The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: San Juan del Sur, episode 9- “Getting to crunch time”

Look at that episode title. How was that not a product integration thing where the reward challenge winners got Nestle Crunch bars? Sorry, this season has so frequently been about food that I reflexively start thinking about food whenever I think of it.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: San Juan del Sur- episode 9

But hey, this week was an interesting episode! Things happened! But was the thing that happened- Jeremy getting booted- a good thing? Was it good for Jon and Jaclyn? Missy and Baylor? Reed? Ok, it was definitely good for Reed. But what happens next? Are Jon and Jaclyn going to coast to the finale, or are there still some obstacles in their path?

Jeremy’s exit also leads us into a discussion of winner’s edits: what they are, how to know one when you see one, and whether anyone will actually get one this season. We also bring the Zero Percent Club to an end, but only after John remembers to induct Alec.

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5 thoughts on “The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: San Juan del Sur, episode 9- “Getting to crunch time”

  1. They definitely showed the people on the yacht. It was boring and pointless and forgettable, which is probably why you don’t remember it.

    I think if Jon goes on to win this thing, he may become one of the most underrated winners of all time (and maybe the first underrated male winner). People are going to say he’s a terrible winner because they don’t like him and this is a bad season, but he’s had so many chances to screw up and make a stupid move, but he’s kept making either smart moves or moves with high upside (like this week). As you say, I don’t know of anyone who’s been able to leverage a swing vote position into a position of power to the same degree that Jon and Jaclyn have. Denise is the only one that comes to mind.

  2. I can give Jon a small amount of credit. Part of the problem is that his meathead edit means the producers will never let us see what he’s thinking, and the other part is that the episode’s crappy edit gave the audience no relevant information…… because #blindside! It looks to me like he stumbled ass backwards into a halfway decent move with very little thought about what to do next, but I’m trying to keep an open mind. Also, I don’t want to write an essay, but there are a bunch of reasons why Tony’s blindside of LJ was way, way better than this one. Tony’s play last season is the only reason anyone is giving Jon the benefit of the doubt here, but that in no way suggests that Jon playing anywhere near that level.

  3. Hello, this is Diego Armando. Good episode, but I will have to poke a hole in your idol passing theory. I think if you leave your idol in camp and you get voted out, production will immediately come in and remove your idol. I remember someone, Ozzy (I think), stating in an interview that after he was blindsided in Micronesia, production did that. I have no reason to believe that that rule is not still in play. That is why Ozzy gave his idol to Cochran before he had his tribe vote him out in South Pacific.

  4. As Other Scott already mentioned, they did show footage of the reward on the boat (“It’s not a boat, it’s a yacht.”) on the show. Nothing worth mentioning though.

    As for previous winners with a winner’s edit, did Sandra get a winner’s edit on either of her seasons? I’m not sure, but she was the first one to come to mind.

  5. Still not the worst season. Redemption Island (yeah it horrible. If you like Rob maybe you like it. But this was the most boring Rob, and the rest of the cast was either edited so badly they weren’t relevant or the they were Philip who was awful), South Pacific, Caramoan, and One World (probably I’ve never seen it but I’ve never heard anything good about it). It might be better than Nicaragua (yeah the strategy was terrible but still far more interesting than the aforementioned seasons where we basically just boooooooring).

    I keep hearing this season is bad because the strategy is bad, but wasn’t Cagayan filled with horrible strategy? David, Garrett, Brice, J’Tia, Cliff, Lindsey, Alexis, Sarah, Morgan, Jeremiah, LJ, Jefra, and Woo? Terrible or no game play from what we saw. Tasha and Spencer were underdog favorites but strategically failed at every turn but won immunities (plus Tony wanted them around anyway). Kass’s strategy got her further than she would have gone but was considered to be bad and a non-winning strategy. You might disagree a bit and you might thing the cast of SJDS is bad, but if you don’t like the season it isn’t because this season is bad at survivor they’re just not bad in an entertaining way.

    To be fair Cirie thought she got herself into the finals. But then F2! 🙁

    Winners edit. Screen time generally only matters if you’re a male. If you’re a female good luck getting screen time even if you win. For examples see almost every female winner. Tina got a winners edit but it is not a modern winners edit (she got the Dog that Didn’t Bark), and Kim (I hear) got a winners edit. Other female winners had hints they were winners but not would be considered a ‘winners edit’ if it were a male. The winners edit shot for Earl I always thought was his ‘Earl’s Island’ drawing/talk which was pretty cool.

    Let’s not shit talk Marquesas. Kathy was one of the most interesting of all time. Maybe he made people uncomfortable but Sean was extremely interesting or entertaining. Paschel has a very interesting relationship with Sean and Neleh. Neleh was an interesting naivete character. Vecepia was kind of the quite cut throat. Not great TV but great strategy to win. What did we lose by cutting bait with the Rotu 4? “The General”? Who was just a meat head. Zoe? She works hard and plays hard but interesting survivor player? Debatable. Tammy? A lesser Tina/T-Bird? If you dislike Marquesas you’re wrong but don’t pretend the wrong people got voted out. Other than maybe John Carrol I don’t think any of the other Rotu 4 had anything else to really offer in terms of game play or entertainment. Much like Vanuatu the young guys on Lopvii by all accounts I’ve seen were dumb and didn’t have much to offer. Them being voted of early wasn’t the problem even if you don’t like the season.

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