Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode 12 Liveblog: “Now’s the Time to Start Scheming”

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Matt has an irrational dislike for all contestants named Michel(l)e. Also if he ever takes a strong stance about why everyone else is wrong, it is he that is inevitably wrong.

Favorite seasons: Micronesia, Heroes vs. Villains, Palau, Philippines, Pearl Islands, Cagayan
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543 thoughts on “Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode 12 Liveblog: “Now’s the Time to Start Scheming”

      1. I wouldn’t call it a clear win. Jason’s actually pretty “rounded” himself

  1. The editors are just running with it at this point – Mark got the first confessional.

  2. I want Cydney to win badly and I can see a path for her. I’m excited to see how this season finishes up.

    1. Pretty good episode for Cydney if the Michelle/Tai alliance isn’t just a massive tease. She’s on record standing up for Michelle and convincing Aubry/Joe to fall in line.

      But Tai totally goes off the rails when he’s under the spotlight, and the pressure is going to be intense next episode, so I’m not even discounting the possibility of an Erik-level mistake happening where Tai gives his idol away.

      1. I think the editors have been setting up Tai going home with the idol in his pocket for a while now, even during the Caleb medevac, so I will be shocked if that doesn’t happen.

        1. He’d literally have to not play it on his last chance to play it. Do you think he’s that clueless? (she says with trepidation)

          1. Okay, for shits and giggles, let’s start making the list of dumbest moves in Survivor history. Extra (imaginary) points will be given for originality.
            Woo not taking Kass to F2.

          2. The second swap is the one that’s a random draw. You’re thinking of the first swap.

          3. You’re right. I mixed up my wording. I should’ve said the second tribe pick.

          4. Yeah I thought of that, but Woo literally lost a million dollars. Drew was just out of the game early stupid.

          5. True, Chef Keith wouldn’t have won, but it was so obvious what Woo needed to do. I liked the guy and wanted him to win, but there wasn’t a moment during the finale that I thought he had a chance.

          6. He probably would have swept Kass. He was guaranteed Tony, Spencer, Tasha, Trish & Sarah’s vote and I think the Beauties probably would have followed the others.

          7. She got mentioned in here somewhere, so what about Jolandas(?) crusade against the immunity idol?

            Sadly it’s Woo, though.

          8. That’s not Jolanda, although I can’t remember who it actually was. Jolanda was the first person voted out of Palau.

            EDIT: I remembered. Joanna was the crusader, in Amazon.

          9. The brains tribe in Cagayan not voting out J’Tia after she lost the second challenge single-handedly and then dumped out all the rice.

          10. I know you haven’t see One World yet, but there’s a strong contender from that season, and maybe even tops Woo not taking Kass because it required group idiocy.

          11. I’m of the Rob C. School of thought that the dumbness of the move has to account for how proximate it is to you losing the game, and the thing you’re thinking of happens waaaay to early for it to compare to Woo voting out Kass.

          12. I’ve always wondered, does anyone else think Denise’s failure to team up with Peih-Gee/Erik or basically do anything at the end, and change it up count? She knew she was getting voted out and just stood in front of the train. She always could’ve flipped back and taken out Peih-Gee or Erik at the next vote – Todd did wind up being the biggest threat (though I recognize that hindsight is 20/20).

          13. I think that is definitely in contention for an underrated one. Denise had to know that she was fourth in that group, but she decided to be loyal to that group instead of going with Zhan Hu 2.

          14. There’s a scene in the early post-merge of China that’s always defined Denise’s game for me – the challenge where they have to pick teams at odd numbers, and when Denise doesn’t get picked she cries about it being just like high school. When you think about the later parts of the season with that in the back of your mind it all makes sense. She’s got this sense of alienation weighing on her from literally back to when she was a teenager, and all of a sudden the cool kids are paying attention to her, and she let that satisfaction get in the way of her game.

          15. It’s getting played but maybe Tai can be convinced that Michelle is going home and instead of just saying bye he does something awful.

          16. Maybe he doesn’t get to play it because Joe is taken out before the next vote – that would bring them down to four and make for a terrible episode.

        2. One way this could be possible is if Tai gets his big ally (today, Aubry, but maybe even Michelle), and says: “No one is voting for me, because they know it is useless. So what if I give *you* the idol, so we are both safe.” Which would actually be a good move, if he doesn’t get voted out of course.

          1. That’s definitely the possible scenario. I would say it’s almost impossible, but, and it pains me to say this, Tai isn’t all that great at this game.

      2. I haven’t even considered the idea that Tai doesn’t play the idol for himself. That would be a great move if someone can pull it off

        1. I think Tai takes that crown. Amanda at least was solid until final. Tai has had his foot in his mouth the whole way through.

          1. Worse than Jennifer Lanzetti? I’d say so, although the edit didn’t do her any favors and makes it closer than it probably was.

          2. How could I forget? He is the worst. So funny, but unbelievably bad in tribal council.

      1. In my league I have an XL lead over Purple Rock John and Michelle. Big leads like that never crumble in fantasy league Survivor!

          1. You do know that you really don’t legally owe someone a coke for that, right?

          2. Wait, what’s this? Clearly Australian jinx rules aren’t hardcore enough.

          3. I semi-unconsciously hear your posts in Amy Poehler’s voice in my head, and this line in particular was hilarious in that voice.

          4. That voice has to be how Leslie is talking when she is suggesting a headline to Shauna Malwae-Tweep.

    1. I want to see the Tai, Michele, Joe alliance: “Hey, wait a minute, those other two clean all of our clocks, right? Let’s just get rid of them.”

    1. Besides Joe, I could see anyone winning this game. Tai has the next lowest odds… I think? What a mess. I love it.

  3. This season is bananas. And there isn’t even any etiquette. Why would you target Jason now? Afraid he’d win a bunch of immunities versus Cydney? (Speaking of, anyone think Aubry and Cydney’s conversation could doom the former if Michelle and Tai team up?)

    1. For whom is it good to keep the goats? For the people with the worst FTC, of course it is. But if you can reasonably expect to win against anyone else, or at least against another + Joe, then you should care a lot less about winning the FTC than about getting there.

      1. My thinking was more along the lines of, blindside Tai now, then get Jason. Then Joe.

    2. Because having an abrasive asshole sulking in the shelter all day because you won’t let things go his way is really unpleasant, and sometimes you let that guide your decision making even if it isn’t strategically optimal.

      1. And he’d get at least one vote, maybe two or three (Julia and Nick?). If it’s a final three, that could be enough to keep you from a plurality.

        1. I think his strategy this week contributed to tanking his game. If he had just kept up what he was doing, there was already a very good chance he would have gone to the end as a presumptive goat. Instead, he made getting rid of him that much more attractive of an option.

      2. And if you are Aubrey, with close ties to Cydney/Tai/Joe, you want to try to maintain the status quo as long as possible, and really aren’t afraid of Michele.

      3. Jason (before Scot got voted out): “I am in complete control of this game!”
        Jason (this episode): “I hate that no one wants to play the game!” (kicks can, sulks away)

  4. So the OWM backers should be really really happy tonight. Not only did she get more confessional (bleh), but this looked a lot like Aubry’s 1 million dollar mistake, and next week’s preview looks awfully good for her prospects. (Unless it is a misdirection, of course.)

    1. I think Michelle is definitely going to win based on the edit. I also really hope that I’m wrong because I don’t think that she will be a satisfying winner.

      After tonight I have a strong suspicion that she is going to beat Tai in the finals, which is tragic. No wonder Probst seems to dislike this season so much.

        1. I don’t think that the editors are trying to bury her. I think that they are trying to portray her in a strategic light, and that they are having a hard time doing it.

          For instance I don’t think that Michelle had really any say in who went home tonight. I think she was at the mercy of Cydney and Cydney saved her ass. It seems to me that Aubry and Cydney are running the game and that they decided to vote out Jason before the conversation we saw between Cydney and Michelle. But because Michelle wins, we are not shown Aubry and Cydney’s strategic decision and are instead sold this story that Michelle swayed Cydney to her side because she is so likable.

          1. Kim’s edit was a really good one. She clearly controlled the game throughout. It was probably one of the most obvious and conventional winner’s edits.

          2. How deep is the homework list? Even though Kim is amazing, One World is such a terrible season.

          3. My original viewing experience was similar. I watched Borneo while it was happening. I didn’t watch again until Cagayan. I saw the next two live before going back to watch others.

          4. Yeah, fun pre-teen story. I stopped watching Survivor because Lindsey talked about getting her period on the first episode of Africa, which I thought was gross. I was 11 and I didn’t watch another episode until the last episodes of Amazon because someone from my area was going far. That person was…Heidi.

