Survivor Cambodia Episode 2 Liveblog

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Wrap Thoughts and Three Up and Three Down:
Ok so I think we can conclude one thing from this episode: Varner and Wentworth are the power players on Ta Keo.  Varner is playing a fantastic game, but I love how seamlessly Wentworth slid from being in a closely allied minority three to the majority.  Smooth.  Over on Bayon we still know nothing other than Savage is getting such a ridiculously over the top hero edit, that even I find it unbelievable.  (Nah just kidding, I love it!)  We barely heard from anyone else except Jeremy who also got a big emotional confessional.  Fishbach looked a lot better though, so maybe the impending swap is something that revives his relevance.
Three Up:
Varner, Terry (seriously I can’t believe how good he was here at helping turn Abi), Jeremy, Stephen (only one way it could have gone!)
Three Down:
Spencer (the Charlie Browning continues!), Keith (he didn’t say anything), Abi (Pyrrhic victory, girl is obviously the villain of the season).
Savage Corner: I still love Savage.  Duh.  Also he is getting an unbelievably glowing edit.  It terrifies me.