Survivor Cambodia Episode 4 Liveblog – “What’s the Beef?”

It’s our fourth week of live coverage of Survivor Cambodia.  Follow us on Twitter and Storify!


Wrap Thoughts and Three Up and Three Down:
Nothing to say here folks.  Angkor lost and our staff favorite went home.  John is devastated guys.  He has lost Shirin and Varner!  This is like his worst nightmare.  As to Bayon and Ta Keo they remain super strong.  I suspect we may get a double boot next week before the tribes go back to 2.
Three Up:
Kass (She has a heart!  She is nice!), Wentworth (her edit is amazing guys), Monica (guess who got a looooooong confessional!), Woo’s happy face.
Three Down:
Kelly (you are screwed Wigles), Abi (I think with Varner gone this might finally be the time when people get rid of the Abi bomb, then again probably not), Woo’s surprised face.
Savage Corner: Weeks like this are what my Savage love is built on.  He wins a hero challenge, he controls a vote, he espouses a love for a completely new tribe (this guy is the polygamist of loving Survivor tribes).  Look guys for the first time since the preview for the swap I feel good about Savage’s chances.  Which means he is going to get screwed.  Screwed.  I can never feel safe as a Savage fan.  There is something broken in me.