          5. I stopped because it was interfering with WWF Smackdown! at the time. Sorry Survivor but Kurt Angle wins everytime.

          6. If you’re curious after all you’ve heard about Kim, go for it. She’s awesome. The rest of the cast is a Nicaragua-level catastrophe, though. If you’re sticking to recent seasons I recommend watching Cagayan and Philippines first.

          7. Kim is the only good thing about the season, but she is great! She gets some flak for being on a season where people threw themselves at her feet, which is quite an accomplishment no matter what. Unlike Boston Rob, it didn’t take her 4 tries to make it happen.

          8. Yeah I’m in the minority and actually kind of like One World because of Kim. I seem to like the seasons that are dominated with excellent gameplay a lot more than most (I liked Redemption Island too because I love Boston Rob).

          9. Kim is the best thing about that season. Other than the final 3 and Jonas most of the cast is terrible. There are several boneheaded moves. And if you enjoy bullying, that is there too,

          10. Not really. She was engaging and pleasant and likable and completely dull, just like Michelle. I think their edits are really different though.

            Kim actually had tons of game and called shots and won challenges, and so even though I couldn’t tell you a thing about her actual personality behind the pleasantness, her interests, her life back home, nothing… she was still easy to admire because she was such a boss.

            The edit is trying really hard to make Michelle looks like she’s had any agency whatsoever in this game, when really she’s just been reacting and scrambling and being used in other people’s games.

          11. My favourite Kim moment wasn’t even in the game, it was on the RHaP podcast when she told Rob her mother was hoping Chelsea would win the game (and also that her mother would probably have preferred Chelsea as a daughter, as she “wasn’t so creepy” or whatever).

          12. This is my second season listening to RHaP and Kim was easily my favourite Survivor guest. So funny and goofy which I wasn’t expecting.

          13. Sorta. We didn’t get a sense of who Kim was outside of the game – except that she had very high empathetic abilities, which she no doubt had outside of the game as well. But nothing else, literally nothing. But I agree in a way because the viewer at least had a clear view of the skills Kim had that made her win obvious. On the other hand, I feel the editors are reaching a bit, and protecting her a bit, in the way that they are editing Michelle – they are making her appear to be a central part of the game, when she’s not.

          14. No, Kim dominated and she was likable doing it. She also gave great confessionals and was able to convey her thoughts coherently.

          15. Yeah I agree with you. That’s a good way of putting it. I think we are seeing the only version of Michelle that makes her a somewhat memorable character, whether that makes her likable or not. I think that if she didn’t win she would be getting a Joe edit.

          16. You have to give it up for her performance at tribal council tonight. She really did everything right in terms to making Tai look bad.

            I will be disappointed if she’s our winner, but there have been momentary flashes of inspiration.

          17. That’s why you do *Phrasing, I know.

            You get the John upvote and you look in on the joke.

          18. Where was that story? The story I saw was that Cydney was hell bent on voting out Jason, and the real decision was made by Aubry, who always has an extra vote: Joe.

          19. That is just my impression. I think Cydney and Aubry are running the game and making decisions together, we are just seeing more of Aubry because she made it further than Cydney. Cydney probably didn’t make the finale and I think that Aubry is getting the “would have won if she didn’t get voted out at the last tribal” edit.

          20. I agree that Cydney and Aubry are running things together, but I also think that Aubry really thought about going with Tai and Joe and voting out Michele. The reason she probably didn’t is that she didn’t want to burn Cydney. But the decision was with Aubry tonight. Two members of her alliance dug their heels in and she was the swing vote.

          21. I wonder if Joe was also hesitant about voting MIchele. If Cydney was not on board and Joe was against it, she had no options.

  5. Fantasy League question since I have a hunch a lot of us have Tai and he is the first person to survive using the advantage: Does he get points for using the advantage?

    1. Oh, word – I was so focused on his misplay of the advantage, I didn’t think about the fact that he’s the first not to get voted out on that exact vote.

        1. Most definitely – they gave it another shot because Dan Foley, but when Tai screwed it up, they realized that maybe it was actually hard to use too. Both things can be true.

    2. Did Dan and Stephen get points? I can’t remember. I’d think unless they used it correctly, they shouldn’t get the points (similarly to misplaying an idol)

      1. Getting points for wasting your advantage seems like a terrible idea. But what do I know? I lost all my players in week 6 or something.

      2. I don’t know because I wasn’t playing fantasy league in Worlds Apart (and I know I would not pick Dan) and I didn’t pick Stephen (I instead chose Varner like an idiot who was following her heart).

        1. I went 100% with my heart last season, and the results were abysmal. Almost as abysmal as when I tried to go with my head this season. My only shot might be to go full Constanza.

          1. Going with my heart did well for me in Outcast league. There is still a solid shot at me losing at it though. Why does Tai have to suck at Tribals and why does Aubry have to suck as luck?

          2. “Going with my heart did well for me in Outcast league.”


          3. Pick-4 is ridiculously hard, I feel. I’ve never even been close and I’m really good at fantasy league Survivor.

  6. I will bet you anything Joe has daughters. “I’m not getting in the middle of this, sort it out between yourselves. I’ll be over here with my crossword trying to remember how to spell ‘immunity’.”

  7. There’s going to be a supercut of Jason cracking his knuckles before every immunity challenge at the reunion, isn’t there?

    Well, despite me still longing for an Aubry or Cydney win…I kind of liked Michele tonight?

    1. Even as a big Cydney fan I found myself liking Michelle a lot. Especially in that tribal council.

    2. Yup – I don’t consider myself a truther, but she was good at tribal. That was a great performance for the jury.

  8. At the end of the episode I was thinking how everything was going well for Aubrey and that no matter what she should be in a good spot next week and in the majority alliance unless something crazy happened like Tai and Michelle teaming up…. What have I done!?!

      1. Yep. There’s a shot of him telling her he has the idol and and that they can pick who goes home, a massage session, and a bunch of confessional type talking about how it’s crazy but they could become allies.

        1. I tend to think those things are just as likely to be misdirection, but it could certainly make things entertaining.

          1. I was going to say the girls in Amazon in the waterfall, but I think that was a bathing scene.

            Wasn’t it in Borneo where the whole tribe got into the mud and massaged each other? That was fun.

  9. I think they didn’t vote for Tai because they honestly feared a double-idol / super-idol / post-vote advantage.

    I just don’t get Jason’s vote for Joe. He knew they were talking about Tai/Jason. Joe was a complete throw-away, unless someone fed him bad intel.

    1. I think that is why we got that confessional of Jason saying that he didn’t trust Tai telling him to vote Michele. We needed some set-up for his vote on Joe.

      1. I think I even heard him say he wanted to vote Joe after that line, but I found it so baffling that I assumed I had misheard.

      2. Jason couldn’t trust Tai when he told him to vote for Michele because Tai has betrayed every alliance he’s ever had in the game! He turned on the Scot/Jason alliance, and … um … hmm.

    2. I assume that he knew his vote was worthless, so he wanted to vote for Joe just out of spite. Of course, he didn’t actually know about the second vote, which meant his vote *did* matter after all. (Although he would have just lost on a re-vote.)

      1. At the reunion:

        Jeff: Jason, why did you vote for Joe when you got voted out?
        Jason’s (thinking): Don’t say “spite”, don’t say “spite”.
        Jason: Uh, spite?
        Jason’s (thinking): That’s it, I’m out of here.
        (Jason collapses)

    3. Jason’s vote for Joe was ridiculous. How was Joe one of the other options? His only shot was to pick the most likely “not Jason” target, and hope that the alliance was cracking.

      1. Someone on twitter suggested me that it was a last shot at Tai – screw you, I’m not voting with you. He knew he didn’t have the votes anyway, so eff it.

        1. That’s conceivable. If Aubry decided to go with Tai, she’d probably bring Joe along and wouldn’t need Jason’s vote. If she and Joe went with Cydney, his vote still doesn’t matter.

    4. Agreed (on the fear of two idols in Tai’s pockets), and I actually wanted to include a similiar thought as rebuke to the entire scenario for a Tai vote-out I laid out before the episode, but forgot while typing.
      Still, as long as the people targeting him are fine with his choice as a backup (as they should have), they could have voted for him regardless.

