Australian Survivor: Titans V Rebels – How to watch, and why

47 days, 24 people, ONE Survivor! Australian Survivor is back, baby!

The all-newbie Titans V Rebels is the follow up to last year’s Heroes V Villains, which is almost without question the best season in the franchise’s entire run (so far). If history is any guide, therefore, this season could very well be the Aussies’ equivalent of Survivor Nic….

Uh, let’s move on.

The theme of the season seems to be just a new coat of paint on the old Survivor standby of David vs. Goliath, Champions vs. Contenders, and Heroes vs Hustlers minus Healers. Enough said.

The season starts this Monday, January 29, with the episodes 2 and 3 airing on the next two nights. Last season, there were three episodes per week until well into the late merge, when the show downshifted into “only” two episodes per week. I expect the same schedule this time around. 

Here at PRP there will be the usual once-per-week comment post, with clearly marked threads for each episode to hopefully prevent spoilers if you somehow don’t have the time or stamina to stay completely up to date.

Network 10 (home to Australian Survivor) has posted the first 21 minutes (!) of episode 1 online. You can watch it here. Warning: As usual, the outcome of the previous season is spoiled in the opening minutes.

The great Shannon Guss has published a season preview that you can read here.

If you’re outside Australia and ran into a region block when you tried to watch the episode 1 preview, here’s what to do:

  1. Install a VPN on your computer
  2. Set the region to Australia
  3. Sign up for a free 10Play account here (click on “Sign In” and then “Sign Up”)
  4. Watch!

Once you do that, you can watch the season preview and every episode (including prior seasons) on demand. If you’re in North America and a complete maniac and/or a vampire, you can also watch this season’s episode live as they air, from 3:30am EST.

As always, I implore the powers-that-be at Australian Survivor and Endemol Shine to PLEASE TAKE MY MONEY. I would happily recommend paying to download or rent Australian Survivor, if only such a thing were possible.

There are also 2-3 minute profiles of each of the castaways on the 10Play Australian Survivor site. I (Assistant Dragon Slayer) haven’t watched all or even most of them, but I’ve seen enough: I am all in on Viola to win the season (and I promise you I picked her before reading Shannon Guss’s season preview).