Purple Rock Podcast Oscar Predictions Results

Awards were given, speeches were made, fish men were fucked. Let’s get to the results of what really matters: did someone beat Andy at Oscar predictions?

The answer is… five of you! (Two via tiebreaker). And the winner is…

Assistant Dragon Slayer!

Congratulations to Assistant Dragon Slayer for his dominant 27 point victory, with only two incorrect choices (Original Score and Film Editing). That’s some good picking.

Here’s how the rest of us did, with the tiebreakers resolved for the Top 20 finishers. The rest of y’all can just consider yourselves tied for “sucked”.

And now that a few of you beat me in a year that I dominated the staff, I regret to inform you that I will never ask you all to participate again. Sorry, should’ve tried less hard. (I also never should’ve tried being optimistic about Best Picture and trusting my gut with Visual Effects).

If you’d like to see the results in full to remind yourself of what you picked, you can do so here.