      1. Obviously, Michele couldn’t have been fine with his choice as a backup tonight.

        1. Exactly. Sooo, browny points for Michele?

          She knew going after Tai would be fatal for her. Using her amazing bar-crafted social game she was able to cast a spell on Cydney, Joe and Aubry, leading to them voting against their best interest to keep the biggest threat in the game in the game.
          Who is running out of time?! The hypnotist or his client?

          It’s not clear cut, but there usually is a clock involved.

  10. Random thoughts:

    Of course Mark is in the hammock waiting for Tai.

    Holy crap a Joe confessional! That’s it, he’s doomed this week.

    Jason has decided to be lazy. Unlike the dynamo he was during the rest of the game when other players said he was lazy.

    “Girls you’re not listening. I moved balls through floating mazes in the FBI for 40 years.”

    “You dumb ball!” Thank you, Joe.

    Another Joe confessional? Ok now the editors are playing with us.

    Just the way Jason said “It’s an elephant.” made it look like Michele didn’t know what it was and he had to tell her.

    Michele wants Jason voted out next. Which is funny because he’s probably her best bet to go up against at the end.

    In this immunity challenge what are the chances someone gets the tower built but spelled IMMUNITY wrong?

    Jeff looks directly at the camera to tell us Joe can’t spell.

    “Jason dumps!”

    Surely we won’t see 2 misspellings, and surely if we do it won’t be by the same person … thanks Joe.

    Three times?!? Jeff has gone from praising Joe for still being in the game at 71 years old to outright mocking him.

    That was a lot of “dumps”.

    Tai uses his advantage. But for a second I thought Jeff was going to say “You had to use that when you made your first vote. It’s too late now.”

    If we’ve learned anything from Dan Foley and Stephen, Tai will now be voted out.

    Jason voted for Joe. I knew he would be someone’s target tonight from all the confessionals he got!

    Jason is proud of the game he played. Um, ok.

    1. Of course Mark is in the hammock waiting for Tai.

      I really thought that Mark was gonna get eaten tonight.

      1. I like how the other players have realized the inevitability of Mark making it through the entire game.

        1. I still don’t think that it’s inevitable but I do think it’s probable.

          1. In one of Rob’s podcasts this past week someone said that CBS would not have showcased Mark like this on the show if they knew that he was killed and eaten by one of the players. I tend to lean in that direction. It would be very mean if CBS did all of this and Mark ended up getting eaten.

          2. Survivor is so ahead of the game, they were doing hashtags before Twitter even existed!!!

          3. I agree that it is improbable, but it could be pretty funny if they don’t make a big deal out of it. Just show them eating and talking without close-ups and cut away.
            The viewer would be left wondering “Wait a second, what were they just eating there? Where is Mark? Mark?!”
            For that to happen Tai of course would have to be gone already, otherwise it would be too much drama to exclude.

    2. I thought the joe confessional means he goes next week.
      And they are all always proud of their game.Has anyone ever said they were not?

      1. “I thought the joe confessional means he goes next week.”
        Usually when someone invisible starts getting confessionals they are gone that episode. But a vote-out or medevac next week looks possible now.

        “And they are all always proud of their game.Has anyone ever said they were not?”
        The self-aware ones.

        1. Does that mean no one is self-aware? 🙂

          Because I don’t remember anyone ever saying that. But that just might be my memory.

          I would love to hear it.

          1. There are people that come off the show saying “I made this mistake” and “I wish I had done that”. Julia from this season for example. She admitted many of her mistakes in her exit interview.

          2. Cue to Jasonle saying “I’d do everything in the exact same way all over again” in his exits today…

          3. Because in Jason’s mind he played a near-perfect game. He still thinks the sabotage was a great strategic decision.

  11. Tai might be the most lovable jury goat ever. It’ll only get worse if Michele goes home, too. Other than that, not much to say, except….


    1. I’d have to agree with Tai being a lovable Jury Goat – I don’t think he’s got a great shot against anyone left except maybe Joe.

      1. After watching Tai bumble around, Joe might win if the only thing he does is avoid stepping on his own dick.

        1. I mean, I’m a woman, but that seems like an incredibly achievable goal for most men.

  12. Is anyone else doing the math of how many days are left versus how many players are left? Jason was voted out on Day 32, which means that there is six days left with 5 people in the game.

    1. According to wiki, that means they are one player short of where they were on this day in Worlds Apart, which would seem to imply a final 2.

        1. Nope. Tyler was voted out on day 32, leaving Dan, Sierra, Rod, Will, Carolyn, and Mike. A medevac would lock it down for sure, though.

          1. Would it be considered the worst final six of all time? God I have an addiction to ranking shit.

          2. Any configuration of six people in Nicaragua is a contender for the worst six ever.

          3. Out of all the times that you’ve mentioned your ranking addiction this is my third favorite.

          4. The best player in Gabon’s final six was arguably Sugar. I’d nominate that. It’s certainly in the top six of “worst bottom sixes”.

          5. Solid. I forgot about Gabon. The problem with a bunch of the worst seasons ever is that they have 1 or 2 strong players that saves it from this list.

            Fiji: Yau-Man and Earl
            Red. I.: Boston Rob
            One World: Kim
            SJDS: Natalie (and Keith on the character level)

          6. I was really tempted to nominate Kim’s World, but Kim’s presence was enough to prevent that. Outside of her there is really nothing positive to say about that season.

          7. I think Sabrina was strong on One World too – she was just playing against Kim. And Kim demolished everyone.

          8. Ken was the other person I had in mind… besides Bob, I guess. He did win. I gave Sugar the edge over Ken simply because she lasted longer. I also think I remember having control of her fate more often but I try to block Gabon from my memory so I could be wrong about Sugar.

          9. Thailand and Nicaragua are two of the three seasons I’ve never watched. This isn’t making me excited about being a completionist.

          10. I’m still trying to remember who this “Tyler” person was. You’d think I’d remember something about a day 32 vote out.

        2. I don’t buy that there is one. I’ve heard that it might not be true after all – but who knows.

    2. I’d be shocked if it’s not a final two at this point. As long as Joe’s not one of the final two, it’ll be interesting no matter what.

      Also, I appreciated Joe tonight. He provided some serious entertainment. I hope he never gets medivaced so he can be like, HAHA MOTHERFUCKAS!

          1. I wasn’t a Rudy fan either, but Borneo was about the 7-8th season I watched. Neither Rudy or Borneo age well if you’ve seen ANY other Survivor seasons first.

          2. Yeah, for some reason, I still love Rudy, but that may be because he sorta reminds me of my grandpa. Although my grandpa does not say the “q word” often, so that’s good.

          3. Yeah, i was coming out around the time that Borneo premiered so… let’s just say it didn’t sit well with me.

          4. I can completely understand that sentiment. I wonder if my young age at the time of Borneo helps him in my mind though. Also, quick edit, I don’t think I have actually heard my grandpa say the “q word” ever, so that’s a relief.

          5. That’s impressive for that age range. Yeah, everyone’s age and specific personal experience/(s) really informs their Rudy opinion, I think. My parents loved Rudy, for example – the irony was REAL.

          6. Okay, I just had a crazy research find. My grandpa and Rudy are the exact same age, right down to the day of birth. I am a little astounded because my grandpa is in much better mental health than Rudy reportedly is (he stays up and reads a book until about 9:00 at night) but Rudy would be in better physical health.

          7. I don’t remember much from Borneo, but I remember Rudy on that memory challenge just going “I dunno” and going from station to station… GOLD!

  13. Guys I haven’t seen the episode yet cause I just got home, but tonight I found out that one of my students is in some bullshit phys ed class and one of the elements is that they just watch Survivor on the grounds that it ‘teaches them about the outdoors.’

    1. Well, I show Pitch Perfect and Drumline to teach my band kids how to music. So this seems like a legit strategy.

      1. To be fair, there’s some good legal discussion in the early seasons of L&O, if you pick around the parts that have been subsequently overturned.

        TV law doesn’t have to be bad. Shit, in law school my evidence class spent half a session picking apart the scene from Breaking Bad where Hank is trying to search the RV.

          1. My evidence professor had a whole dvd of movie and tv clips that were accurate enough to be decent teaching aids. It did a good job of making evidence less boring.

        1. In college we got to watch the Simpsons episode where Lisa gets upset at the things that the Talking Malibu Stacy says and creates the Lisa Lionheart doll. I forget the name of the class though. Something about “…and the Media.”

          1. I feel gypped. I did not watch any movies at all in law school as part of the program. Or tv shows either. 🙂

          2. Evidence was the only class where this happened. I had the same professor for crim pro I, and there were no movies.

          3. My husband took a class in college called “cyberspace and the global community”. If that doesn’t cry out late-90’s, early 2000’s then I don’t know what does…

      2. Oh absolutely nope. And watching any law show and believing that you get to court that quickly and attorneys behave like they do in shows.

