Ultimate Survivor Winners Bracket Finals – Yul Kwon vs Kim Spradlin

Time to finish the bracket. In a move that couldn’t be more on brand for this site if we tried to arrange it, we have a finals match-up of two mature, easy-to-root for master strategists. Frankly, this tells you all you need to know about this place.

Voting ends Friday, March 24

First of all, I want to thank everyone for participating in this bracket. It’s been a fun way to discuss Survivor and the greats of the game. It’s been fun debating the nature of a good win. It’s been fun just hanging out with all y’all.

But mostly, it’s been a perfect example of why ranking winners is stupid.

No criticism to any of you, as we’re the ones who asked you to participate. I think there were a lot of good discussions throughout, especially early on when people could argue FOR a winner more than just AGAINST their most recent match-up (since you run out of things to say as it goes). But while I always respect the passion, and the banter, I gotta say: time and time again, it only served to steel my resolve that trying to establish a BETTER way of winning can only ever say something about the person making the argument than it ever will about the winner. (This is also true about my arguments, btw. ESPECIALLY my arguments).

Which brings us to a finals match-up of two one time players who played strategically and socially without a lot of flair. They feel more cerebral than other winners. They avoided risk from Big Movez unless necessary. They were very likeable, and completely uncontroversial. And neither has sullied their reputations in the post-game. I’ll leave it up to you to decide what that says about our collective bias of what a winner “should” be.

Note: I’m not putting myself above anyone here. Take a look at my favourite players list and guess who I’ve been voting for.

13. Yul Kwon (Cook Islands) vs 24. Kim Spradlin (One World)

Speaking of having run out of things to say… I’ve got nothing left. Yul is awesome. Kim is awesome. I find all the counter-arguments to their awesomeness to be unconvincing. Use whatever reason you want to help you decide your vote safe with the knowledge that there’s no wrong answer.

Instead, I’ll just leave these here:

Ultimate Survivor Winners Bracket Final: 13. Yul Kwon (Cook Islands) vs 24. Kim Spradlin (One World)

  • 24. Kim Spradlin (One World) (61% Votes)
  • 13. Yul Kwon (Cook Islands) (39% Votes)

Total Voters: 133

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Favourite seasons: Heroes vs Villains, Cook Islands, Palau, The Amazon, Cagayan
Favourite players: Boston Rob, Kim Spradlin, Tony Vlachos, Cirie Fields, Yul Kwon, Rob Cesternino
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142 thoughts on “Ultimate Survivor Winners Bracket Finals – Yul Kwon vs Kim Spradlin

  1. I voted for Kim. Despite my resistance to rank winners, I’ve always felt that Kim in is the best winner I’ve seen. I call her game “The Blueprint.” She controlled every aspect of the game so effectively, in a game that brings chaos by design. She was your best friend but downright cutthroat when necessary. She was a challenge beast that pointed out other threats. A brilliant strategic mind that can carry out her plan while overcoming the wild variables on the island. A game that should people should try to emulate but most likely can’t be duplicated.

    Also, while my thoughts on the concept of ranking winners closely align with Andy, I’m going to attempt it anyway in the winner reveal post. Mostly doing it out of curiosity of my mindset on what I believe a good winner is. So look for that and tell me why I’m a genius or very wrong.

    1. In my opinion it’s both impossible to rank winners and it is very unfair for them. Every one of them won fair and square, so what is the difference between a “good” winner or a “bad”. And winning is HARD. While there is a lot of luck in every win, if you didn’t do something right, then you wouldn’t win. Even Bob, my 32nd best winner, legimetely won, so I can’t be mad at him for that. The only way I would rank winners is in terms of likability or impressivness (the same goes for Big Brother winners).

      And I voted for Kim as you, cause I think her win was definetely the most “impressive”, but even though I didn’t vote for Yul since the first round, I won’t be disappointed.

      And I’m curious how your list will turn out. I won’t berate you unless certain player doesn’t make the top 20 (who it is I leave for you to wonder).

      1. Bob is pretty much the only one I could argue was a bad winner. Everyone else had a plan and/or strategy to get to the end and was able to execute it to varying degrees. I’m not convinced Bob ever had a plan but just stumbled ass-backwards into the end, with an assist from Sugar.

