Survivor Cambodia Fantasy League Scoreboard- Final standings

We’ve reached the finish line! Let’s see who won our Survivor Cambodia fantasy leagues this season, shall we?

fantasy league scoreboard- CambodiaFirst, one final thank you/link to the awesome visualizations one of our commenters made for the fantasy league: I love running a site with commenters that have far more talent than I do. It makes my life easier, if more humbling.

Individual scoring table

The big question all of you probably had- because I certainly had the same one- was how to score that clusterfuck of a vote at final six. Here’s how I did it: Kelley and Jeremy got points for playing their idols correctly, and the four people that unanimously voted out Kimmi got VTEP points. Since Kimmi was the actual evicted player, that seemed like the most reasonable way to score it.

That 10-0-0 sweep at final tribal council propelled Jeremy to the highest score, but Wentworth kept it close. The scoring, much like the edit of the show, was spread around this season; it was very possible to win a league without having Jeremy on your team.

PlayerEp 1Ep 2Ep 3Ep 4Ep 5Ep 6Ep 7Ep 8Ep 9Ep 10Ep 11Ep 12Ep 13Ep 14Total
Abi Maria1111323221220021
Peih Gee110000000000002

Pick-4 League

Congratulations to turgid_legume, who made the jump up from a tie for fourth place last week to claim the title this season! Turgid_legume had all four of the final four, which is impressive but not always a guarantee of success in fantasy Survivor. Now on to the rewards for that success:

For those of you that are new to this, the top 4 in the Pick-4 league get invited to participate in the Champions League next season. That means that turgid_legume, Ispeakllama, True Alainer, and TiminSoCal get invited to Champions League next season. If you are one of those four, please make sure you give me some way to contact you when it’s time to draft your Champions League team (which will likely take place around February 1st)- you can email (purplerockpodcast at gmail)