      1. Showing people a movie in school is a time honoured tradition. But maybe not for the one subject whose raison d’être is “doing things physically”.

        1. We watched Remember the Titans when it was raining and the gym was being used once.

          1. We watched Remember the Titans as the capstone of our nutrition unit in health class, under the justification that football players have to eat a lot of food. And that wasn’t even the worst justification for why we watched a movie in health class.

      2. My entire AP US History class was spent watching movies like “1776” and “Farn Away.” Surprisingly the majority of the class did not pass the test.

    2. If you want to learn about the outdoors, I’ve got one word for you: Attenborough. (Or just, you know, go outdoors)

    3. “Ok class, in today’s class we’ll learn what type of grubs you should gather if you’re ever in the woods and have a pet chicken.”

      1. So…”The Lion King”? Or is that only if you are in an animal version of “Hamlet”… #SmilyYetSatisfying

        1. The Lion King is like if Shakespeare were writing Hamlet today and he was browbeaten by his publisher into changing it to have a happy ending. “Bill, why does everyone have to die?”

      1. Both are really go at staying alive while things go south around them. Aubry is also due to win the next round of the immunity rotation too.

          1. Did BD say that already? I had looked up some information on Tasha and realized that Tasha was the first African American woman to win immunity since Jolanda in Palau, which to me is bonkers.

          2. Sherea would’ve been in the mix if she didn’t suck at every other aspect of the game (I’m re-watching China).

          3. Her game was just a tire fire. Failing to make the merge was not just bad luck.

          4. Well, when you consider how early they’re usually voted out, that stat makes a lot more sense. I wonder how many even competed for individual immunity between Palau and Cagayan. (Two jump to mind: Cirie and Sabrina.)

          5. Taj was one of my early favs, a nice person, fun to watch and entertaining in confessional.

          6. We deserve an African American female winner again, then one day a Queer woman (joke we know they don’t cast enough Queer women for that to happen).

          7. what they’ve managed what? 7 in 32 seasons, that’s a solid .21 a season, that’s also only if you count Ami Cusack as two players not one…

          8. How many of the women were actually mentioned to be queer on the actual show? Some were out in interviews, but it was never shown on the show (i.e. Kelly Remington). As far as I can tell, they only showed it when Ami and Scout’s partners made the family visit and hinted at it with Nat Bolton’s jury question. That’s all I remember. I’m betting that all of the men, with the exception of Varner, had it mentioned at some point on the show. Bah, I’m cranky.

          1. We do still have the option of coming here to make a million dollars though, right?

          2. You are not supposed to tell him our evil plan before it happens…. #PrayingMantisTakeover

          1. They both are but I think Aubry is more diplomatic. My guess is all the guys would vote for Aubry except maybe Tai. Debbie’s a toss up since either way she gets her woman winning. I am see Julia and Michele going for Cydney.

          2. Yeah, can I just say how refreshing it is to have two fantastic female players who are can compliment each other without being catty towards each other?

          3. I think Neal & Joe are solid Aubry’s and that Scot & Jason will not vote Cydney. I think the beauties will be the swing votes, with Nick likely siding with Aubry.

          4. Nick has voiced how much he likes Aubry and thinks she’s cool. Debbie will vote Aubry too I think. Julia is Cydney. So actually it might just be Michele as the swing.

          5. I forgot about Nick.

            Nick did say Aubry was the only girl there that he would hang out with normally.

          6. Didn’t Debbie say in her Ponderosa video that she felt betrayed by Aubry and wouldn’t vote for her?

            Also, Debbie has been smiling at Cydney every chance she gets at tribal.

          7. Keep in mind that Dan also said he would never vote for Mike. I do think Debbie would vote Cydney though.

          8. I did not watch Ponderosa. I should but I just haven’t had the time. But even if she did say that, that was the day after. She’s had time to get over it. There have been other players who said things after just getting out of the game that say different things or do different things later. Christie, for example, was never voting for either of the evil stepsisters to win.

          9. I assume Aubry is Stephen. If that were the case, would the results be opposite?

      1. That only works if Joe doesn’t make it to three. I just don’t see any scenario where Joe doesn’t get to Final 2 at that point.

      2. but.. but… that would be satisfying as all hell, and we GENUINELY would not know who is going to win. In other words, that isn’t happening. But we can dream…

    1. That is legit – she is one of the best players I’ve seen in a long time. And her relationship with Aubry, another great player, is excellent – I loved the way they were talking about the vote with each other tonight. It was so clear how much they respect each other, even when they don’t agree.

          1. So Kim and Chelsea/Sabrina/Christina/Alicia/Kat/Tarzan. Have to agree. Kim by herself is the best female duo,

            Edit: Not like So Kim from Worlds Apart. Assuming there was no confusion but reading it I thought “oh God”.

          2. Sandra and Courtney are easily the best characters and most enjoyable to watch. Hands down.

    2. I am baffled by this opinion. Cydney never leads her alliance (at least on camera), but she gets deeply offended when anyone else tries to. Games need leaders, Cydney–vote them out if you want, but don’t hate ’em for trying to get SOMETHING done.

      1. My all-time favorites are not necessarily the best players. Just the players I enjoy the most. Courtney Yates is not necessarily good at Survivor, but she’s great at being someone I want to watch on Survivor.

        1. On the male side of this coin, I nominate Jonathan Penner. The more seasons he is on the better as far as I’m concerned.

      2. She’s not “leading” per say but she has been steering and what she doesn’t like and I’ll add this is exactly what Tai jumped ship because of, is someone dictating the vote to her. Tai wasn’t letting the discussion flow, a huge skill on Survivor is the ability to listen to your alliance then make your own argument for who should go and be convincing enough they come with you. That is different from telling people who they should vote for.

    3. There is one outcome to this season that I would prefer to the one that would prove you smug bastards wrong, and that is Cydney winning the whole thing. She is absolutely awesome and only she can bring -truthers and -skeptics back together. (See in which camp I put you there? )

      1. A) I’ll accept your branding, both as smug bastards and skeptics.
        B) A huge part of our skeptic argument is that it’s rooting for a bad outcome just to have the privilege of saying you were right!

        1. A) glad to hear it
          B) I don’t want to be right (in fact I can’t even pin down what I think is most likely from day to day) as much as I don’t want you lot to be in a position to gloat at the end of the season. While there is something to that argument, it’s also somewhat misplaced as I think many people were just observing and not cheering for Michele. The rooting came for me at a later juncture and is still at a modest level, I’d say.

          1. I know and that makes it so much worse. Quick-talking Andy isn’t shy to throw out disclaimers left and right either, so you have all the bases covered but still are ready to pounce.

            And to further my point against this part of your skeptic-argument, I’d argue the ongoing home-hammering of your skepticism and the whole OWM running gags brought and kept one of the more boring players of the season into the center of discussion, which in my view lessened the ability to enjoy the season from different vantage points and to actually assess her role in this season reasonably along the way. That’s arguably worse than rooting for a possibly unsatisfying outcome.

            It also felt like straw man from the start. I don’t know too much what is going on in many other survivor communities, but pretty much the only people I saw rooting for Michele early on, if any, were those who had her as their preseason winner pick, which is fine in my mind. Spiking discussion about a possible winner-edit around the season’s midpoint seemed to be mistaken for a huge Michele-fandom and shouted at as such (of course in a kind of endearing way, for the most part), when I could only see people talking about her edit (among many other things, more or less unrelated to Michele). I think the ongoing ridicule of her as a player clouds the judgement for the people doing so (and those taking exception to it), so that if she’s doing some good, bad or subtle moves or none at all, it leads to over-analysis.
            You guys are lucky that she stayed that bland of a character and player for the most part, because it would have been (and still would be) hard to come back from that and to show some objectivity, if her play had warranted it (or will do so).

            I think the most important questions when judging a player from week to week, if one doesn’t want to delve into edit-talk, are “has their play warranted them to stay up until now?”, “How safe are they?” and “Is there a path to the end and the cheque?” (powerrankings and the like are fine, but always subject to change. So are, btw, number and phrasing of these questions, as I just came up with them). Obviously, dead-end moves like poorly executed sabotage aside, the latter question gains in importance as the season moves on and, in my mind, is only about now at the point that requires deep-dive discussions.

          2. Before last night’s episode, my wife and I were actually discussing your point about how all the discussion around Michele was a huge distraction. We’re spending (probably too much) time talking about someone that has been almost completely irrelevant in what has been an above-average season. And it’s because we spend time in other Survivor communities that have made her edit a huge point of discussion.