      2. I’m with you. Winning is hard and everyone who has done deserves accolades for that accomplishment. There isn’t a “right way” to win because if you won then you did something right. Also some players only have certain avenues to victory so it is harder to place them in the list. Badass Sophie played an optimal game for her in South Pacific that impressed me but doesn’t have that same dominance as Kim or Boston Rob. If Badass Sophie tries that game she doesn’t win South Pacific. It feels wrong to knock points for that.

        I admit that this ranking is partly me staying on brand as the unofficial ranker of PRP. I probably won’t put nearly as much thought into it as when I was ranking seasons or episodes. It may just be a case of writing a name, putting a number by it and leaving my gut first reaction alone. I think it’s an exercise that would generate conversation and help me learn more about myself. I can say I did it, put it out in the universe and move on from it. I’m curious to what player you think needs to be in the top 20. I don’t wanna disappoint.

        1. It’s more that I WANT that person to be there, rather than that person NEEDS to be there. I DO think that that winner doesn’t get enough credit, but I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed. I would personally put them in a 15-20 range, but if you’re gonna put them lower I at least will try to defend them (and it probably helps that I love that person to Other Scott’s Jon and Sharculese’s Paul absurdity)

        2. So I’m gonna do a little contest. If you guess correctly who I’m talking about, you and everyone else can call me some kind of nickname you come up with till the end of this season or/and call you any nickname you want me to, or you can come up with some kind of punishment. You can post your pick on your winner’s ranking.
          I will only post two hints, a)that person lost on this bracket in a first two rounds, and b)That person is someone whose name I said since I officially joined this community. You won’t get a punishment unless you want to if you guess incorrectly. It’s just a little something I thought of and I think it could be fun. Good luck.

          1. I like this challenge. Here’s my pitch. If I win, two times every week for the rest of the season you end any two comments you make with the a line of my choice. The line I choose will be “Ashley Underwood, we’re forever grateful for what you’ve brought to the game. We are not worthy of the joy you bring us.” If I lose, you can come with any line for me​ to end two of my comments every week with. The one caveat is that neither one of us can tell the truth if asked by anyone who doesn’t know about the contest. If that idea is too off the wall, I’ll definitely do the nickname thing.

          2. OK, deal. Only one question: By not telling the truth you mean if someone asks us what are we doing (these comments), we can’t tell them about this contest?

          3. Exactly. I’m assuming someone is going to ask why all of a sudden you are pumping up Ashley from Redemption Island. You can give any excuse you want besides the contest/losing a bet.

          4. Remember to think of a line of me to say. I don’t like my chances of winning this. Though cutting the list from 32 to 16 certainly helps.

          5. I can come up with something less cruel if you want, but for now :”Hannah is one of the worst characters and players in Survivor history, and anyone who says otherwise is wrong.”

          6. Goddamn, that’s cold. I love it but my only concern is that it seems too obvious of a lost bet statement from me after spending an entire season talking up Hannah as both a character and a player with a reoccurring “Hannah Moment of the Week” segment​.

          7. I’ll do it. I will be so hated. I hope Courtney never somehow reads this on the off chance I meet her one day.

          8. So my choices are everyone besides Kim, Yul, Parvati, Tony, Richard, JT, Earl and Jeremy. I don’t know where I got 16 from but it’s only 8 names I can eliminate. Also, I feel like it would have to be someone that has a legit shot to either make or barely miss the top 20. So I can cut out some of the more consensus top and bottom ranked winners. This will be tough.

          9. I think that (to my outrage) that person could potentially be put by you in a 25-30 range, but most people I do think put them in a 18-23 range. It probably helps a LITTLE bit. The rest of your reasoning for your pick is depending on you so think about it.

          10. This kind of makes me think I’ve said something in the past that was more negative towards that winner. I’m super fascinated now.

          11. I will give you one last clue, and then the rest will be up to you: There is AT LEAST one person in here who would put that winner in a 25-30 range, and when I’m talking that this person is generally ranked 18-23, I’m talking about more about whole Survivor’s super fan fandom than just this site, so he/she may be ranked a bit higher or lower than here. It’s the last clue, so use it wisely.

          12. I’ve been thinking about this excessively. I have it narrowed down to about 6-8 names that I think are possibly the answer.

          13. Great, and think about it more, you still have like 6 days until that post revealing the winner will come up (unless they decide to put it sooner). But anyways good luck.

