The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Worlds Apart finale

It’s over! And what a surprise finish! Who could have possibly predicted that winner? Oh, right. Us. Weeks ago. We’re awesome. So enough Worlds Apart, let’s talk Survivor: Second Chance!

Dan get wood

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Worlds Apart finale and reunion

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Ok, fine. Before we get to Second Chance, let’s review this season.

Topics discussed in this episode:

Is Mike a great Survivor winner? What did he do well? Where did he screw up?

Who was the second best player of the season?

Does Mike’s win prove that immunity challenge prowess really does matter?

The demolition of Dan Foley at the reunion.

Plus, we look ahead to Second Chance. Because how could we not?

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  • Wondering

    How quickly you forget about Tasha. I would say the best at challenges of all the females. How could you not remember that?

  • Scarlett3639

    Great season of coverage! I am in awe that you guys managed to post all this content in addition to families and day jobs. Kudos to Matt and Emma for their assists as well. Enjoy a well deserved break. However, if say in July, you get bored and want to do that breakdown of Dan’s Ponderosa video, that would be fantastic.

    Suggestions for off season content: maybe discuss the top ten or so best and worst survivor moments (in terms or either entertainment or gameplay). Or moments/players that changed/influenced the game. Jeff’s best/worst comments at challenges? Most over/under rated players/moments? Maybe a rewatch of All-Stars since that was the first all returnee season?

    • Thanks for listening. We’ve definitely discussed some of your ideas (including an All-Stars rewatch for the reason you mention) and I know I’m now considering some of your others. Because I love sharing my thoughts as though they are gospel!

      • Scarlett3639

        The Purple Gospel would be a great band name.

    • Thank you! I would definitely be willing to break down Dan’s Ponderosa video.

      • scarlett3639

        Yay! I know everyone is sick of talking about Dan right now, however, that gem set the gold, nay, the platinum standard for Ponderosa videos and it should be studied and preserved for future generations.
        I don’t know if web content is eligible, but if Survivor doesn’t win an Emmy for editing there is no justice in this world.

    • Thanks for the compliment! A rewatch of Heroes v Villains has been discussed as a possiblity before. I’m sure there will be offseason content, but I think everyone here wants a few weeks of a break first

  • Make John watch Gabon and talk about Gabon. (Please, don’t actually do this.)

    In all seriousness, Maybe a Tocantins rewatch? Andy, I remember you saying back during your season rankings that part of your problem was that it just came at a point in Survivor where you were suffering from fatigue with the show, so it might be interesting to hear you evaluate it from a point where you’re more enthusiastic.

    That said, after talking to Max and Shirin for a combined 3 hours I understand if you don’t want to another thing that’s going to trigger John’s overweening enthusiasm.

    • Sad Lil

      I would listen to 100 hours of Tocantins discussion. Hell I probably will with Rob C’s recap. Stephen and JT are my favorite players of all time, and that’s without all the stuff from Tyson etc.

      • Sad Lil




      • Other Scott

        Now I need to know what the right account was.

        (Also, I choose to believe this person is really Lil and the other account that likes Stephen and JT is just a cover.)

  • Whistler

    I checked out of this podcast after just 50 seconds or so. Back to Rob. Arrogant pricks. Survivor ain’t about predicting the winner.

  • chris

    Great podcast guys. I liked this season and Mike as a winner. Is there any chance to do an interview with Mike like you did with Tony ?