Survivor Cambodia Episode 5 Liveblog – “A Snake in the Grass”

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Wrap Thoughts and Three Up and Three Down:
Guys Angkor didn’t lose!  I do wonder if Stephen worrying about the signal this sends to the rest of Bayon will be a story.  I think it might, and I think it will put a target on his back at the next swap.  But the next time on does have me wondering if an early quit could change the swap plans.  Or maybe we get the swap mid episode after a quit next time.
Three Up:
Kimmi (She drove the vote), Wigles (she didn’t go home and that was a longshot at the beginning of the episode), Spencer (he probably moves into the fourth spot on that alliance.  He is good until the merge is my bet), Savage’s inspirational powers.
Three Down:
Abi (cannot stop digging her hole deeper), original Bayon (I guess we won’t get a Palau merge situation), Terri (man Ta Keo might just throw a challenge to get rid of him).
Savage Corner: Savage won two challenges!  I mean it was mostly Woo, but does Woo win without Savage imparting fatherly support and advice?  I think not.  Plus he and Tasha seem to have formed a super tight two.  It is just a question of whether that will be targeted or will be something they can use to leverage power later in the game.