Survivor 43 Champions League draft

Welcome to the Champions League draft! For some of you this is a new experience, so here’s a quick breakdown of how this goes:

  • The draft will take place in the comments section. This is a snake-style draft, meaning that whoever gets the first pick will also get the last pick. Other than that, the same rules/scoring apply here as in the Pick-4 fantasy league.
  • Each of you will draft two players, and I will alert you when it’s your turn to draft. I’ll respond to one of your comments so you get a notification in Disqus (or DM you on Twitter if you’re on there).
  • Draft order is determined by our dear computerized friends at
  • The scoring system is the exact same as it is in the Pick-4 league, so see that page if you need a reminder of how scoring works.
  • If at any time you have questions, just reply to one of my comments in the comments section (I’m John, if that’s not clear)

For various dumb reasons, I had to make this post on mobile. Normally I’d have a screenshot where you could see that I had gone to to randomize the draft order. You’ll just have to trust that I actually did that (because I did).


  • Winner
  • Mike Hirsch
  • Jersey Luck
  • Hector TWE
  • Carterfan
  • BenTeague005
  • Mshah10
  • Stick to the Plan
  • Ben Folds Fan in 3D!!!

The draft order will be in my comment below.