          14. Most people will because we’re openly talking about it. I just think it would be funny to see what Super duper fan says if someone who didn’t read this asks about the random ass Ashley praise.

          15. Yes, you did. Congratulations @disqus_3Sm0bOf1sj:disqus ! I’ll begin the punishment tomorrow (I live in a Europe, so the episode for me begins at midnight, and I wanna have a clear beginning and end of the week for me).

          16. Yay. Remember two comments a week needs to have that special signature. Big Brother may be watching.

      3. I think something along the lines of “wins I enjoyed the most” makes a little more sense. Then you lay out the criteria of what you look for in a satisfying win. (“Most Satisfying Wins” also makes sense).

        1. which is why I voted Yul here, because his win validated the brains over brawn approach to life I have always professed to be most interested in. (his brains over Ozzy’s brawn that is)

        2. This is how I can have Sophie so high, because for me her win was the only ending for SP that would have been satisfying for me. That and the fact it’s a win I really relate to as she was about my age (a couple of years younger) and won as a young woman in a game that has rarely valued them.

    2. FWIW, I have “tiered” winners before in a quick list to get a sense of the elite vs the good vs the meh. But even that devolved into arguments players on the bubble of each tier among the staff, which resulted in having to put arbitrary distinctions of why one over the other.

      I’m still relatively comfortable thinking of winner vaguely in those terms, with the understanding that I have my own bias in what type of win impresses me more. So, for instance, Rob or Kim or Yul are elite winners. Michele, Fabio, and Bob? Less so.

          1. Can I very respectably ask what’s keeping Earl out of the top tier for you? I know I’m probably a little edit-biased, but he seemed to play a pretty flawless game front-to-back. Plus bonus points he received only one (throwaway) vote against him and swept at FTC.

          2. You can. I honestly don’t have a very good reason other than “it felt weird to have a 15 member elite and I didn’t think anyone would mind him not being in it”.

            Clearly, I was wrong. I’m an Earl fan, so I don’t really have a counter argument. Maybe the fact that he was set to lose to Yau-Man if Dreamz hadn’t broken their deal? Is that a good reason?

          3. I love Earl, but he may not have had the wire-to-wire dominance of a lot of the elite. I’m also pretty sure he was completely out of the loop once. These are just nitpicks because Earl is one of my favorites.

          4. Kiiiiiind of? I mean I think getting into “well if Player A doesn’t do this to Player B then Eventual Winner doesn’t win!” because you can apply that to anyone who has won.

            Forget all this though, Earl is responsible for the SINGLE GREATEST SURVIVOR GIF EVER. I mean come on that alone has to be worth top tier. Top everything forever.

          5. I remember bringing this up on reddit once and getting responded to “if you don’t know that Earl would have beaten Yau-Man why do you even watch the show?” or something like that.

            I don’t post on reddit anymore

      1. After giving it a solid five minutes of thought, here’s my tiers of winners.

        Note: This grouping says far more about me and my preferences than it says about a lot of the winners. I tend to gravitate more to people who play from the front than play from behind, because I find it more exciting to be an obvious target and still win.

        Also note: there are several players in each category that I could easily move into a different one if someone pressed me for more than a minute.


          1. I agree wholeheartedly with your tiers except for a few edge cases I’m not sure about in Elite and Good

          2. Am I happy that my Elite tier is so male heavy? Not really. But I am at the mercy of the perspective of the TV show and the people who have played it.

          3. nope now I have more bones to pick. Adam not being in the worst grouping? When did you go soft on Chris? Denise and JT are clearly 1 (your middle is perfect)

          4. Adam did win unanimously. So clearly, he was doing a few things right.

            Note: I pulled him out of the worst grouping at the last moment.

          5. I will concede that Adam is better than Bob, Fabio, Jenna and Michele. that is obvious. Maybe I am arguing that Vecepia should be one higher except… she barely beat Neleh

          6. My thing with Adam is that he won unanimously after doing so many things wrong, which means he did so many things right to balance it out so you can’t put him in the worst grouping.

          7. I have different opinions on other stuff, but in terms of Vecepia, she had a bad final tribal council, but I feel like she gets overly punished for it. As to why she barely beat Neleh… We know why Paschal voted for Neleh. Nuff said there. We know why Kathy voted for Neleh – she had literally just been betrayed by Vecepia, and her vote was totally worth the sacrifice, given how brilliant (imho) that move was (she doesn’t beat Kathy in any permutation), and who the hell knows why Zoe votes the way she does.

