Pick-4 Survivor: Island of the Idols fantasy league

Nothing will give you a giant head faster than winning the only Survivor fantasy league that anyone cares about. So come on in and take your shot.

It’s time! You can now select your Pick-4 teams for the Survivor: Island of the Idols fantasy league! Most of you have probably played before and already know how this works, but if you’re new to this, here are the rules and scoring system in a convenient FAQ format:

If I’ve read spoilers for this season, can I still play?

I can’t believe anyone is shitty enough to still ask this question. Nobody is impressed that you’ve read spoilers. Is someone going to be impressed that you can dunk on a 5-foot rim? Who exactly are you trying to impress? Rule #1 of our fantasy league has always been- and forever remains- Don’t be a dick.

How do I pick a team?

You’ll pick four Survivors from this season that you think will do well (based on our scoring system below), and select them using this link: Purple Rock Pick-4 Survivor Fantasy League

Can I get creative/profane with my team name?

Sure. You do you. But if I find your team name offensive (for instance, if it contains praise of Survivor Reddit), I’ll change it to something I hope you’ll find offensive instead.

If you want to compete for Champions League, make sure your team name includes your Disqus name, Twitter name, or some other indication that it’s you. You can add a parenthetical after your team name- e.g.  Team Name: I can name all of Andy’s hipster ass vinyls (Side Character)- that will confirm it’s you.

What if I forget/don’t bother to give some indication of my Disqus or Twitter name in my team name? 

That’s cool. But you won’t be eligible for Champions League.

What’s Champions League?

It’s a draft-based league for the best of the best fantasy players. If you place in the top four of this season’s Pick-4 league, you’re eligible to join next season’s Champions League.

Can I have the same team as someone else?

No. Next time, try picking that team before anyone else.

How do I know which teams have been chosen already? 

You can find all the teams here: Purple Rock Pick-4 Survivor Fantasy League Teams.

Can I change my team? 

Yes! You can actually change your team up until the second episode airs. That’s right- you can watch the season premiere and immediately fix any mistakes you made, like having chosen the first boot of the season for your team.

Just submit a new team with the same team name you used before. The version of your team with the most recent timestamp will be the one that counts, and I’ll go in and delete the older version of your team.

What if I picked the same team as someone else?

Your picks will automatically get recorded on that spreadsheet, along with a timestamp of when you picked your team. If you’ve got the same team as someone else, whoever picked that team first gets it. If someone else got that team first, you can do one of two things:

  • Edit your team if you still have the team-picking form open.
  • Submit a new team (with the exact same team name). The version of your team with the most recent timestamp will be the one that counts. I’ll delete the previous version(s) for you later.

Will you tell me if I picked the same team as someone else? I’m super lazy.

I respect laziness, so yes. If possible, I’ll reach out to you and inform you that you need to choose a different team (if your team references your Disqus or Twitter screen name).

How will I know how well my team is doing? 

Check this site every week during the season to see updated standings.

What do I get if I win?

The ultimate prize: the jealousy of complete strangers.

I want to make my own league. With blackjack. And hookers!

I aim to please. That’s why I’ve included places for you to do a draft-based league. You can do a 1-on-1 league, or (for those with more than one friend), you can make leagues with anywhere from 3 to 6 teams. Just make sure to use the exact same names I’ve given all the players on the “Scoring” tab.

You can do your drafts in the comments below (or in whatever communication method you desire, really- you can send your draft pics to each other inscribed on Giant Rob and Sandra Heads for all I care), then add your teams to the appropriate tabs here: PRP Survivor Fantasy Leagues.

How do you score points in this league?

I’m so glad you asked! I present to you…

The scoring system

Tribe/team reward: 1 points

*In a reward challenge with three tribes, first place gets two points, second place gets one point, loser gets nothing.

Tribe immunity: 2 points*

*In a combined reward/immunity challenge with only two tribes, only immunity points will be awarded. *In an immunity challenge with three (or more) tribes, winning tribe gets three points, 2nd place gets two, loser gets zero. (If there are four tribes, 3rd place would get one point.)

Individual reward: 2 points (Note: Obtaining an advantage in the game or clue to an idol does not receive points unless it is a reward at a challenge. Winning an advantage at an auction earns no points.)

Individual immunity: 4 points

Finding an idol: 3 points

Playing idol successfully: 4 points

Redemption Island victory: 1 point (This includes a challenge victory at any sort of repackaged/rebranded Redemption Island. Like if, for example, they were to create some sort of “Island of Extinction” or some nonsense.)

Return to game from Redemption Island: 2 points (Again, this includes a return from any sort of place people are sent after being voted out. Even if it’s called Redemption Peninsula instead.)

Votes To Evict Player (VTEP) pre-merge: 1 point*

*VTEP points are awarded when your player casts a vote- or participates in a split vote plan- that successfully snuffs someone else’s torch. (In the case of a double vote, a player would get double the VTEP for using the double vote for the correct target or as part of a vote split.)

VTEP post-merge: 2 points

*In the case of a double-vote advantage being used, if the double-vote is used successfully- either to vote one person out or as part of a vote-split plan- the person using the advantage correctly will get double the amount of VTEP points.

Making the merge (one-time bonus): 3 points

Receiving the immunity necklace from someone at tribal council: 4 points

Final tribal council votes: 2 points each

**Tie-breaker: At the end of the season if one team is tied with another, the team that has the player that placed the highest in the game will win. For example:

Team A is made up of 4 players: 1st place, 2nd place, 10th place, 12th place. Team B is made up of 4 players: 1st place, 3rd place, 5th place, 16th place. Since both teams chose the winner, the next highest-finishing player would break the tie. In this case, Team A has 2nd place and Team B has 3rd place. So Team A is the winner.

Easy enough, right?

Can you give me a tl;dr?

  1. Make your picks here
  2. Go here to see if your team was a duplicate (scroll down to the bottom and see if your team name is highlighted in red): Purple Rock Pick-4 Survivor Fantasy League Teams
  3. Change/update your team up until the 2nd episode airs.
  4. If you want to compete for Champions League, give me a way to reach you after the season is over (Disqus or Twitter, preferably).
  5. If you want to do your own draft-based league, there are tabs for that here (click on the tabs at the bottom to select the number of teams your league will have):  PRP draft-based fantasy leagues
  6. Contact me with any questions: Twitter- @purplerockpod (DMs are open) or Gmail- purplerockpodcast

Good luck to everyone! (Except Saturday Night Palsy. Fuck that guy!)

Duplicate teams

If you see your team’s name below, please pick another team ASAP:

Final reminder: To pick another team, simply make another entry with the same team name you used before.