The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: San Juan del Sur finale – “This is My Time” (a.k.a. “Twinnie Winnie”)

Another season of Survivor is in the books, so we got together one more time to celebrate Natalie and reflect on the season that was. Where does Natalie rank among the all-time winners? Where does San Juan del Sur rank among the past 28 seasons? Hint: they may not be similar.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: San Juan del Sur- finale

We break down the episode itself, discussing the big play Natalie made and the smaller play Jaclyn made. We’re not as into interviewing kids in the audience as the show seems to be, but we are into the idea of next season and making Missy feel bad at the final tribal council.

So bid adieu to this season with one last listen before the holidays, and join us in welcoming next season and taking a non-spoilery look at what’s to come. We reference two cast members for next season but avoid mentioning them by name in case you’re a hardcore anti-spoiler type. If you do want to know the names and haven’t figured them out, just reach us via the methods below. Or take a closer look at the tags for this post.

As always, we welcome your feedback either here or on one of the many other avenues you can reach us (especially Twitter: @purplerockpod or gmail: purplerockpodcast). Thanks for listening!

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2 thoughts on “The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: San Juan del Sur finale – “This is My Time” (a.k.a. “Twinnie Winnie”)

  1. Great wrap-up on the season! This podcast and the AV Club comments are definitely refining my palate as a Survivor fan.

  2. Natalie singlehandedly lifted this season out of Nicaragua-level horribleness. If Keith or Jaclyn wins, this season is bottom 5. Natalie’s win (and baller play in the last few episodes) brings it into “merely below average” territory.

    Otherwise, just two thoughts:
    1. Jeremy’s David Murphy-like speech was terrible. Do it right or don’t do it at all.
    2. I thought the overall sentiment of Reed’s speech needed to be said and was totally appropriate. That said, after Missy referenced her real-life challenges with being a stepmother, maybe it would have been a classy move to acknowledge that his particular analogy was unfortunate. I don’t want to be too hard on him, but when I thought about it for a minute, I thought it might have been more personal, in the real-life sense, than he intended. Other than that, I don’t care if calling her out on her behavior in the game made her upset or if it made Baylor cry.

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