The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: San Juan del Sur, episodes 11 and 12- “Kind of Like Cream Cheese” and “Still Holdin’ On”

Survivor was so ready to be over with these fools that they blew through two episodes in one night, bringing John’s total podcast episode absenteeism to three for the season. He has less work ethic than Baylor.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: San Juan del Sur- episode 11 and 12

To fill in, I decided to make this a Blood vs Water-type podcast by bringing in a family member: three-time guest and brother-in-law Billy. For a change, we actually take less time to discuss Survivor than it took to air it, while breaking down Natalie’s night, Jon and Jaclyn’s fight, idols in plain sight, and whether or not Reed’s attempts at saving himself were right. Also, I declare the winner of the season and break it to Billy gently that if we were in a Blood vs Water season, I’d vote him out in a heartbeat.

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3 thoughts on “The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: San Juan del Sur, episodes 11 and 12- “Kind of Like Cream Cheese” and “Still Holdin’ On”

  1. Initially I was on board with the Natalie should have just stayed the course largely because she was in such a good spot. However, while listening to the show and thinking about it some more I can see some logic in it. Natalie needs to get rid of Jon he’s the biggest jury threat to her (plus for revenge basically), and a much bigger threat than Jaclyn. Since he has an idol he has to get voted out at F6 because other wise he uses the idol at F5. She can’t let him get to F4. She has a very solid F3 deal with Missy and Baylor, and that’s the optimum pair to set next to in F3 anyway. The problem is F4 immunity. If he wins Natalie would be toast. Missy and Baylor aren’t going to vote against each other. I don’t think Jon would vote with Natalie to at least get her the tie breaker, because she would be the only one of the three that would be a threat to beat him. So it’s risky to let him get to that point. So a move has to be made against him at F6 at at a minimum get his idol out if not get him out of the game all together. If he wins immunity at F6 he is pretty much a lock to get to at least F4. Could Natalie or someone other than Jon win F6 immunity. Maybe. But this just maxims those chances. Plus Keith is a challenge threat I don’t think he’s a win the game threat, and he’s proven so clueless about the game that you could easily take advantage of him once he’s served his purpose.

    A lot of Survivor is trying to maximize your odds because hardly anything is a sure thing. As you pointed out we’re running out of tribal counsels There are three left one of the next two he will use his idol. The threat has been identified and you already missed a chance to take him out because of an immunity win. You basically have one chance left to take him out before it becomes a serious problem. Should you not be proactive and try and do as much as you can (without blowing your own game up) to maximize the chances of being able to get a shot at the biggest threat left? Alec blows at challenges and apparently was at least talking to Jon about getting Natalie or Missy out at the next vote. Jaclyn raises Jon’s radar that he plays his idol next time if he doesn’t win immunity next challenge and if he does win it well then not a good situation.

    It reminds me a bit of Kathy in Marquesas where she went to F5 as the single/swing. At F5 she basically lost her power and it was more about who won immunity. She has strong assurances (Missy and Baylor) than Kathy had, but there are other variables like idols. But Kathy was lucky that it was F2 because Vee had to worry about losing FIC against a pair who would take each other so it was easy to save Kathy at F4. But it boils down to a single among two pairs that are unbreakable, and getting (or possibly getting to) a point where either a pair would have to go against each other or against the single. Because if it gets to that point 99 out of a 100 times the single is done. Kathy never made a move to get out from between the rock and the hard place, and frankly she was kind of lucky to get past F4 even. Natalie made a move to at least try to better herself in a similar position.

    I also don’t think this move is as risky as it is being presented to us. I’m almost certain that Baylor not only knows Natalie was going to save Keith but she is on board with it. She already showed she was willing to keep a secret with Natalie even from her mother with the immunity idol. I went back and watched the reactions of everyone at the end of tribal counsel and Baylor doesn’t look at all surprised by what happened. Then I saw the extended preview for the next episode ( where Baylor has a confessional where against she doesn’t seem at all surprised and even seems to be enjoying it. So I really doubt that Baylor will be blowing up Natalie’s spot, and she will be there to help get her mom on board with the plan. Plus, there is that secret scene where Missy has a Brandon from Tocantins moment where she practically says Natalie winning is nearly as good as winning herself. So long as Jon or Jaclyn don’t win immunity one of them is going home tonight.

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