Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers Bonus Content Roundup – Week 10

Taako From Teevhii shares the best bonus scenes from the previous episode of Survivor: Hypno vs. Horsea vs. Haunter.

This Week In Secret Scenes

“You Just Turn Into A Madman”

This scene has bits and pieces that made the final cut, but I like it for two reasons. One, it foreshadows the upcoming split of the Seven (though not in the way that Dr. Mike thought it would). Two, it tells us that Dr. Mike’s performance at Tribal made him seem more crazy and unpredictable than Joe; does that let us claim that Dr. Mike’s doing a better job of impersonating Tony than Joe is?

“I Think They’re Making A Strategic Mistake”

With a double episode, there was a cornucopia of content this week. But there’s not much going on in this particular scene. I’m kinda compelled to include this clip because it’s a Secret Scene (which is essentially the last thing cut from the final edit). I guess Devon, Ashley, and Lauren are fooling Dr. Mike and Joe. Maybe there’s something to the fact that Dr. Mike has the best logic of the five. I dunno. You can probably skip this one and not miss much.

This Week In Confessionals

“So It’s, Uh, Definitely Gonna Get Easier For Me, Y’know. I Mean, You Got Ben Out There, Still Good Challenger, You Got Ash, She’s Another Good Challenger, Y’know, Chrissy, And Depending On What The Challenge Is With The Other People, Y’know, You Can’t Leave Out Lauren. So It’s Definitely, Y’know, Even Across the Board, But Definitely Puts The Odds Back In My Favor Of Winning Immunity.”

Good night, sweet prince.

“This Is What I Do As An Actuary”

I think many of us felt a sense of satisfied schadenfreude when we watching Chrissy and Ryan get blindsided. But the level of actuarial irony that is revealed in this clip elevates that emotion to one of ecstatic glee.

So, may I present to you a finest selection of quotes for you to savor:

“There can be an advantage or disadvantage that comes out at tribal.”

“There can be … some reward challenge that happens where new relationships are formed.”

“It’s foreign to me to try to determine the next best course of action without first identifying all of the possible things that could happen.”

“Out here, people only seem to want to think of two things: they’re going to stay, or they’re gonna go.”

With this clip in mind, strap in for a rant that hopefully does Andy proud.

Chrissy clearly identified all of the possible outcomes, in so much as she named them for us here. BUT SHE DIDN’T ACTUALLY ACCOUNT FOR THEM.

Let’s start with the idea of advantages. There was a super immunity idol at the start of the game, and Chrissy has doubtlessly heard about the vote negation. By the time they’ve left for Fiji, the cast would’ve seen enough of Game Changers to know that there’s always going to be an advantage in play. And if there is an advantage in play but you do not have the advantage, then you must assume that someone else has the advantage. Someone who has not told you that they have it presumably because they might be saving it to use against you. Does that sound paranoid? Maybe a little, but if you’re not a little paranoid, you’re not playing Survivor. So if you really want to insure yourself (Get it? Actuary joke? nvm) against the possibility of advantages, act like it can and will be used against you. And it’s not like the concept of an extra vote is foreign to Survivor fans; it’s been around long enough. The form it took this season was new, but Chrissy definitely knows about extra votes, vampire votes, and all other types of voting shenanigans. The probability of this happening is high enough that whatever expected value Chrissy is calculating is definitely affected. She has to be factoring that into her calculus. And yet, she mentions this in a very offhand manner because targeting Joe and Mike are her top two priorities, not some advantage she hasn’t seen yet. That is because (read this next part in your most sarcastic voice) the Seven could not possibly turn on each other before F7.

But now we get to the idea that people might bond and form new alliances at rewards. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED. Now, to be fair, sometimes the very unlikely projection becomes the outcome that comes to pass. But if the probability it seen as too low, even reputable statisticians disregard its possibility *cough*fivethirtyeight*cough*. And maybe in the risk assessment that Chrissy is doing, the probability of this is too low for her to change her plans. EXCEPT THAT SUB-ALLIANCES WERE TOTALLY GOING TO HAPPEN. The jury does not vote among seven finalists. Some of the Roundtable were going to have to be cut. And so maybe you would personally like to wait until F7 before turning on the rest of your alliance, but you can’t assume that everyone else plans to do the same. The people who think they might get cut at 7 are going to try to cut you at 8 (or in this case, 9). Everybody wants to get to gettin’ before they get got. So when a player picks who she takes with her on a reward and isn’t stuck with them by a random draw, you have to assume that her choices are strategic and that she’s trying to build a coalition. WHICH LAUREN WAS.

