zzzzFinal Boss League

Welcome to the Final Boss League draft!

First, a quick explanation of why you’re here:

You, dear invitee, are one of our top commenters of all time (strictly on quantity- I would never suggest that anything you posted here was quality). The top 10 most active commenters (excepting those already in Champions League, Outcasts League, and confirmed witches) got the link to this page so that you could take part in this league.

And there are stakes! Oh, lordy, are there stakes!

Have you ever wondered how we determine who gets into Outcasts League? No? Ok, well fuck you then. If you had wondered, it’s a complex process mostly devoted to devastation over who won’t make the league. Mostly, it just makes us look like assholes who shunned important and beloved commenters and chose favorites.

Well now you have a chance to be that asshole who shuns important and beloved commenters! The winner of this league will become the new Outcasts commissioner. That means you’ll be the one that determines who gets into Outcasts next season (there may be a rule that you have to include Purple Rock staff- we haven’t decided for sure yet). Hell, you can even change the name of the league if you want. It’ll be your league, and as long as you don’t request anything that requires too much effort from me, I’ll probably approve it.

Are you in? Let me know in the comments below by replying to my comment (and thus giving me a notification). If you’d like to take a pass, let me know that as well. The next-highest commenter on the list will take your place.

The draft

For some of you, drafting this way may be a new experience, so here’s a quick breakdown of how this goes:

  1. The draft will take place in the comments section. This is a snake-style draft, meaning that whoever gets the first pick will also get the last pick.
  2. Each of you will draft two players, and I will alert you when it’s your turn to draft. I’ll respond to one of your comments so you get a notification in Disqus (or DM you on Twitter if you’re on there).
  3. Draft order is determined by our dear computerized friends at random.org.
  4. The scoring system is the exact same as it is in the Pick-4 league, so see that page if you need a reminder of how scoring works.
  5. If at any time you have questions, just post them in the comments section.

The draft order will be:

  1. Assistant Dragon Slayer- Wendell
  2. Blurry Denzel- Kellyn
  3. The sky is falling- Jacob
  4. Diego Armando- James
  5. Max Jets- Laurel
  6. Sharculese- Hot Stephanie
  7. Kemper Boyd- Brendan
  8. Mike Hirsch- Domenick
  9. Gouis- Sebastian
  10. Hornacek- Michael
  11. Hornacek- Morgan
  12. Gouis- Bradley
  13. Mike Hirsch- Desiree
  14. Kemper Boyd- Jenna
  15. Sharculese- Other Stephanie
  16. Max Jets- Angela
  17. Diego Armando- Chelsea
  18. The sky is falling – Libby
  19. Blurry Denzel – Chris
  20. Assistant Dragon Slayer – Donathan

Available Players:

Other Stephanie