            My point is – yes, her FTC sucked. But she had game. She killed Fallen Comrades (doesn’t get enough credit). She made the right decisions at the right times. It wasn’t flashy, but it was good.

          8. I’ll be honest: I have no strong opinions of Vecepia. Or even mild ones.

            For me, it’s less about her barely beating Neleh in the sense of “she barely beat a lesser player”. It’s more “are we sure Neleh wasn’t the BETTER player?” Because that was a jury that seemed to want to punish the young girl who outplayed them.

            Good for Vecepia to capitalize on that and to maintain good working relationships the whole time she was out there, but… it feels a little like Michele when viewed under that lens.

          9. Vecepia suffers Michele syndrome in that the edit hides her, but the reason for that is different than for Michele, namely the show back then wasn’t usually edited towards the winner. So Michele’s absence only highlighted how boring she was and how she backed into it, whereas Vecepia’s obscured her because there were other great characters on her season (like Sean, Boston Rob, John Carroll, and Kathy)

          10. That’s where we disagree – I think her game isn’t like Michele’s. She didn’t win solely because she capitalized on social relationships – she made good game moves. She made strategic decisions that made sense – working to flip Neleh and Paschal, going with the rock draw (albeit, it was a clearly correct decision), and making that deal with Neleh at final immunity, despite knowing it would lose Kathy’s vote. She wasn’t out of the loop on votes – the only time she voted in the minority was at the Sean vote (which makes sense) and the vote that tied for the rock draw, despite the fact that she wasn’t in the majority alliance. And, unlike Michele, she actually had to go to tribal council. A lot. She was on the losing tribe. The only place that they are similar is winning immunity at key moments (again, super impressed that she broke a challenge, though sad it’s gone).

            As for Neleh being better… eh. She admitted that she didn’t start playing until day 21 (or something), and her game was basically to flip and then do… what? She drew a rock, so there’s that, so credit where credit is due. She had an awful FTC, too. I guess I don’t really see her game as comparable. Now, to be fair, I know flipping hadn’t happened yet, and it wasn’t like it was today. But that’s the only move she made – she flipped on them, and she didn’t manage them. And, we have to give credit to V for helping to make it happen. Without Sean and V (and Kathy) capitalizing on the coconut chop challenge, it probably doesn’t happen.

          11. When you say “disagree”, what you really mean is that you “have an opinion” while I “haven’t thought much about Vecepia in 15 years”.

            So, sure, I’ll happily move her in between Good and Meh.

          12. Fair enough. I’ve thought about it more than I would have just because most people don’t think she was all that good (or don’t remember her that well). Weirdly enough, it’s her and Jenna that I find myself in the minority on (the Jenna stuff would take a long post, I know I’m lonely on that one). Well, and Sandra, but Sandra has a lot of avid defenders.

          13. Another reason I rank her as “meh”: that’s the reaction I have when I think about her. “How about Vecepia?”


            Although in her case, it’s a very indifferent meh. So that’s probably enough to bump her up a tier.

          14. I’d still move Tyson, JT and Rob to Good and Amber to meh and move Chris and Danni up.

          15. So you knock Rob down for taking four times to win. Fine. And you knock Amber down for reasons.

            Question: if Rob had gotten Shii-Ann’s vote instead of Amber, where would you rank him as the winner of All-Stars?

          16. You didn’t ask me, but I have Rob around 20th on my rankings (though I consider him pretty much unrankable). If he had won All Stars he would have to be somewhere in the top 10, as he was one of the best runners up ever, if not the best.

          1. I’ll say this about Danni: I was much higher on her win BEFORE I re-watched the end game of Guatemala last summer.

          2. I look at major flaws a lot when evaluating winners so that is part of why I’m so high on Danni. My biggest problem with your list is probably that Mike is higher than her. I am curious though: why do you put Jeremy above Nat A? Quality of competition?

          3. I personally have a bias for players who the edit has people pointing to as a threat at some point in the game. For me, if people are legitimately saying “we have to go after [player X] or they will win” and that person still wins, I value them. Because more often than not, that person loses (although, that could simply be because more often than not, every type of player loses). Obviously, that makes this subjective to the edit, but… everything we do here is subjective to the edit. We are viewers of a television show.