            One nitpick, though: If she suddenly emerged as a player, we’d be quick to acknowledge that (and frankly, probably welcome it).

          3. I guess what troubled me besides the sheer amount of discussion about Michele (although deliberately not talking about her at all for an episode can’t be the right approach either) is that you were so riled at the fact that these people exist who found her edit to be remarkable. I for one enjoy a certain amount of edit discussions (not trying to convince you to make that a staple, I listen to a bunch of podcasts and they don’t have to be 60min each of basically the same content – earlier I meant I don’t read much about Survivor elsewhere) and when watching I can’t help but look at certain characteristics in an edit. Then thinking what it could mean is the fun part about it and I believe that in the early stages of a (modern) season it is pretty much the only viable method for analyzing who goes far and who doesn’t.
            It’s hard to diregard those thoughts then when talking about who could win etc., and I frankly don’t see any harm in it, as there are always multiple ways to read an edit and people doing so are bound to be wrong half the time.

            So what are these communities where actual Michele-fanboys and -girls are strong in numbers? You’re not talking about some deep sub-section of Sux, are you? Because they’re corners on that board not to be taken serious.

            For the last part, I don’t doubt that you’d both be quick to acknowledge it, if you would actually notice it. But for that Michele probably would have to go into, in sux-speak, fierce-warrior-queen-Michele mode and SLAY her way to victory, at least that’s my impression. It just doesn’t feel like you guys would be able to recognize a more subtle game, even if it is the best out of anyone left. I’m not saying we’re there yet, but she is on a little roll.

        2. I disagree with B.Most edgic-readers don’t want the predictable outcome to happen.There were many of those people rooting against Jeremy last season.

      2. Look, I may be smug in a lot of things (A LOT), Michele not winning is not one of them. If you can’t detect the fear I have over this possibility, you clearly aren’t paying attention.

        (Although if she does lose, oh yeah, it’ll be smug as fuck up in here).

        1. Oh, I can sense that fear and I live off it (I barely made it to ep.11ish, though), but at this point it seems that your biggest fear is that she won’t just back her way into a win. It’s that she could actually do stuff that earns her enough votes at FTC or even that her game isn’t looked down upon by her peers in the same way you do, if only for a lack of flaws, because yeah, you’re smug as figgeldyfuck when it comes to that.

          I know you have stated often enough that it’s possible that Michele wins (with varying grades of likelyhood) so that alone is not what I was talking about. The smugness here comes more from where you put the emphasis of your arguments.

          Usually I really enjoy your quick-talking and fast-thinking style, as it often allows for many possibilities when looking at certain situations, scenes or characters [Jon has the voice and the speaks the intro, though, so it still feels more like his podcast – just to settle that matter;-) ], but I don’t feel that you have put it to as much good use as you could have, and sometimes you even take different perspectives mid-rant but don’t account for them when you go on. Which then leads to me getting mad because you’re not ranting about something worth ranting about, even though, in my mind, some thought-sorting could have led to you coming to the same conclusion.

          I usually even enjoy your smugness (and I hope you can enjoy some unbidden but well-meant criticism), but it has to be somewhat warranted. People trying to figure out who will win the season with everything we have at our CBS-controlled disposal and landing on Michele wasn’t enough for that, in my opinion.

          Jon mentioned something to the effect that he’d happily support his preseason pick if not for all the truthers on a podcast weeks ago. That’s absolutely despicable, yet understandable and exactly where I’m at (Only mirrored…you’ll see.): Right now, I’d prefer a Michele win over 3 of the 4 other contestants left. Without that ongoing campaign she’d probably be four or five out of five for me (Phrasing, I know..), and I have the unabashed audacity to blame YOU for it.

          1. Until recently, I had the belief that if Michele would do something to “earn” her win, then I’d just have to live with it (“earn” is, of course, a silly thing since all you really need to do to “earn” a win is leave the final tribal with a plurality of votes from the people picking the winner. But in this context would mean “do something more than fall your way into the finals against a despised juror”). The problem now is that she’s almost out of opportunities. She still has a couple, but to this point, she’s basically done nothing more than “not be worth voting out”. Hell, even Julia said in her exit interviews that she was carrying Michele, but maybe she’d start playing now that Julia was gone.

            In any case, if you enjoy fear and desperation, this week should be a good one.

          2. Even if Michele does make some sort of “big move,” I feel like it’ll be by proxy of Tai or Cydney or Aubry’s big move that she’ll wind up latching onto. If she does win, and win in that way, it would be a extremely disappointing finale to what had been to that point an otherwise really entertaining season.

        2. If Michele does get voted out, or loses at the finals, will John get a single word in during that podcast episode?

    4. “No one tells me to do something when I’m trying to eat.” I love her so much.

      1. She doesn’t care about your struggle, boo.

        I’m going to figure out a way to get Cydney on the podcast. I don’t know how yet, but it needs to happen.

        1. Make it happen! Then figure out a way to incorporate subtitles to a podcast, or have someone transcribe her most iconic quotes, please. (only half-joking)

    5. She gives the BEST face. That alone puts her towards the top of my list.

      (But no, seriously, she’s the best)

    1. Don’t worry. They’re not quite as awesome as the dog from last episode. If the elephant was a baby elephant, though, sorry but that would win by a landslide for me.

  14. I read “Truthers” (in the “Michele Truthers” tweet) as if it rhymed with brothers, then thought “oh, is that her last name?” My brain is really firing on all cylinders right now.

  15. This was all around bad play. How do you not target the guillable guy with the idol when he tells you his plan? He’s a guaranteed lock for final four if he gets past this tribal. His presence immediately and absolutely diminishes everyone else’s odds for final four. Wtf Cyd and Aubrey? If he plays his idol, you get rid of Michelle or he goes home. How was this not the plan?

    1. That all depends on how dangerous you think Tai is. There are lots of reasons to not be terribly concerned about him making it to the end with you. Sure, you’d rather have Joe, but Tai has burned a lot of people and played pretty erratically.

      1. I’m speaking more of odds than jury threat. With an idol, he’s reducing everyone else’s chance to 3 out of 4 open spots. And if he wins immunity he can then call his shot on who to take with him. His idol should trump who you are planning to take to the end.

        1. That all depends on how confident you are that he’s on your side. In the end, all these moves depend on your reads of the people around you. If you really believe Tai is with you, it’s not so bad having him on your side. He’s a lightning rod, and you still have Joe in your back pocket for defense.

          (Edit: I obviously wrote that from Aubry’s perspective)

          1. But you would have Jason and Joe left. There isn’t a shortage of goats/sacrificial lambs.

            /I need to work sheep in here somehow.

            And having Tai in a final four spot makes it harder to get Joe to the final four.

          2. My point is that a player like Aubry probably shouldn’t be that concerned about goats. She just needs to get to FTC. If she thinks Tai would be more likely to help her get there, it doesn’t matter that Jason is the better goat.

          3. If you’re convinced that Tai is on your side, it’s probably best not to fuck him at a tribal council that you’re not voting him out of. You know, since you can’t do it the next time?

          4. It was a minor fuck. People have come back from worse. If Tai flips on her next week, it was a bad move, if he doesn’t, it wasn’t. I actually think going with Tai to vote out Michele would have been the best move for Aubry. Voting out Jason was an OK move, and flipping the whole script on Tai would’ve been the worst move.

          5. I kind of think that Joe was voting Jason. Aubry has not had a massive amount of success in dictating that Joe votes. If she was uncertain on Joe and Cydney was not going for Michele, this decision was the way to go.

      2. And is a complete disaster at Tribal Councils. This could be a new standard on the Amanda Kimmel scale of blowing it at FTC.

    2. Hm. So they had 3 possibilities, take out Michelle, Tai, or Jason.

      If they take out Michelle, then next episode they have easy vote out Jason, and then Joe, Aubrey and Tai can take out Cydney. So that is a great outcome for Aubrey, not so much for Cydney. (Which explains exactly how each felt towards this move.)

      If they take out Tai, then next episode they can easy vote out Jason. But then Michelle and Cydney face Joe and Aubrey. So, probably they want to move before that, with Jason. Who is more likely to get Jason with them? It seems to me that M+C. So it is a bad outcome for Aubrey, good for Cydney.

      Now, what they did was to take out Jason. Now there is Aubrey, Tai, Joe, Cydney and Michelle. It seems like Aubrey is looking for an A+C+J alliance, voting Michelle now, and then Tai. This lookes good for Aubrey and OK for Cydney.

