Survivor Cambodia Episode 8 Liveblog – “You Call, We’ll Haul”

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Wrap Thoughts and Three Up and Three Down:
Man Savage’s winner’s edit is out of control people!  He even gets Stephen out!  Wait what was that?  I blacked out for 5 minutes at the end there.  They didn’t split the vote?  What the hell people!  Isn’t Stephen mister split vote?!? Savage saved your ass and this is how you repay him Stephen?  Ok fine, obviously Stephen didn’t mean for this to happen, but the reason they didn’t split was to protect Stephen, and that opened the door for the idol to actually work when it really, really shouldn’t have.
Three Up:
Kelley fucking Wentworth!  Way to boss that idol girl!  Not sure why the alliance targeted her, but a lot of odd decisions tonight.
Three Down:
Stephen (he doesn’t go home, but I think the episode wasn’t particularly gracious to him, what with his failing to get out Joe), Savage (sniff)
Savage Corner: For the final Savage Corner I can’t even process guys.  I am smiling in amazement and distraught in equal measure.  And I love that this happened the day the guys convinced me to write that he is getting a winner’s edit!  I honestly thought he was having a pretty solid episode up until the boot too, so he wasn’t even on my radar, I thought this was Stephen all the way, or maybe Ciera if they split the vote.  Never thought he was going home while watching this episode.  Ah well.  There goes my distracting bias.