            And, yes, quality of competition is part of it. It felt like Jeremy had to play at a higher level for longer. But there isn’t much that separates them. I wouldn’t disagree strongly with either flipping spots.

        1. I’m close to your list. I’d push Amber down to Meh and Chris and Danni to Good. I’d push Tyson and Rob to Good because it took them 3 and 4 times. I’d push JT down to Good because – Fishbach did a lot of the thinking.

        2. Up a category:
          Natalie Anderson

          Down a category:
          Maybbbbeee Earl (hides) – really it comes down to whether he would have beaten Yau-Man in the final 3
          Both Sandra’s go down one category

          Otherwise I by and large agree

      2. I have the same problem even ranking seasons. I can easily pick out a top seven or so and a bottom seven, and separate the big middle tier into an upper half and lower half, but being any more precise than that gets difficult quick.

    3. People should emulate Kim if they have the skills to do so, but I believe most people don’t. So the question than is, “Which winner has the best game to imitate?” I have to say, the Adam Klein Technique can be used by anyone and the results speak for themselves. And it can be boiled down to five easy steps:
      1. Shoot yourself in the foot.
      2. Shoot yourself in the other foot.
      3. One more time, just to be safe.
      4. ???
      5. Profit.

    1. I love Yul’s game. His mind for the game was so satisfying to follow. The idol may have been too powerful but even more powerful is the way he used it as a tool to not just protect himself but to take control of the game.

      I also love Cook Islands. The combination of super strategy, a special case of athletic feats and the best underdog story​ Survivor has seen leads to an awesome season for me. It even overcomes the worst season theme idea ever.

    2. I love Cook Islands. It’s my first season and will be a top 5 for me because of that but Yul can’t beat Kim, that would be a travesty.

  2. And I thought the Final Four round was a coin flip. Kim takes it for me, she had to deal with Kat and Tarzan.

      1. That all had to have been so irritating. To manage to keep calm, cool and collected through all that? That’s an amazing show of restraint.

        1. and Leif who rumour has it has the lowest IQ of any player.
          Jeff said that they cast a couple of players that season who were borderline too stupid (paraphrasing) to really be cast on the show and it’s assumed he meant Kat and Leif.

  3. As convincing as the gif of Yul is, I have to go with Kim. Her domination of her season is just too sheer. For the most part, people in every alliance were trying to give her money. Yul had the benefit of a reverse-Pagonging but not the entire island on his side. I know that’s an arbitrary way to decide, but as mentioned anyway would be.

  4. I expect Kim to win, and I thought about voting for Yul to make it as close as possible. But that kind of voting is how Trump won, so I couldn’t bring myself to do it (not comparing Yul to Trump, but I think Kim wins here by a hair). But I wish we could crown them both as winners and all get along. I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy.

    Also Andy, Big Movez™ isn’t a registered trademark yet, but watch out because those lawsuits can come flying out of nowhere.

      1. And if we ask very nicely, maybe we can get @purplerockmatt:disqus to design it for us.

        1. I joke but I do think an official tshirt would be a good way for us foreigners to help pay for the site when we can’t use the amazon links.

          1. I’m in the US, but I’d probably be interested in a t-shirt too. I don’t know if anyone has t-shirt printer contacts or if anyone besides Mark can/would be willing to design a shirt. I know a guy who does t-shirt printing on the side, but even on top of that, shipping and inventory storage are factors, and oh god, I hope I’m not talking people out of this idea.

          2. Once you put the plan as “having to do more than one thing”, we were kind of out on the idea, tbh.

  5. Yul actually had to compete against good game players, and there were only maybe two actual threats to Kim in One World. Advantage…YUL.

    1. I don’t disagree that Yul had more people that seemed to know the mechanics of Survivor. I’m not even argue that shouldn’t be a point in Yul’s favor. I will say that players with bad players isn’t the easiest task. Some of them are your allies that you have to constantly watch and protect while fixing mistakes. Some make unpredictable decisions that don’t seem rational that you have to react to. This could be highly stressful and not every player have the ability or patience to deal with that. Also being the clear great player on a weak cast makes you the biggest threat and it only takes one vote for shit to go sideways.

      1. Yul tells us during the season that Penner is smart, Penner is logical and because of that Penner is easy deal with. Yul can anticipate how Penner will react to the idol to a point that as masterful as that idol play with Penner was, it held almost no risk to Yul.