This leads to the cherry on this sundae: “Out here, people only seem to want to think of two things: they’re going to stay, or they’re gonna go.” Now logically, these are actually the only two outcomes for each player in the game, but point taken: Chrissy thinks that no one is looking ahead to what comes next. Except that she and Ryan whiffed both on what was happening in the future and in the moment. Just *kisses fingers like a cartoon Italian chef* ironic perfection.

“Peanut Butter Was The Way To Go”

Yeah, Devon, you might be safe, BUT YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO LET OTHER PEOPLE KNOW THAT. This decision might be fine if it happened three days later, but the Alliance of Four had not eliminated JP yet. There was still a chance (a small but existent chance) that Ryan, Chrissy, JP, Mike, and Joe would turn against the other four. Especially after the four went on a reward together. Devon considers things as they are (e.g. He is safe, so he doesn’t need to compete), not as they appear (e.g. He doesn’t need to compete, so he must be safe), which is arguably the worse behavior in Survivor. His ability to develop a solid plan has shown that Devon is definitely not a Jason Mendoza, but behavior like this might put his ceiling at a Cosmo Kramer.

“It Was So Hard To Say No”

So it sounds like we could’ve gotten all four alliance members sitting out, demonstrating to everyone else how comfortable they were. And none of them seem to recognize why that might’ve been a problem. Ashley does have a point that it’s reassuring to see that her alliance appears solid. But still…

“We Left Game Talk Out”

So we’ve heard directly from Ben how exhausting his charade is. But I think Joe’s confessional shows the true extent of that. He has to dupe not only Chrissy and Ryan, but Mike and Joe too. This means that he has to act desperate for information at the reward and behave like a person who has to be scrambling all the time. Which is essentially the same as actually scrambling all the time. He can only let his guard down when he’s with Devon, Ashley, or Lauren, but even then, spending too much time with them might tip off his marks.

This Week In Ponderosa

“He Seemed Super Stoked”

JP says that he did no prep before coming out to Fiji. That’s probably in the context of exercise and diet, but I think we can extrapolate. It’s hard to believe that Keith Nale could ever be usurped as the most unaware firefighter to play Survivor, but here we are. I understand why JP wasn’t shown more on the show (notice how we hear more from Desi and Cole than from JP himself). But I would have enjoyed the comedy of a heavier JP edit. Despite Cole’s claim having priority, I think JP deserves the “Mr. Peanutbutter” moniker. Truly, JP doesn’t seem to notice or care that he’s been eliminated from the game.

“All I Needed Was One More Day”

Perhaps the most interesting bit from Joe came at the beginning of this video. Joe claimed that he would have told Ryan who to play the idol for and blindsided Devon “with three votes.” From there, he would find idols and pendulum to break up the remaining factions. What this tells us is that Joe did not plan to vote with Ryan, Chrissy, and Ben. It’s his own kind of “double agent” strategy that would have Ryan’s idol do all the work and allow him to stay in an alliance with Lauren, Ashley, and Dr. Mike. He’d trim down his alliance without falling from power. But Lauren’s double vote allowed them to vote split 3-3-3, so Joe decided against this plan. The thing is though, Joe could have easily sidestepped this by just voting with Ryan and Chrissy and (assumedly) Ben. The vote would go 4-3-2, and Devon would go home. Of course, Joe still would’ve actually been eliminated, but that can’t distract from the fact that flipping might have been the better move for Joe. Not only in that it ensures the outcome that he wants, but it creates a more divided tribe where alliances are not so set. It’s possible that this move would just paint a larger target on Joe’s back, but that never stopped Joe before.

Because look, Joe the Survivor Player is grating. But Joe the Person is less annoying. I’m glad that Joe’s sister was there because family moments are always nice (though they can get overdone in the main edit’s family visit). We saw a more human and personal side of Joe, which was a welcome change.

It should also be noted that Joe thinks that he was eliminated early so that Ben could see his family at the upcoming family visit. I wonder who’s going to break it to him. Usually, there’s a process where the last person voted out comes to Ponderosa to fill the old jurors in on what they had missed. More than normal deception usually does, the act by Ben is throwing this process off. It’ll be interesting to see how this further affects the jury’s perceptions of the game.

This Week In Gifable Moments

When the Infinity War trailer drops.

