Survivor 46 Champions League draft

Welcome to the Champions League draft! For some of you this is a new experience, so here’s a quick breakdown of how this goes:
  • The draft will take place in the comments section. This is a snake-style draft, meaning that whoever gets the first pick will also get the last pick. Other than that, the same rules/scoring apply here as in the Pick-4 fantasy league.
  • Each of you will draft two players, and I will alert you when it’s your turn to draft. I’ll respond to one of your comments so you get a notification in Disqus (or another mode of communication you provide).
  • Draft order is determined by our dear computerized friends at
  • The scoring system is the exact same as it is in the Pick-4 league, so see that page if you need a reminder of how scoring works.
  • If at any time you have questions, just reply to one of my comments in the comments section (I’m John, if that’s not clear)
Your draft order from I’ll be getting confirmations from everyone who is participating. If anyone doesn’t accept their invitation in a reasonable timeframe, I will replace them so we can finish the draft before the season starts. Please try to be relatively prompt when it is your turn to pick.