        1. Great point, Kemper. I know if I was ever on Survivor I would gravitate towards people who think more logically, or at least similar to the way I do. It is a better way for me to move along in the game with people who I have to stress less about where their head is. I will be more confident in talking my strategy to them and more receptive to any plans they come up with. We see Yul do this to excellent effect. We even see Kim do this to some extent. It’s not a coincidence that her closest allies are Sabrina and Chelsea. She also was masterful in dealing with the more emotional thinking players like Kat, Tarzan, Alecia, and Troy. That’s something few can do on the show. I know I never could.

          1. That is why her win is so good, neutralise those who are strong smart thinkers with social games (no one disliked Chelsea or Sabrina) by being their ally and then manage the crazies.

    2. I agree with @disqus_3Sm0bOf1sj:disqus to some degree. I argued before that Boston Rob’s win came against unwitting and compliant idiots, and that game would go to your point here. But Kim played with idiots of a different kind. She essentially had to herd PCP-addled cats with sandbags tied to her legs. Yul could easily predict how his opponents would act or react and plan around them.

    3. This argument annoys me though: let’s have a think about some of the competition Penner, literally the best worst player of all time, Adam, dumb punchable Adam, Parvarti 1.0 who knew nothing and Candace who has repetitively made some of the terrible decision.

          1. Slightly OTT: Man, Ozzy is one of the greatest FTC bullshitters. I love how his whole “I want a million dollars to go to school” speech actually wins a vote, especially since he should have won with this jury.

        1. I don’t hate Penner, he’s a decent narrator and generally adds fun to a season but he isn’t all that good at the game. He is extremely logical and suffers from the perception that he is a snake despite always playing a loyal game.

          1. I mean…he did mutiny and then flip back in Cook Islands. I love him and Cook Islands for it, and it made sense, but he did betray the entire Top 9 at one point or the other.

          2. I just find his ego to get in the way of any enjoyment of his gameplay, and actually to get in the way of him being better at the game. I really never liked him but Philippines was probably my most liked version of Penner. All that said, he’s definitely better than Tr*yzan (but like. who isn’t???)

          3. From his view he was going with his strongest ally. It was a bad move but makes perfect sense if you get him.

          4. Sure, but it’s not a set of moves you can make and then claim you were “always playing a loyal game”.

    4. Right but you’re weighing that against one of the two most powerful idols in the history of the game. Maybe the most powerful as it never expired.

    5. I feel like I’m always writing this response. Yes, there were terrible players on her season (just like Yul’s, mentioned below – what up, Flicka, Cao Boi, and Adam), but Sabrina and Chelsea, specifically Sabrina, appeared to be decent players who were just not as good as Kim was. Although, I’ve heard multiple interviews from players about how great Chelsea’s social game was and how sweet she was, including from Kim herself (but others also). Kim took her strongest competition to the end and won.

      1. Although @purplerockandy:disqus will note this goes against my Boston Rob hatred I think the only times you can weigh up competition is returnee vs non-returnee seasons vs fans v favourites seasons. You and I have been beating the drum that although the average level of competition in OW wasn’t great there were some good players in Chelsea and Sabrina and there were average if dislikeable players like Troy and Alecia. Much like Kim, Yul took his biggest competition to the end and beat them. In fact I’d argue after Yul the next best strategic player on Cook Islands was Becky and much like Kim with Sabrina and Chelsea, she was neutralised by being his number 2. When it comes down to it I rate Kim the highest because was herding cats for much of the game and she marshalled the people she needed to help her and made their work look like her own. She got there with a plan, when it became a men v women season she changed her plan and she had everyone on the island thinking the right thing to keep her safe and let her win. To me it’s similar to Boston Rob but has more subtly and finesse and that’s why it’s the “best” winning game played on Survivor.

        1. I agree – I should have been more clear about my post above. Kim took the best players to the end and won. You’re right – so did Yul. Becky probably was the 2nd best player, not that she gets the credit for it. While I see the similarities to Boston Rob, he definitely did not take the strongest to the final three with him – but I see your point. But yes – I agree with your points about Yul, as well as the “herding cats” analogy for Kim.

    1. I did not forget to vote, but I kept rechecking the GIF. The only one who might have had better abs than Ken.

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