua and a couple others. I think that it not seeming to be a great season coming after such a good season in Cagayan and a pretty good one in BvW is just compounding things. Besides it’s only half way through the season so a lot could happen, and for example Fiji is pretty terrible for the first half but (IMO) has a pretty great second half (though I don’t see anyone on this season nearly as good as Earl was). So it seems a bit to early to start saying worst season ever.

    As for first boot seasons yeah of course that would be a terrible season and it would be incredibly hard to put a cast together anyway. Such a small pool to pick from some of them were old to begin with and are even older now. Plus they have to say yes and be able to fit it into their life. etc. No idea why people think this would be an actual good idea.

    Anyway here is that Sonja podcast you were dying to hear.

    I will disagree with one part of your first boots discussion.Peter Harkey is one of the few, and maybe only first boot that I actually would want to see again. Yeah he’s kind of weird but he’s surprisingly interesting and apparently he’s really good friends with Boston Rob. He had one of the more interesting interviews of any Survivor that I’ve listened to so far.

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