The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: San Juan del Sur, episode 8- “Wrinkle in the Plan”

Due to a tragic #TACOOVERLOAD, John was unable to make the podcast this week, so we turned to our Survivor Chick Stuff correspondent Emma to give Andy someone to pretend to listen to while he waits his turn to talk. Andy explains to Emma what guys are like when ladies are not present, we wonder if the winner of this season has now become obvious, and a listener poses the craziest question: is Jaclyn getting a winner’s edit?

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: San Juan del Sur- episodeĀ 8

All that, plus lots of fart talk. Tell your five-year-olds. This friggin’ season, man.

Andy and Emma discuss the fall of Josh and whether or not he was a good Survivor player or merely a fan creation.

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3 thoughts on “The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: San Juan del Sur, episode 8- “Wrinkle in the Plan”

  1. I’m not as bullish on the China challenge throw as a lot of people for two reasons.

    1.) I’m not convinced it had any chance of working. I get the idea on paper, and in a lot of cases it makes sense IF you have two ex-tribe members waiting for you on the other side. But they didn’t. They had one ex-tribe member and one Sherea, who had made it abundantly clear the entirety of her strategy was ‘screw you guys, because I can just win challenges.’ I get that it was an unfair twist and that if the other tribe won they were in serious trouble, but I just can’t see that throw working out for them ever, and given that, of the bad options you have available, I say pick one of the ones that doesn’t lead to production becoming invested in your downfall and cross your fingers things work out. It sucks, but Peih Gee and Jaime were neither the first nor last players to have their game wrecked by an arbitrary twist.

    2.) The aesthetics. To expand on what Emma said, it’s not just that they’re dicks about it, it’s that they’re kind of dicks about it in the way they drop this on Erik, who was theoretically their ally and who had the much harder job than them. I don’t all the way pay attention to challenges, but for some reason there’s a crane shot from that one that sticks in my head of all the dudes who did the swimming portion just laying on the beach gasping for breath, so when they take Erik aside and tell him what they’ve done I was like ‘this is really something you guys should have clued him on on sooner.’

    And y’know, all that aside, I don’t think there’s any way they can let Jaime’s story end any way except how it did, because in those last 3 days she just gave them too much material to work with. From her strutting around camp acting smug (“Ah know something about the ahdols, and I’ll tell y’all tomorrow”) to her trying to play it coy at the vote and way overdoing it (“Jayyff, I found somethin’ that maight could maybe be an aaahdol, wouldja take a look at it for me, sugah?”) there was just too much buildup and punchline. And that’s before you get to the saga of James figuring out what’s happening and clueing Todd in. Every single Jaime confessional up until that point could have been about her taking time off from her groundbreaking research on string theory to do aid work in war-torn nations and they still would have had to show her going out like a chump, because it was just too good to leave off the table.

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