When Republican Senators are asked a direct question about the tax bill.

When people ask what kind of light you are.

Taako From Teevhii

Taako From Teevhii

Taako first learned of Survivor when his buddy Merle said he’d vote their friend Ango off the island. After a google search and one episode, he became a fan and never looked back.

Favorite Seasons: China, Heroes vs Villains, Philippines, Cagayan, Cambodia

Favorite Players: Kelley Wentworth, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Kim Spradlin, Denise Stapley, Todd Herzog, Courtney Yates, Yul Kwon
Taako From Teevhii

81 thoughts on “Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers Bonus Content Roundup – Week 10

    1. I could be just that they don’t like confessionals with contingencies where they say “well, X could happen but there’s a chance Y could”. While watching it, I was thinking that if I ever played Survivor (if Canadian Survivor ever happened) that they wouldn’t like my confessionals because I’d be so worried about getting a hubris edit all my confessionals would have contingencies.

        1. That’s true. They could have buried her with some chopped edit of it if they wanted. I’m with you that we aren’t supposed to see her as the villain

          1. Yeah, that definitely confirmed him as a villain. and was hilarious since I think he’s younger than both(?) of them

      1. 1. I think it’s simpler than that. They don’t think the audience can handle two whole minutes of math and statistics adjacent talk without it turning into the sound of the teacher talking in a Charlie Brown special.

        2. Watching the clip I thought the opposite of what @BarbaraTheWitch:disqus did: This would definitely be in Chrissy’s winner’s edit, so that’s that for her chances. It can be two things.

        3. I was and remain astounded that Chrissy assigned a probability of zero or close to it to the chance of the seven breaking up before F7.

          1. My favourite moment of that clip is ‘so as an actuary I would say-‘ immediately fades to later in the interview because whatever she said is too boring even for a deleted scene clip.

        1. 1. Very, very true. I nearly stopped the clip a couple times, but I think they could have done the gist of the confessional without the math/stats part if they had wanted.
          2. I don’t really read into it one way or the other on her winner’s edit (though she’s pretty low down my list anyway)
          3. You would think a fan like her would know better than that

      2. I would try and shine a spotlight on my hubris. Because then either way, I’d either get an entertainingly edited exit/loss, or I’d win and prove everything I said is correct.

    2. The answer to that is that that confessional was terrible TV. It was long, complicated, dull and Chrissy was barely engaged. They had better shots versions of Chrissy being joyfully arrogant and did not need to cut up a clip of ultraserious Chrissy to get a sound bite.

  1. I’m kind of surprised some portion of that JP confessional didn’t make air, seems like the standard overconfident boot episode content. I guess they would be worried it would tip their hand too much

  2. Here’s the TAZ thread. Recapping what happened on Episodes 19-21:

    Merle talks to a tree
    The boys open a lockbox
    Magnus and Taako take the elevator
    The boys meet the Raven
    Hurley needs a part for her battle wagon
    The boys meet Little Jerry and Jerreeeeee

    1. I’ve spent most of the last month listening to all of TAZ for the first time, and finished it all up this weekend. Many thanks for starting these threads, which is what prompted me to start listening.

      1. Many of of thought that would be a possibility for a lot of new listeners. It’s very binge-able.

      1. We did “Merle seduces some vines” two weeks ago. This week was Merle talking to Trent the treant, specifically about his broken butt.

    2. I’m sorry I’ve fallen behind Taako. My November was crazy between work travel, vacation, and Thanksgiving. But I am now catching up on both Survivor and TAZ watching. On my travels, I did manage to get to the first episode of Petals to the Metal, and finish all of Commitment, though.

      1. You’re not that far behind at all bc we’re on E2-4 of PttM. And how did you like Commitment? I thought there was potential, but I didn’t really like Fate or the overall plot arc that Clint planned. The characters the brothers brought were solid though. Especially Kardala.

        1. I thought Commitment was OK. Any of these new experiments will have some challenges because it takes a lot of podcast time to learn the game/teach listeners the game, and then there’s only a little world-building before the demo is over. I thought the characters were a little dry compared to the regular show, but they had a lot of potential. Kardala was definitely the most entertaining. It was even mentioned in the show that Merle’s plot had a ‘National Treasure’ feel to it, or maybe a ‘DaVinci Code’ feel. I see neither of those comparisons as positive. And I agreed with their own self-assessment of the Fate system. It probably isn’t well suited to podcasting.

