Which Purple Rock Podcast Staffer Are You?

What's your favorite episode of The Simpsons?

What kind of shoes do you usually wear?

Which female Survivor do you have a crush on?

Which male Survivor do you have a crush on?

What do you order at the bar?

What is your comfort food?

Who is your favorite superhero?

Who is your favorite band?

What book series could you read over and over?

Pick a movie to watch.

What's your dream job?

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Emma is the token chick of the Purple Rock Podcast. She has watched the show continuously since the second episode and is pretty sure she's never seen the pilot.

Favorite seasons: Heroes vs. Villains, Micronesia, Cambodia, Cook Islands, China, Philippines

Favorite players: Courtney Yates, Parvati Shallow, John Cochran, Cirie Fields, Yul Kwon, Kim Spradlin
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