      Looking at this, I think that if Aubrey and Cydney are really tight together, they chose the path that makes most sense for them together. (It is also the only one that keeps their alliance together.)

      1. I think another reason Cydney did it was that she feared she was getting demoted in her own alliance, just like the Jason, Scot, Nick situation. She doesn’t want to be #4 in an Aubry, Joe, Tai alliance, and she must already feel a little nervous about Joe. So letting Tai call the shots is a bridge too far. I’m not entirely sure I agree with Cydney on that, but it’s not unreasonable.

        1. Good point. And actually if you think about it, this is not the first time it’s looked like Tai might be usurping her number 3 spot in an alliance either.

    3. Michele thought he had another idol, and he’s Aubry’s main ally. I think it’s as simple as that.

      1. How is he still her main ally if she just mini-blindsided him at tribal council?

          1. In someways it’s worse, someone voted out might not vote for you to win as a jury member, someone spurned can vote you out.

          2. It is. In that if you vote them out, they can’t turn around and do the same to you later.

          3. Aubry hasn’t hesitated to mini-blindside Joe, she probably thinks she can do damage control just as easily on Tai.

    4. Aubry had no interest in voting out Tai. He has betrayed a lot of people and she knows he will not target her. Cydney should have considered going after her.

      1. I was just worried since she hated Gabon (although she did predict that Sugar would get zero votes). By the by, I mentioned that Coach coached in a town near me to which she responded “So, he’s actually a real coach”? She just assumed that he was lying.

        1. 1. She’s loving Tocantins
          2. She hated Gabon
          3. She just assumed that {Coach} was lying

          Your friend seems to be pretty bright and she has good taste in Survivor!

        2. I really thought Coach was doing excellent character work. Building this brilliant persona. Then I watched future Coach seasons.

          1. Well, I will suggest once she has caught up. You see, she hasn’t watched any current seasons, so I would be scared to invite her in and get spoiled.

            Guys, she doesn’t know about Russell Hantz yet.

          2. You mean, the only player to ever play this game the way it should be played? She’s in for a treat.

          3. I need to introduce someone to Survivor just for their reaction to Russell Hantz. I introduced a friend to Game of Thrones and insisted on watching both of the major wedding episodes with him. Totally worth it.

        1. Tocantins was indeed great. But one of the (meaningless) things that I find kind of interesting is that this season, in terms of the structure of the season, is the closest you can get to old-school Survivor (compared to the other relatively new seasons). Two tribes, no switches, merge at 10, jury phase at 9, final 2 and jury of 7, and there was a bit of a Pagonging–I don’t think there has been one season that has had all of these things since. Never mind Exile Island and the immunity idol (which never got used anyway), but everything else was kinda like the first couple of seasons of the show. Got a bunch of memorable characters in this season too, which also gives it an old school vibe since those earlier seasons have had quite a few memorable castaways as well.

        2. Oh, I thought you meant that Tocantins is a great season for newbies to _watching_ Survivor. But it can be two things, I guess.

    1. My roommate is fighting it but I think I may be getting her hooked. She watched the last 15 minutes with me and at the end said, “but why can’t there be another episode?”

  16. I went into tribal having no clue about who was going home. The person I kinda wanted to see go has gone, but there is still some drama to be made from who’s left. If Cydney and Aubry make it to the final 2, that would be amazing. I don’t know if that’s gonna happen, but you know, one can dream.

    1. Just about everyone has predicted that Joe would get medevac’d (even I have), but there’s a possibility that he gets voted off next time. I think the only reason for that is because Joe is Aubry’s closest ally, and they may believe that they won’t make it to the end if Joe is there, which is probably true (so Joe becomes something like the Courtney Marit of this season). By splitting up Aubry and Joe, Aubry would be forced to pick someone else to take to the end, which could very likely be someone who voted Joe out–or you know, it would obviously be someone who did, if everyone else did vote him out.

  17. My favorite part was when Kyle was whining about how nobody would ‘play the game’ by which he really meant ‘play the game that was most advantageous to him.’

    Say what you will about Russell Hantz, he never threw a big baby tantrum about how people weren’t rolling out the red carpet for his victory, except for oh wait the one time he did, so now it makes perfect sense why Kyle is a Russell fan.

    1. Whining about how nobody would ‘play the game’ is not in the style of Russell; it’s more in the style of Colton in Blood vs. Water. Which is kinda worse.

      1. I was thinking of his RI loss, where he starts crying about how he’s too pure for the game.

        1. That was pretty much the last time Redemption Island was tolerable, as it turns out.

        2. I haven’t seen Redemption Island since it first aired, so I’m kinda fuzzy on the details of Russell’s short-lived time on that season. I have been tempted to re-watch the season to confirm how bad it was, but then I think better.

      2. I just recently watched an RHAP episode where Aras talked about Colton. He said that everyone else was strategizing but they were minimizing Colton’s input. Then one night Colton got into a huge argument with Kat – he didn’t say what it was about but he intimated that it was a personal attack. The next day he was completely shut out by everyone so when he was complaining that no one would strategize with him, they were all strategizing but without him. Aras said they even tried to throw the next challenge so they could vote him out but they weren’t able to do it.

    2. He was a pretty big baby at his reunions as well. Not only was he mad that the other players wouldn’t play his game, he thought the rules of the game should be completely changed to recognize his greatness.

    3. That stuff has been happening ever since Hantz.It was Ciera last season,Spencer in Cagayan,Jeremy in SJDS,…

      1. Someone says it every season basically, it’s like the “I’m the only one playing offense” thing Debbie said. Some idiot always perceives themselves as the only one really wanting to play and then the others playing vote them off.

    4. I was praying for Joe to turn around and say “everyone is playing the game, they’re just not playing it with YOU.”

      Of course, it’s Joe, so instead he went “…”.

      1. I wanted Joe to say “what did you think putting out the fire and hiding the machete/ax would get you” since he seemed, other than Michele, the most offended by it.

    5. To be fair, that was also Ciera’s move in Second Chance until somebody she finally got some allies. It’s a depressing position for anyone, especially a strategist.

    6. Yeah, Jason wasn’t complaining when he was in control.

      Complaining that nobody will play the game means nobody will play the game with you. Everyone else is playing the game, they’re just excluding you.

  18. I’m sorry, at any point did Cydney attempt to talk to Tai and express her discomfort? I know a lot of you guys are obsessed with her, but she’s sitting there bitching behind his back…

    Also, Michele. Michele Michele Michele… Two things

    Of course there is a pecking order. WELCOME TO THE SHOW
    And two. “You didn’t flip for only one vote”

    He only flipped for one vote….

    1. Probably not, she wanted to get rid of him sooner rather than later, if you remember the reward-discussion last week.

      Going back one more week and I was wondering the same thing about Tai. I honestly think neither Jason nor Scot knew he wanted them to take Aubry up on her offer, at least he wasn’t shown making that clear.

      I find this season to be really enjoyable and unpredictable, but we’re not always seeing good gameplay and nobody shows what I’d call an elite performance.

    2. Not actually true. He flipped on the Nick vote and voted Jason, flipped back for the Debbie vote and voted Cydney, flipped on Scot, and then the last vote was the only vote since the merge where he stayed with the same alliance.

      Tai has played badly, and this episode might have been the worst of it.

      Going through the rest of the players:
      Aubry – This was a tough week for her, because Cydney was not budging from voting Jason and Tai wasn’t budging from voting Michele, so one of her allies was going to be left in the dust. Ultimately, when you beat everyone in a jury like Aubry does at this point, getting rid of the goat is the way to go. Keep the other threats threatening and more likely to be voted out.

      Michele – Michele on the other hand, needs the goat because she can’t beat many other players. Also shows no initiative to actually try to improve her position in the game despite clearly not being in a great position. She clearly has enough social game to keep people like Cydney going to war to keep her around though, so she might be alright.

      Cydney – I mean, what she did there isn’t a great look, but you have immunity and Michele is basically your number, so you do what you gotta do.

      Joe – IMMNUTIY

      Jason – Voting for Joe? Scot was clearly the brains of that operation.

      1. How did Jason not realise through that argument he had to vote for Michele in case somehow the otherside split 3-2?

        1. Nobody was talking to Jason. I doubt he had any idea who else would be getting votes (Joe was a terrible guess, though). If Aubry had sided with Tai, she would have to bring Jason in as the fourth vote, but she didn’t, so that’s that.

          1. Oh mate, he sat through a tribal council where Michele and Tai had an argument, he should have been able to puzzle out that the options were Tai or Michele as the “not Jason” vote.