    3. I forgot how I’m kind of just bored by PTtM. I don’t what it is about it, I just don’t care for this arc, even though it has a ton of fun bits and of course: Garryl.

      But at least Crystal Kingdom is next and I love Crystal Kingdom.

      1. That’s interesting because I remember the plot arc of PttM better than CK. Like, all I remember of that was Upsy your lifting friend and Merle’s arm. And Boyland.

        1. Um, Crystal Kingdom gave us Kravitz and the revelation that the boys have died a bunch of times and don’t remember it..

          You’re right though, it’s not that plot heavy until the very end, but I love the resolution, I love the atmosphere, I love the Crystal Kingdom song, and, of course, I love Boyland.

          Also, how do you not remember Magnus eating the Philosopher’s Stone?

    4. Oh also, I believe that here we get our first instance of Griffin predicting something will wrap up in three more episodes when that is extremely not true.

  3. Off-topic: Gordon Holmes just announced that there would be no Hall of Fame induction this year. Of course, the year I essentially write a “Why Colby Needs In the HOF” piece is the year that there is no HOF inductions.

    1. I was kind of surprised because I think there’s at least one more class of old-schoolers that should be in there (Colby, Steph, +1 probably) before we get into the more recent people/the conversations about whether its too bloated

      1. It could just be that his editors didn’t feel it worth the time. The thing we always need to remember is that it’s less a real Hall of Fame and more a “feature to generate traffic for a pop culture site”.

      2. Depends on what is your definition of old school. Within the first ten seasons, you can throw in Brian into consideration. There is still a few from the middle era that people could go for (yul, Penner, yau-man, Todd, etc.).

        I still think inducting three tribes one year could be interesting.

        1. Oh yeah, those people all deserve consideration, but I’d say Colby and Steph are the last of the iconic players that need to be in before we get to arguing about (and inducting) the rest.

          1. When we went to vote last year I was quite surprised he wasn’t in already. He defined Survivor for a lot of people

      3. Colby/Steph/Malcolm seems like a logical trio to add, though I suppose it doesn’t hurt to wait another year for it to happen.

  4. My ranking of the remaining players and how much I want them to win:
    1. Lauren – She has been discussed as being a unique “character” on the show, which would make it even better if she was the winner. She’s more than deserving, having flipped the entire game on its head, and it’d be emotionally satisfying too.
    2. Devon – My favorite player of the season, but not necessarily who I most want to win. I don’t really care that much if Devon wins at this point, but I do care if he makes it to the end. He already won me over completely, so even if he ends up a zero vote finalist he still played his ass off. That said, he would be a very exciting winner.
    3. Chrissy – I’ve been shying away from Chrissy for most of the season, but this could be a pretty interesting comeback. After the episodes last week, I became super nervous that the new alliance would blow things in the coming weeks but I think a Chrissy win would be the best possible outcome in that case.
    4. Ben – I still really like Ben and he is close to being a satisfying winner, but that final 10 vote split is a real bad look. He has a big target, but has the power to flip the game if he comes clean to Chrissy and Ryan before his alliance outs him.
    5. Ashley – Not the most riveting television, but she’s smart and would be a fine winner. A lot of people doubt her ability to get votes, but it’s hard to know how the jury feels about her.
    6/7. Ryan/Mike – Nope

    1. Your 6/7 is interesting because I think Mike is clearly above Ryan. I don’t like his game, but I like him as a person, whereas I neither like Ryan’s game nor his Ryanness.

      1. Yeah, I had trouble deciding between those two. I would rather Mike succeed in general, but I do think his game has been significantly worse than Ryan’s even if neither have been great.

        1. Since I enjoy psyching myself up for an unlikely outcome before an inevitable crushing disappointment, I’m still rooting for some miracles to happen and for Mike to win.

    2. I completely agree with these rankings. I don’t have really many negative opionions towards Mike and Ryan, but them winning would make me say “well, that was disappointing”, more so Mike, because I think he played by FAR the worst game out of these 7, but could win because of the Healer-stacked jury (he would be a likable winner, but still).

      But who do you think WILL win? What’s interesting about this season for me is that basically every “0-1% of winning” are gone for me, and all the people left are at the very least Adam-level probable contenders.

      1. I keep going back and forth between my main contender, but luckily for me I think the people low on my list have a smaller chance of taking it. After the episode I thought it was between Devon and Lauren, but have since been worried about a Ben win. I still think everyone is in it. I really have no idea!

