Purple Rock Survivor Podcast Prediction Standings – Worlds Apart Week Two

Since we never seem to properly track these things, and we have a website, I’ve decided to make a weekly post tracking our predictions and who’s ahead in the score: me or John. More interestingly, we’re giving you all a chance to play along. Each week, we’ll post a poll to see who our listeners is going home in that week’s episode (no spoilers!). At the end of the season, we’ll see who was best at this (and don’t worry that we got a two week head start, since neither John and I have gotten one right yet).


After two weeks (including our cast preview), we decided to stop picking on Will and Nina and attack the Blue Collar tribe instead. Since I didn’t go on the record hyping Dan before we’d seen more than 90 seconds of footage of him, I had no problem picking him. John instead went with someone we can’t completely confirm is actually on this season in… Iwanttosay…. Kelly?

So true believers… who you got?