Where to watch Survivor online

We get asked fairly regularly which sites will allow you to watch Survivor online. Generally, though, the question is about a specific season: “Where can I find Pearl Islands?”, “Where can I find Heroes vs. Villains?”, etc.

Obviously, DVDs are for chumps. The best way to binge Survivor seasons is by first consulting our spoiler-free ranking of Survivor seasons and picking the one you’d like to watch, then find somewhere that is streaming them. But while there are several sources available that will allow you to watch Survivor online, the seasons that they offer vary. Hopefully this page will help you locate the specific season you’re looking for. We’ll try to keep it current, so if you notice that any of the information below has changed, please let us know.

Disclosure: We get three whole dollars if you sign up for Amazon Prime. So if you were going to sign up for it anyway, it would be nice if you did it through our link. We don’t get any money for the other sites.

Amazon Prime

With a one-year paid subscription (or with a 30-Day Free Trial), Amazon Prime will allow you to watch the following seasons of Survivor:

Season 1: Borneo
Season 3: Africa
Seasons 12 through 28: Panama through Cagayan

Cost: Amazon Prime is $99 for one full year, which works out to $8.25 a month.

Hulu Plus

Similar to Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus offers an odd assortment of seasons. Currently, they have the following seasons available:

Season 1: Borneo
Seasons 12 through 27: Panama through Blood vs. Water

Cost: Hulu Plus is $7.99 per month, or $95.88 for one year. And you’ll still have to watch commercials.

CBS All-Access

If you want to watch Survivor online and not have to worry about which seasons will be available, this is probably the place to do it (assuming you’re cool with enduring commercials even though you’re paying to watch). Since this is the official CBS streaming site, they have every single season of the show available. They even have some limited bonus footage.

Cost: $5.99 per month, but you’ll still have to watch commercials. They generally offer a 1-week free trial.

Buy individual seasons/episodes on Amazon

Amazon also sells some of the seasons they don’t offer through Amazon Prime. You can buy these Survivor seasons:

Season 9: Vanuatu
Season 10: Palau
Season 11: Guatemala
Seasons 25 through 32: Philippines through Kaoh Rong

Cost: Seasons range in cost from $10 to $25 per season. Episodes range from $1-2 each.

Buy individual seasons/episodes on iTunes

You can currently find these Survivor seasons on iTunes:

Seasons 12 through 32: Panama through Kaoh Rong

Cost: Seasons range in cost from $10 to $25 per season. Individual episodes cost $2-$3.

Hopefully this list helps you find what you were looking for. And yes, we realize there are other places to watch Survivor online that involve pirating the show. But since we are Survivor fans, we’d generally prefer the show to stay profitable so it will remain on the air.

If you notice anything we’ve missed- or noticed that something on this list has changed- please tweet us @purplerockpod or send us an email at purplerockpodcast on gmail.

  • andythesaint

    Note: in order to access most of these, you’d have to either be A) American or B) be able to make your computer seem as though it is American.

  • sharculese

    I paid for a month of CBS All Access so I could watch seasons that weren’t available in other locations and fyi the videos appear to be archival rips from some network affiliate. It’s not the biggest deal in the world, just be prepared for occasional banners advertising new hit sensation CBS of for the person voted off to sometimes have their final thoughts bumped in favor of a teaser of what’s happening on Letterman.

    • Barbara Anderson

      I recently got CBS All Access for this very purpose. How many commercials should I expect.

      • sharculese

        Like 2 or 3 per break. If you’ve watched a streaming service with commercials before it’s not going to be heavier than you’re used to.

        • Barbara Anderson

          Okay, that calms my nerves. I had heard that CBS All Access spent too much time on commercials, so 2-3 is much better than what I was expecting!

          • sharculese

            It probably seems that way because, like a lot of services, All Access repeats the same commercials over and over, so if you watch a bunch you will get tired of them, but I don’t remember it being excessive in terms of number.

          • purplerockpodcast

            I had Hulu Plus for a while to watch some Survivor seasons before CBS All Access came around, and they have commercials as well. I’m a long-time Amazon Prime member, and they do not have commercials.

            I didn’t know about CBS pulling the videos from local affiliates. It might be funny to see them advertising failed shows while you watch Survivor.

  • MsMowthy

    Thought you should know to update this:
    Amazon Prime, as of 8/15/2016, only has Season 1, 3, 12-28, but no 29-31. Additionally, Season 12 is Panama, not Vanuatu. For that one, I had to switch over to CBS All-Access, which has every season ever. The pricing has also gone up in the past year.

    • Updated. Thank you!

  • NearlyNina

    For any fellow Canadians:

    If you subscribe to Shomi they have Caramoan (26), Blood vs Water I (27), Redemption Island (22), One World (24), and Blood vs Water II (29). They just recently got the last 3, so I’m hopeful they get more.