The Survivor Exhibit at the Paley Center: A Survivor Nerd’s Guide

I’ve been wanting to visit the Survivor photo exhibit at the Paley Center since hearing of its existence. After having a half-day at work on Friday, I finally was able to make my way to Beverly Hills. The exhibit itself is actually free, and cheap parking is always surprisingly easy to find in Beverly Hills. To my delight, one of the first sites while walking up to the Paley Center is a statue of Michael Jackson, surrounded by Survivor torches.

Don’t stop ’til you’re voted off.

However, you’ll soon see that all of those windows will be the bane of my existence when it comes to providing photos.

If only it had been overcast.

The vast majority of the exhibit is just photos from all the seasons, so if you’re not already going to be in the area, it’s probably not worth the trip. But if you live in the greater Los Angeles area, or you’re planning a trip anyway then definitely swing by. As I said, it’s free, so it’s certainly worth it. And there are other fun things, but more on that in a bit! Most of the photos were encased in glass and the whole exhibit is surrounded by floor to ceiling windows. Coupled with some photos being displayed at a height much taller than my own, this made photography of the photography rather difficult. However, there were a few larger canvas prints displayed.

The challenge that ended in negotiation. Survivor: Philippines
Possibly the most important challenge in Survivor history. Survivor: Borneo
Laura M. and Ciera hug in the water while Laura B. looks on weirdly. Survivor: Blood vs. Water
James is stronger than everyone. Survivor: China

In addition to the photos, there’s a large screen TV both behind the front desk of the Paley Center as well as in the main room playing various important Survivor moments.  I got to see Boston Rob propose to Amber for the first time since I was 13! (Okay, three days from 14. But still.) Even farther back were clips from the flood in Survivor: The Australian Outback featuring the second coming of Colleen Haskel, a young Elisabeth Filarski.

What ever happened to her?
What ever happened to her?

All three hidden immunity idols and the individual immunity necklace from the current seasons were displayed in a glass case. Each HII has a creature carved into it. Masaya’s (White Collar) features a rat, Nagarote (No Collar) has a scorpion, and Escameca (Blue Collar) has a vulture. Are these supposed to represent each collar’s place in society? I don’t know. What I do know is that it’s a good thing Mike never saw Jenn’s idol or he would’ve tried to eat it.

With a small cameo from the glare that haunts my dreams.
With a small cameo from the glare that haunts my dreams.

The three tribe flags were also on display:

IMG_1143 IMG_1142 IMG_1141

As well as the torch snuffers from Borneo, Worlds Apart, Gabon, San Juan Del Sur, Blood Vs. Water, and Africa. Kind of an odd assortment, but there you have it.

Also featured: the glare that ruined my life.
Also featured: the glare that ruined my life.
No, no, the walls of windows aren't enough. Let's add a giant skylight.
No, no, the walls of windows aren’t enough. Let’s add a giant skylight.

Finally, though, we come to the best part. The two challenge examples are actually in the lobby, but I prefer to save the best for last. Here is my anonymous torso testing them out!

I take back everything I said about you, Malcolm. This is hard as shit.
I take back everything I said about you, Malcolm. This is hard as shit.

Probst would disqualify me at this point because my left hand goes past the line. Also because I’m a woman.

There's also a log thing you have to stand on, increasing the difficulty.
There’s also a log thing you have to stand on, increasing the difficulty.

The museum guy said that I balanced the balls longer than anyone besides the actual cast. So I guess it’s time to start working on my application video!

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