          2. We saw Tai telling Jason that his plan was to vote Michele. Jason may have (reasonably) suspected that to be bullshit, though.

        2. There is no excuse for that vote. That was an “I’m done with this game” vote.

    3. We didn’t see Cydney talking to Tai about it, but I think that’s because she sees the core alliance as her, Aubry, and Joe. Tai is her #4, just as she’s Tai’s #4. So she’s probably talking behind his back to solidify her alliance with Aubry, to make sure Aubry isn’t pushing her out of their core 3.

      1. Would Cydney think of Tai as her #4, or would she pick Michele as #4? We haven’t really seen her talking to Tai, but we have seen her talking to Michele in multiple episodes. I mean, now Tai is basically guaranteed final 4 (unless something happens…), but still, I think Cydney trusts (and would maybe want to keep) Michele more than Tai.

        1. I would love to see them somehow convince Tai to play his idol on someone else Nat Anderson stylee and then get clipped by his alliance.

          1. This is my ideal scenario for next week. Tai plays his idol for Michele and is voted out.

          2. My ideal scenario next week and the week after is that Michele gets voted out.

            I will also accept losing in a final 2.

      2. I think Cydney’s final plan is 1) Aubry and 2) Joe. I don’t think she is as close to Michele as the show makes it out to be (at least in relation to Aubry).

        That is a mistake, since I think Aubry beats anyone in a final tribal.

    1. Realistically, I think Michele can beat Tai in a final 2 right now. But dear god I hope it doesn’t happen, and if Cagayan wasn’t the death knell for final 2s, that will be.

        1. Because they came within inches of having a final 2 of Woo and Kass and were only saved from it by Tony’s black magic. Yes, it worked out beautifully, but the odds where against that happening, and my hope is that it reminded them of all the reasons they went to a final 3 in the first place – a final 2 had a bad habit of clipping the most dynamic player.

          1. Tony was edited as the “most dynamic player” because he won.I guarantee you he would’ve been edited in a much more negative light had he lost. Kass said on Rhap that Tony would’ve been edited like Jason had he lost.Also in all the final 2s apart from Micronesia and maybe Marquesas,I struggle to see how the 3rd placer was a better player than the winner?

            Rudy – In a final 3 he wins but it would’ve doomed the show
            Keith – Goat,no chance of winning
            Lex – Ethan was the first “nice guy” to win .Another villain (although Lex is more complex) winning would’ve doomed the show post 9/11
            Jan – more likable than Brian for sure,but wouldn’t have made the season that better
            Rob – a popular misconception is that Rob would’ve won Amazon,but post-game interviews have shown it would’ve been very close.
            Fairplay – lol imagine the casual fans’ reaction had he won
            Jenna – Chapera and All Stars as a whole was terrible,wouldn’t have made a difference
            Scout – still loses to Chris
            Ian – still loses to Tom
            Rafe – douchebag,thank god he got clipped before f3.
            Terry – Panama would’ve been a long advertisement for the American Military.
            Erin – still loses to JT

          2. I agree but Kass specifically referenced Tony’s sexism and that has been hinted at by other people too

          3. I can believe that. My grain of salt was her believing that she would have clobbered Woo in the finale.

          4. I love Kass but I take everything she says with a grain of salt, because if you think about it for a minute a lot of it turns out to be obvious spin. She’s a litigator, and a very good one, and that seeps into how she talks about the game.

            Tony had control in the game to at least some degree post-merge; Kyle very obviously didn’t have any. Sure, they have similarities in personality, but basically zero similarity in terms of how they’re positioned. Could you recut Cagayan to tell the story of Tony getting clipped at 3 and Woo beating Kass (no, Kass doesn’t win Cagayan, dont listen to Kass)? Yeah of course you could. It’s not as good of a season as the one we got, though.

            The editors can always do something to tell the story of how someone one, but that something isn’t the same for every winner. Getting to tell the story of Tony’s win made for a top tier season, having to tell the story of Woo’s win would probably have been bottom ten, and they know it.

          5. I still think that’s like saying Fairplay winning Pearl Islands is a much better story than the one we got, but reasonable minds can disagree.

          6. I’m picture the version where Fairplay wins, and I’m not totally opposed to it, but I think it’s a difference of degree. Fairplay was something new for the show, character-wise, but he was also just refining strategies that had already been run.

            Tony was something weird and completely different. Having him charm his way into FTC was a much more satisfying ride than taking it right up to the end and then crashing into “but he’s bad at puzzles. *WHOMP WHOMP*.”

            Also, let’s not forget that, while Fairplay is a bit of a douche in real life, he was also consciously playing a heel. Tony was just being Tony, which makes adds to the whole “but how did this happen?” factor.

          7. I guess it’s different strokes and all that stuff.I wasn’t a fan of how the editors chose to edit Tony at certain points,especially the beauty slaughter post merge episodes.I wish they had shown us some of Tony’s social bonds with people other than Trish and I thought he got a “Russell that won” edit some times.If Tony went out at 3,I could see a Tony being the Rob C to Woo’s Matthew storyline,but ultimately it’s all subjective.

          8. I think CBS would definitely been fine with Woo clipping Tony at the end and taking Kass. They could have made it into the Pearl Islands scenario, edit wise. It wasn’t an Amazon degree of disaster finish for them or anything.

          9. I don’t buy it (see what I wrote above), but, let’s be honest, it’s possible a Woo win would be compelling for you but not for me.

          10. Wait, really? Why Cambodia Woo? I mean, I can kinda understand Cagayan Woo. But Cambodia Woo was much less present.

          11. I didn’t say you were. I’m just that while I see you finding a Woo win enjoyable, a lot of us might not have.

          12. A Woo win would have been like a Fabio win, although Fabio claimed he was playing up being dumb.

      1. I agree, Michele was right when she said he’s flipped on every alliance he’s been in.

          1. He voted against Jason early, then flipped back to them during the Debbie vote, then flipped on Scot, now he’s flipped on Michele when his alliance mates were telling him they’d prefer Jason.

          2. I wouldn’t say he flipped on Michele since he was never in an alliance with her. It was Aubry that convinced him to switch from Jason and Scot. He was never really aligned with, especially since Michele and Julia were not part of the core Aubry/Joe/Cydney alliance the last few episodes.

          3. But he thought his alliance was voting with him. At least Aubry and Joe. When he played that second vote, you could tell by the look on his face that he thought it was going to work because of this one vote.

          4. Michele was in his alliance at that point, and he voted against her without the rest of alliance going with him. It’s a bad visual when added to the others.

  19. That red fruit that they fed the elephant that was not watermelon was a dragonfruit. My assistant introduced it to me for the first time about two weeks ago. I told her it looked like Audrey 2. She, being from China, had no idea what I was talking about.
    If you ever have the chance to try one, it’s so yummy.

    1. Tai offered the elephant a dragon fruit, which was the part where it chose to nuzzle Tai rather than eat, but then Kyle offered it a melon.

  20. Joe still continues to be the most entertaining Joe to ever play #suckitjoeyamazing

  21. Grubs! God, grubs are so gross, i’d forfeit a challenge if it involved eating one.

    Of course Mark was all over it since he’s a chicken.

    Joe trying to make small talk with Jason. Lol

    Aubry makes some chicken puns. Aubry is the best.

    Jason definitely acts just a kid. When things aren’t going his way, it’s cause everyone stink, and not like because he was a giant prick. No that couldn’t be it.

    Wow, Joe was terrible during the reward challenge. He’s 71 but moves more like 100. Even he was embarrassed!

    And geez, talk about tan lines.

    It was pretty obvious which team was winning based on Joe’s past performances.

    Jeff doesn’t call out Joe’s performance, but does so for Cydney during the IC, who ends up winning the damn thing. Though is it because he’s old? Or Jeff being Jeff? I guess it can be two things.

    Joe ends up pissing Cydney off cause she doesn’t like being told what to do. That’s a great trait Cyd, tells me she’s a loose cannon, still, Joe was irritated and making things worse.

    That reward was totally up Tai’s alley, it would’ve been sad if he didn’t get to go on it.

    Welp, straight to the IC!

    Cydney wins, even if Jeff kept blasting aher bout being in last place. You know what they say Jeff, slow and steady win the race. That and fuck off, Jeff.

    Heading into tribal, Tai completely fumbles the ball. Michele is more dangerous, but damnit Tai, there were better ways of going about it.

    Tribal was a hot mess for Tai. Not only did he make the situation worse for himself, he wasted his secret vote and everyone voted for Jason.