    3. Solid ranking. I would only put Ben ahead of Devon, Crissy with one caveat. Not getting from here to the final with just immunities +idol.

      1. In short, his site with all the Funny 115 entries crushed, and he has to change to a new site, and due to some problems involving that, his first 2 versions may be gone for good, and may not be able to finish the current one, and logically, the future ones also.

        If you or anyone else wants to know all the details, because I may’ve paraphrased some things incorrectly, here is the link with his post on reddit regarding the matter:

          1. It appears that a new entry on the NaOnka/Fabio feud is specifically what crashed the site. Nicaragua’s the worst.

      2. Apparently Mario ran out of bandwith because he used too many gifs and when he called the server, they apparently told him that it would be too much money to get the site back. He has said that he is thinking of alternate solutions, but it seems like that particular site is dead. What is also bad is The Funny 115 was one of the two websites hosting Survivor Historians. The other one? The Tribe, which shuttered this summer. So, yeah…fun times ahead for Mr. Lanza.

  5. Haunter probably wins that fight. It’s faster than Hypno is likely packing a focus Sash or Eviolite. Horses loses.

    1. Haunter is definitely faster, so the only chance Hypno has is the 1% probability that Focus Band chains for two saves. If Trick Room had already been set up, different story, but I guess this is 1 on 1.

      Also, I wanted to do a type triangle, but I couldn’t get it done with the letter H.

  6. Y’all, the Aubry Bracco Memorial Challenge is back.

    Something interesting to note here: It looks like there’s an advantage in the dirt (that’s what that flash was, right?). But whoever digs it up would need to do so in plain view of everyone else. Because this challenge is by wingspan (and thus, the spots aren’t random) and because it looked like it was in front of the red platform (which was on the end and the furthest away from the sit-out bench), my guess is that the advantage is specifically for Lauren. I think Lauren finds a clue at the reward telling her that the advantage will be there for her to possibly grab at IC.

    Except that that is so, so stupid. If only they hadn’t cut out tree-mail entirely. They could have another place to hide idols and advantages and not have to resort to this crap.

          1. IIRC they put strong people on the ends so that they fatigued the slowest. This version was cool because they had to deal with the discs shifting position and the pressure needed to hold them up changing.

    1. So now that I sent you that heartfelt three-pager and everything is back to roses and buds, dare I muddy the waters again and ask you: There were 56 previously unavailable HHH-clips uploaded to that youtube channel in the last 24 hours – can we count on you deliver the goods before that new batch of clips comes in some time after 9pm ET tonight?

      (Kidding, of course. Not interested at all in watching all that old stuff).

      1. lol. After tonight, I’m going off the grid for at least a week. Except to catch up on Mr. Robot bc priorities.

        1. Oh wow, so you weren’t just joking when you said I won’t see you presenting next week’s bonus content. Good indeed to have the heads up on that, considering.

          Mr. Robot s1 caught me totally off guard, in that I saw one day in the tv guide that E1S1 was airing on basic TV on some obscure channel, just minutes before it started. I always wanted to get into it, so I checked the guide closer and saw: 1) no re-runs, not online and 2) 5 episodes that day, 5 the day after

          That’s crazy even for the this TV landscape, that has a few channels that proved to be willing to air even previously unaired high quality drama for binge consumption (not to mention online availability), so this was all I did these two evenings and it took me about a week to go through all the Wigler-pods.

  7. I finally had a chance to watch last week’s Ponderosa videos, and all I have to say is the producers must be so glad that Desi is there, because she’s provided roughly 100% of the thoughtful post-game commentary so far. I loved how she was the one who described how JP was feeling, though I thought she was a little bit overly generous when she said he wasn’t letting himself process the blindside. He may not have the bandwidth for that kind of processing at all…
    In other Ponderosa news, I think they have perfected the post-elimination meal with the burger/pizza combo. Throw some ice cream in there and it sounds like a rockin’ Saturday night for me (I party hard).

  8. To be fair to Nate Silver and fivethirtyeight, they were not the ones who claimed that Hillary had it in the bag all along. That would be Nate Cohn from The Upshot and the guy who does the Princeton model, among others.
    538 had Drumpf between 20% and 33% for most of the time, iirc.

    Off-topic/On-topic: Does Nate Silver remind anyone else of one John Cochran?

    1. I <3 Nate Silver and def get a familiar nerd vibe from him, so Cochran is a pretty good comp (though Nate is more confident)

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