RankTeam NamePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4Total
1turgid_legumeJeremy- 68Spencer- 41Tasha- 27Wentworth- 52188
2IspeakllamaJeremy- 68Joe- 38Tasha- 27Wentworth- 52185
3True AlainerAbi Maria- 21Jeremy- 68Spencer- 41Wentworth- 52182
4aj hillerJeremy- 68Joe- 38Savage- 16Wentworth- 52174
4TiminSoCalCiera- 24Jeremy- 68Keith- 30Wentworth- 52174
6Lisa LJeremy- 68Stephen- 26Tasha- 27Wentworth- 52173
7chicago95Jeremy- 68Spencer- 41Varner- 4Wentworth- 52165
8ebolamonkey84Jeremy- 68Joe- 38Varner- 4Wentworth- 52162
9Jeff Probst's HairpieceJoe- 38Spencer- 41Tasha- 27Wentworth- 52158
10sirlivealotCiera- 24Joe- 38Spencer- 41Wentworth- 52155
10doctor wuJeremy- 68Monica- 8Tasha- 27Wentworth- 52155
12Barbara AndersonJeremy- 68Keith- 30Varner- 4Wentworth- 52154
12this bear is tops bloobyJeremy- 68Tasha- 27Wentworth- 52Woo- 7154
14m0nit0rmanCiera- 24Jeremy- 68Monica- 8Wentworth- 52152
15FloworefsJeremy- 68Tasha- 27Varner- 4Wentworth- 52151
16LizJeremy- 68Stephen- 26Varner- 4Wentworth- 52150
17Saturday Night PalsyCiera- 24Jeremy- 68Keith- 30Tasha- 27149
17MonsieurTJeremy- 68Peih Gee- 2Tasha- 27Wentworth- 52149
19rygelCiera- 24Jeremy- 68Varner- 4Wentworth- 52148
19tanjaJeremy- 68Spencer- 41Tasha- 27Wiglesworth- 12148
21cazkayeJeremy- 68Shirin- 1Stephen- 26Wentworth- 52147
22CrappySpencer- 41Stephen- 26Tasha- 27Wentworth- 52146
22GeorgeCiera- 24Jeremy- 68Joe- 38Savage- 16146
24Something QuirkyCiera- 24Spencer- 41Tasha- 27Wentworth- 52144
24Jim AndrewsJeremy- 68Monica- 8Spencer- 41Tasha- 27144
26Louie LeeCiera- 24Spencer- 41Stephen- 26Wentworth- 52143
26AndreSurvivorKimmi- 23Spencer- 41Tasha- 27Wentworth- 52143
26Joseph FinnJeremy- 68Spencer- 41Tasha- 27Woo- 7143
29No Eyes in BlindfoldKimmi- 23Spencer- 41Stephen- 26Wentworth- 52142
30Benjamin KrautkramerJeremy- 68Savage- 16Varner- 4Wentworth- 52140
30BananaGrubJeremy- 68Keith- 30Shirin- 1Spencer- 41140
30MenschJeremy- 68Spencer- 41Tasha- 27Varner- 4140
33WinnerWinnerChickenDinnerJeremy- 68Spencer- 41Stephen- 26Varner- 4139
34ZacharyJeremy- 68Peih Gee- 2Spencer- 41Stephen- 26137
35SagoPalmCiera- 24Jeremy- 68Peih Gee- 2Spencer- 41135
36DutchJoe- 38Savage- 16Tasha- 27Wentworth- 52133
36Adam BCiera- 24Savage- 16Spencer- 41Wentworth- 52133
38Prom KingJeremy- 68Monica- 8Varner- 4Wentworth- 52132
39RockerJeremy- 68Kass- 17Spencer- 41Varner- 4130
40VeronicaMarsIsBrightTonightKeith- 30Spencer- 41Varner- 4Wentworth- 52127
41MCMoss14Keith- 30Savage- 16Tasha- 27Wentworth- 52125
42HectorTheWellEndowedJoe- 38Tasha- 27Wentworth- 52Woo- 7124
42bookplayerKeith- 30Spencer- 41Stephen- 26Tasha- 27124
42Violina23Spencer- 41Tasha- 27Varner- 4Wentworth- 52124
45Untitled Clint Howard ProjectPeih Gee- 2Spencer- 41Tasha- 27Wentworth- 52122
45DoublelayHalfJeremy- 68Kimmi- 23Tasha- 27Varner- 4122
45vaderdawsnJeremy- 68Shirin- 1Spencer- 41Wiglesworth- 12122
48Michael DyerSavage- 16Spencer- 41Wentworth- 52Wiglesworth- 12121
48Brenda4evahCiera- 24Spencer- 41Varner- 4Wentworth- 52121
48Sinan FaiadShirin- 1Spencer- 41Tasha- 27Wentworth- 52121
51sten storKimmi- 23Spencer- 41Varner- 4Wentworth- 52120
51Max_JetsJeremy- 68Kimmi- 23Peih Gee- 2Tasha- 27120
53thejefrablindsideCiera- 24Peih Gee- 2Spencer- 41Wentworth- 52119
54Team lillewieKeith- 30Kimmi- 23Wentworth- 52Wiglesworth- 12117
54Purple Rock JohnMonica- 8Savage- 16Spencer- 41Wentworth- 52117
56Everyone is someoneKeith- 30Kimmi- 23Terry- 9Wentworth- 52114
56notJennCantDanceKass- 17Spencer- 41Varner- 4Wentworth- 52114
58Special Agent PhileJoe- 38Spencer- 41Tasha- 27Woo- 7113
58BenAbi Maria- 21Ciera- 24Spencer- 41Tasha- 27113
58PhillipKeith- 30Tasha- 27Varner- 4Wentworth- 52113
58Diego ArmandoSavage- 16Spencer- 41Varner- 4Wentworth- 52113
62Ethan KyleKeith- 30Stephen- 26Varner- 4Wentworth- 52112
63annieCiera- 24Keith- 30Varner- 4Wentworth- 52110
63Brooke RKeith- 30Peih Gee- 2Stephen- 26Wentworth- 52110
63bder19Ciera- 24Tasha- 27Wentworth- 52Woo- 7110
63MattsGoddessesKimmi- 23Monica- 8Tasha- 27Wentworth- 52110
63JackJeremy- 68Stephen- 26Varner- 4Wiglesworth- 12110
63Jacob SWAbi Maria- 21Jeremy- 68Terry- 9Wiglesworth- 12110
69Overshoppe.comAbi Maria- 21Ciera- 24Joe- 38Stephen- 26109
69Andrew SwiftSpencer- 41Varner- 4Wentworth- 52Wiglesworth- 12109
71Alex CCiera- 24Savage- 16Spencer- 41Tasha- 27108
72Dr.HorribleCiera- 24Tasha- 27Varner- 4Wentworth- 52107
73bassmanxviCiera- 24Jeremy- 68Peih Gee- 2Wiglesworth- 12106
73Zachary ChongJeremy- 68Monica- 8Stephen- 26Varner- 4106
75Streets_AheadKimmi- 23Peih Gee- 2Tasha- 27Wentworth- 52104