    And who the hell was that on the jury?! Wow, Julia looked completely different and a lot older.

    Well, can’t say I’m gonna miss Jason.

    1. To be fair, Cydney spent 12 days being told what to do on Brawn by the person she just voted out. I’d want to do my own thing, too.

      1. How soon until the SadTai account shows up here? Always posting about trees and animals.

        1. “Global warming is killing the polar bears. Sad!” “Mark the Chicken showed up in a KFC ad. Sad!”

  22. I’ve been trying to think over this move for Aubry, and I just don’t know if it’s a good one or not. I’m leaning towards bad.

    I feel like you’re better off riding or dying with Tai and Joe. You can make that your majority, you’re beating both easily in a final tribal (you’re beating everyone easily in a final tribal at this stage), and you have final 3 pretty much locked up, barring immunities and stuff. Plus, maybe don’t annoy the guy with the idol.

    On the other hand, voting out Michele here is just so erratic. It just doesn’t feel like doing what someone who’s not listening to other options says is a good move, even if they are your ally. Plus, now it looks to Cydney and Michele that you’re with them and not with Tai.

    This week was a major win for Cydney though.

    1. I think she thinks she is ride or die with Cydney not Tai. This though could if she plays it right put Aubry as the 3rd in every obvious final 3 alliance: Joe, Tai, Aubry; Michele, Cydney, Aubry; Joe, Cydney, Aubry.

      1. The only circumstance I see Aubry not either finishing 3rd or winning is if Tai plays an idol on Michele next week. Which would be really weird.

        (Also, more evidence that if Michele wins she backed into it: If she doesn’t go out next week, it’s going to be because something fluky happened that she didn’t really have control of. I don’t see any other circumstance)

    2. I think Joe was locked in on Jason. Joe said “I’m not going to fight city hall” to Cydney, not Aubry. And there’s precedent for Joe refusing to obey Aubry, when she told him to switch his vote from Debbie to Nick (or the other way around, I can’t remember). So siding with Tai and Joe rather than Cydney wasn’t an option for Aubry. I think the choice was between burning Tai or burning both Cydney and Joe. And in any case, if I’m right and Cydney, Joe, and Michele were all voting Jason no matter what, Aubry would have needed to recruit and trust Jason to get a fourth vote.

  23. Okay, last thing, this time on the Michele winner edit:

    Can someone think of a time where the show let someone say “They haven’t made enemies, they’ll get a lot of jury votes” about someone and then that someone went on to get a lot of jury votes? It feels like something the show doesn’t do because they want people to be kept in some degree of suspense about who’s getting votes.

    (No one’s said anything about Aubry being a huge jury threat for instance, and Aubry is very obviously a huge jury threat)

    1. I think she wins against Tai, Tai’s game was too wishy-washy whilst I disagree with Dan Foley that flippers never win, as a solid big move flip can win admiration, flipfloppers never win, people don’t seem to respect players who jump around alliance to alliance.

      1. I have no idea who is voting who in a Michele-Tai final tribal, except Jason and Scot are definite Michele votes. Everyone else is up for grabs.

    2. I’m almost certain somebody said that about Kim in the endgame of One World, and possibly about Tom in Palau, but you make a good point, and anyway those were such blowouts I don’t think the editors were particularly concerned about keeping the audience in suspense.

      As for the Michele winner edit, maybe I’ve reached the acceptance stage, but if she kicks it into gear now that she’s been targeted, I think she’d be a decent winner. A less spectacular Natalie Anderson, say. The preview is obviously not to be trusted, but at a minimum she quickly defuses Tai. A respectable and plausible path to victory could be: At 5, defusing Tai and recruiting Aubry and/or Joe to vote out Cydney; at 4, everybody votes out Tai; at 3, beating Aubry in the final immunity challenge.

      1. Yeah, I can’t remember a time where someone was branded a “jury threat” on the show and that proved to be the case.

        The stage I’m at is that I just don’t see the Michele winner edit anywhere. I think the unexplained screentime she’s been getting is due to the fact that she is a crucial character in the endgame. But they haven’t been treating her like a winner in any other way. She isn’t shown as being admired or liked or respected by the other contestants, she’s proven to be wrong a lot, this episode she literally had the line “I’m proving my loyalty by voting out my biggest ally” which is a hilarious oxymoron, she has not been shown with control of what anyone does, and she never explains her plans for why she’s doing what she’s doing. The whole “jury threat” is a huge red flag whenever it gets brought up.

        The only reason I’m even entertaining the possibility is that a lot of really smart Survivor people are sure of it, which raises alarms for me. But I really need someone to explain this to me step by step.

        At this point I don’t even care if she wins. I care about how it is that I’m reading the edit so wrong compared to how everyone else seems to be doing it.

  24. Tai (this week): We have to vote Michele out!
    Tai (next week): Michele, you and I should team up.

    1. I think his pattern is pretty clear: when he’s left out of the decision-making process, he teams up with the other people.

      Nick vote: he votes Jason because he thought that was the plan. Is left out by the main group, goes with Jason and Scot because it is obvious that he’s on the bottom with them. Is still with them for the Debbie vote.
      Scot vote: he votes Scot because it feels like S&J aren’t listening to him with their Aubry plan.
      If previews are to be believed: he was left out of the Jason vote by the main group, and is now looking for another outsider.

    1. I think she put in a very solid performance that may have helped her with the only audience that matters.

  25. My coworker is finally caught up with the season, and he really hopes that Tai gets to the end and takes Mark home, and they both appear on the reunion show together.

  26. This week in Michele’s edit… so I found it interesting that in your podcast you guys thought that only person Michele beats in F2 is Jason. On the contrary, it now seems that the only person she 100% draws dead against is Aubry. I don’t think there can be any arguments about that. Against the remaining 3 –
    Joe – She is probably the fav to win unless the brain members of jury decided to swing it for Joe, which I don’t see as likely.
    Tai – I think she 100% beats Tai in the final 2. He has zero chance of getting Jason’s and Scott’s vote. Very unlikely that Julia votes for him either given his flip killer her game as well. After this episode, Cydney is also more likely to vote for Michele over him. So that’s 4 votes already out of what should be a 9 member jury. Again unless the brain 4 decide to vote for him as a block, it may give him a chance, but don’t see that happening.
    Cydney – On the face of it, Cydney should beat her easily. But when you break it down,, again the brawn duo are highly unlikely to vote for Cydney. Can easily see Julia voting for her s well .. that’s already 3 votes.
    Fishbach brought up in KIA podcast and it does seem very plausible that Tai and Michele will be the final two. Tai’s edit actually jives with a losing finalist one. Since the premier when they showed him getting caught by his tribe mates while idol hunting, he has always been shown to be making in-game mistakes. Something they would hide for their winner to some degree.

  27. I am now watching Samoa with my non-Survivor fandom friend and this is her statement on Russell in Episode 2, “He’s kind of brilliant. He’s a dick, but he’s brilliant.”.

      1. She hated Russell when he brought up the dumb ass girls alliance but loved him when he brought the fake story because it showed that he had some strategy.

        As for me, I have already noticed Russell repeating himself during camp life and in his confessionals twice…also, Samoa is such a strangely edited season. You don’t see Natalie vote for Marisa or Ben’s vote for Betsy…plus Russell’s first idol find go pro was definitely taken later.

  28. ******SPOILER ALERT*********

    I just finished listening to Kylon’s exit interview, and I’ve never been more confident that Michele does not win the season. In particular, he believes that Michele didn’t want to work with him after the sabotage because she was pissed off and didn’t see it as a reasonable “in the game” move. When Rob asked if he thought that was a smart move by Michele, he said something like, “I don’t think it was a good move, but we’ll see how that works out for her in the end.” (Paraphrased, I’m not a stenographer). Now, Jason is always a smug bastard, but the extra, heaping amount of smugness he poured into that statement leads me to believe that, as of today, he really doesn’t think Michele won.

  29. This is Michele Fitzgerald telling you that on this episode I saw some animals, one of which Jason told me was an elephant. I also pointed out the malarkishness of the situation that I and five other people were in.

  30. Just watched Samoa Episode 3 with non Survivor fandom friend. She does not like Russell, but she thinks that if he gets to the end,he should win. She cannot pick someone from Galu to win because of the edit. I asked what she thought about that and she said, “It kind of bugs me, since my guess is a whole lot of them will be making it to the merge, but the other tribe is so dang entertaining, it’s not like the episodes are suffering for content.” I hope she will fall in love with Danger Dave Ball soon.

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