76BananasCiera- 24Shirin- 1Stephen- 26Wentworth- 52103
77free7694Savage- 16Tasha- 27Wentworth- 52Woo- 7102
78HeisenbergAbi Maria- 21Ciera- 24Varner- 4Wentworth- 52101
78Other ScottSpencer- 41Stephen- 26Tasha- 27Woo- 7101
78NearlyNinaJeremy- 68Peih Gee- 2Tasha- 27Varner- 4101
81We Want Good TVCiera- 24Monica- 8Spencer- 41Stephen- 2699
81EmandScoutinBKPeih Gee- 2Spencer- 41Varner- 4Wentworth- 5299
83Brandon BryceJeremy- 68Peih Gee- 2Shirin- 1Tasha- 2798
84Lira2012Joe- 38Kass- 17Shirin- 1Spencer- 4197
85thetallman_ZCiera- 24Savage- 16Varner- 4Wentworth- 5296
85LimpopoPeih Gee- 2Savage- 16Stephen- 26Wentworth- 5296
871qaz2wsxCiera- 24Joe- 38Stephen- 26Woo- 795
87Purple Rock EmmaMonica- 8Stephen- 26Terry- 9Wentworth- 5295
87WaffleStackTasha- 27Varner- 4Wentworth- 52Wiglesworth- 1295
87Micah GillJeremy- 68Kass- 17Monica- 8Peih Gee- 295
91tocantinsMonica- 8Tasha- 27Wentworth- 52Woo- 794
92Kent McKKass- 17Spencer- 41Stephen- 26Woo- 791
93SG StandardTasha- 27Varner- 4Wentworth- 52Woo- 790
94Ryan DeschampPeih Gee- 2Stephen- 26Terry- 9Wentworth- 5289
95fransesquaCiera- 24Monica- 8Varner- 4Wentworth- 5288
95Keep Calm and Hodor OnKeith- 30Peih Gee- 2Varner- 4Wentworth- 5288
95Tovah AthaPeih Gee- 2Tasha- 27Wentworth- 52Woo- 788
95forever1267Savage- 16Spencer- 41Tasha- 27Varner- 488
99Lisa MansfieldCiera- 24Terry- 9Vytas- 0Wentworth- 5285
99VoicOffPeih Gee- 2Tasha- 27Varner- 4Wentworth- 5285
101Mechanical SharkSavage- 16Varner- 4Wentworth- 52Wiglesworth- 1284
101Crystal LynnePeih Gee- 2Stephen- 26Varner- 4Wentworth- 5284
101hornacekKimmi- 23Peih Gee- 2Wentworth- 52Woo- 784
101Scarlett3639Savage- 16Shirin- 1Spencer- 41Stephen- 2684
101jackdw97Shirin- 1Tasha- 27Varner- 4Wentworth- 5284
101Wet Biscuit McGleeSpencer- 41Tasha- 27Varner- 4Wiglesworth- 1284
107Kemper BoydCiera- 24Peih Gee- 2Varner- 4Wentworth- 5282
107Ryan JaydenStephen- 26Varner- 4Vytas- 0Wentworth- 5282
109Ellen CCiera- 24Shirin- 1Varner- 4Wentworth- 5281
110RoswulfJoe- 38Monica- 8Tasha- 27Woo- 780
110Purple Rock MattMonica- 8Savage- 16Varner- 4Wentworth- 5280
112ninaptimeSavage- 16Varner- 4Wentworth- 52Woo- 779
113Robyn HipA$$Keith- 30Peih Gee- 2Spencer- 41Varner- 477
114KarterpillerCiera- 24Kass- 17Keith- 30Varner- 475
114Mike SweeneyAbi Maria- 21Kass- 17Keith- 30Woo- 775
116Disgruntled GoatStephen- 26Tasha- 27Terry- 9Wiglesworth- 1274
117Mohamed RaoufKeith- 30Tasha- 27Varner- 4Wiglesworth- 1273
117Ara MorinSavage- 16Shirin- 1Varner- 4Wentworth- 5273
119Jonathan MichaelsStephen- 26Tasha- 27Wiglesworth- 12Woo- 772
119LawsKass- 17Peih Gee- 2Shirin- 1Wentworth- 5272
119TJ FaulknerShirin- 1Spencer- 41Stephen- 26Varner- 472
122Martin RegalaCiera- 24Monica- 8Stephen- 26Wiglesworth- 1270
122WeAreGonnaGoToMatchesCiera- 24Shirin- 1Spencer- 41Varner- 470
124Rachel KoeperMonica- 8Peih Gee- 2Wentworth- 52Woo- 769
124Purple Rock MarkMonica- 8Savage- 16Spencer- 41Varner- 469
126XL PelicanKeith- 30Tasha- 27Varner- 4Woo- 768
127Gipsy DangerCiera- 24Joe- 38Shirin- 1Varner- 467
128Carol DowningCiera- 24Monica- 8Tasha- 27Woo- 766
128Ms_WoozahMonica- 8Peih Gee- 2Varner- 4Wentworth- 5266
130mayvenMonica- 8Shirin- 1Varner- 4Wentworth- 5265
131dig dougCiera- 24Kass- 17Savage- 16Woo- 764
131jordan deckerShirin- 1Varner- 4Wentworth- 52Woo- 764
133Friend ChooserJoe- 38Savage- 16Shirin- 1Woo- 762
133Space CowboySavage- 16Shirin- 1Spencer- 41Varner- 462
135Michael SMonica- 8Stephen- 26Tasha- 27Vytas- 061
136PeachykeeneJoe- 38Peih Gee- 2Savage- 16Varner- 460
136Maulik ShahCiera- 24Monica- 8Peih Gee- 2Stephen- 2660
138SarahPeih Gee- 2Stephen- 26Tasha- 27Varner- 459
138Rob BrodeurPeih Gee- 2Shirin- 1Varner- 4Wentworth- 5259
140Come On In HereKeith- 30Monica- 8Wiglesworth- 12Woo- 757
141Crom DeluiseCiera- 24Keith- 30Peih Gee- 2Vytas- 056
142gouisKass- 17Monica- 8Stephen- 26Varner- 455
143indescribable hatCiera- 24Peih Gee- 2Shirin- 1Stephen- 2653
144MrBurkesButtonsSavage- 16Stephen- 26Terry- 9Vytas- 051
145Icarus ArtsKass- 17Peih Gee- 2Stephen- 26Varner- 449
146Count BulletsulaMonica- 8Stephen- 26Varner- 4Woo- 745
146prettyboyprobstKimmi- 23Peih Gee- 2Savage- 16Varner- 445
148John CCiera- 24Monica- 8Peih Gee- 2Varner- 438
149SurvivorFanTyKimmi- 23Shirin- 1Terry- 9Varner- 437
150I was saying Boo-urnsCiera- 24Shirin- 1Terry- 9Vytas- 034
151BCG519Peih Gee- 2Shirin- 1Stephen- 26Varner- 433
152torchoflawPeih Gee- 2Savage- 16Shirin- 1Wiglesworth- 1231
153DrVanNostrandCiera- 24Peih Gee- 2Varner- 4Vytas- 030
154KingoftongaMonica- 8Peih Gee- 2Varner- 4Wiglesworth- 1226

Champions League

Quick note: For reasons I neither understand nor care to research further, the results for Champions League and Savage League aren’t displaying as tables. Sorry! You can confirm the individual scores above if you don’t trust a computer to do math for you.

Congratulations to Ebolamonkey, who shoots to the top of the standings and takes the win in the final week. Emma, Disgruntled Goat and I will be invited back to Champions League next season (spoiler: I’m accepting the invitation).

1. ebolamonkey84 (Jeremy and Wiglesworth) – 80
2. Purple Rock John (Spencer and Keith) – 71
3. Purple Rock Emma (Wentworth and Terry) – 61
4. Disgruntled Goat (Tasha and Abi Maria) – 48
5. fransesqua (Joe and Shirin) – 39
6. Dutch (Savage and Kimmi) – 39
7. nearlynina (Peih Gee and Stephen) – 28
8. tocantins (Vytas and Ciera) – 24
9. The Cage (Varner and Kass) – 21
10. SG Standard (Monica and Woo) – 15

Savage League

Sometimes, jinxes work. Like the one where I was telling you all for weeks that XL Pelican already had this league won. Underdog Saturday Night Palsy won the league by virtue of Jeremy’s massive landslide at final tribal council, squeaking by XL Pelican for an 8-point win. Saturday Night Palsy- and only Saturday Night Palsy- gets invited to Champions League next season. Savage!

1. Saturday Night Palsy (Jeremy and Keith) – 98
2. XL Pelican (Wentworth and Joe) – 90
3. Adam B (Spencer and Kass) – 58
4. Ms Woozah (Stephen and Kimmi) – 49
5. Violina23 (Tasha and Abi Maria) – 48
6. Purple Rock Mark (Peih Gee and Ciera) – 26
7. Purple Rock Matt (Savage and Terry) – 25
8. Count Bulletsula (Monica and Wiglesworth) – 20
9. Diego Armando (Varner and Woo) – 11
10. Gouis (Vytas and Shirin) – 1

And that’s a wrap on this season’s fantasy league. Thank you all for playing, and I hope you’ll all play again next season.