Survivor Cambodia Fantasy League Scoreboard- Week 1

Want to see how your team did? I suggest using Ctrl + F (or Command + F, maybe? I’m not an Apple guy); there are a lot of players. 

Update: I added a search function to the table and only displayed the top 25 (which you can easily change).

Wentworth took the points lead by finding an idol and being on the right side of the votes. Everyone on Bayon scores two points each, and the rest get one point at best.

Pick-4 League

Note: You can still change your teams up until episode 2 airs, but I won’t be updating your scores here. They’ll be updated- with your team- in next week’s standings. And if you pick up a player this week, you’ll still get the points they scored in week 1.

RankTeam NamePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4Total
1DutchJoe- 2Savage- 2Tasha- 2Wentworth- 410
1doctor wuJeremy- 2Monica- 2Tasha- 2Wentworth- 410
1IspeakllamaJeremy- 2Joe- 2Tasha- 2Wentworth- 410
1MattsGoddessesKimmi- 2Monica- 2Tasha- 2Wentworth- 410
1m0nit0rmanCiera- 2Jeremy- 2Monica- 2Wentworth- 410
1Lisa LJeremy- 2Stephen- 2Tasha- 2Wentworth- 410
7No Eyes in BlindfoldKimmi- 2Spencer- 1Stephen- 2Wentworth- 49
7Purple Rock MattMonica- 2Savage- 2Varner- 1Wentworth- 49
7Adam BCiera- 2Savage- 2Spencer- 1Wentworth- 49
7Something QuirkyCiera- 2Spencer- 1Tasha- 2Wentworth- 49
7turgid_legumeJeremy- 2Spencer- 1Tasha- 2Wentworth- 49
7LizJeremy- 2Stephen- 2Varner- 1Wentworth- 49
7rygelCiera- 2Jeremy- 2Varner- 1Wentworth- 49
7PhillipKeith- 2Tasha- 2Varner- 1Wentworth- 49
7Purple Rock JohnMonica- 2Savage- 2Spencer- 1Wentworth- 49
7Barbara AndersonJeremy- 2Keith- 2Varner- 1Wentworth- 49
7fransesquaCiera- 2Monica- 2Varner- 1Wentworth- 49
7Ethan KyleKeith- 2Stephen- 2Varner- 1Wentworth- 49
7CrappySpencer- 1Stephen- 2Tasha- 2Wentworth- 49
7Dr.HorribleCiera- 2Tasha- 2Varner- 1Wentworth- 49
7AndreSurvivorKimmi- 2Spencer- 1Tasha- 2Wentworth- 49
7annieCiera- 2Keith- 2Varner- 1Wentworth- 49
7sirlivealotCiera- 2Joe- 2Spencer- 1Wentworth- 49
7Brooke RKeith- 2Peih Gee- 1Stephen- 2Wentworth- 49
7Streets_AheadKimmi- 2Peih Gee- 1Tasha- 2Wentworth- 49
7LimpopoPeih Gee- 1Savage- 2Stephen- 2Wentworth- 49
7Benjamin KrautkramerJeremy- 2Savage- 2Varner- 1Wentworth- 49
7MonsieurTJeremy- 2Peih Gee- 1Tasha- 2Wentworth- 49
7FloworefsJeremy- 2Tasha- 2Varner- 1Wentworth- 49
7Prom KingJeremy- 2Monica- 2Varner- 1Wentworth- 49
7Louie LeeCiera- 2Spencer- 1Stephen- 2Wentworth- 49
32bder19Ciera- 2Tasha- 2Wentworth- 4Woo- 08
32HectorTheWellEndowedJoe- 2Tasha- 2Wentworth- 4Woo- 08
32Kemper BoydCiera- 2Peih Gee- 1Varner- 1Wentworth- 48
32Purple Rock EmmaMonica- 2Stephen- 2Terry- 0Wentworth- 48
32Ms_WoozahMonica- 2Peih Gee- 1Varner- 1Wentworth- 48
32jackdw97Shirin- 1Tasha- 2Varner- 1Wentworth- 48
32Keep Calm and Hodor OnKeith- 2Peih Gee- 1Varner- 1Wentworth- 48
32Team lillewieKeith- 2Kimmi- 2Wentworth- 4Wiglesworth- 08
32tocantinsMonica- 2Tasha- 2Wentworth- 4Woo- 08
32Violina23Spencer- 1Tasha- 2Varner- 1Wentworth- 48
32notJennCantDanceKass- 2Spencer- 1Varner- 1Wentworth- 48
32mayvenMonica- 2Shirin- 1Varner- 1Wentworth- 48
32thejefrablindsideCiera- 2Peih Gee- 1Spencer- 1Wentworth- 48
32Sinan FaiadShirin- 1Spencer- 1Tasha- 2Wentworth- 48
32Brenda4evahCiera- 2Spencer- 1Varner- 1Wentworth- 48
32sten storKimmi- 2Spencer- 1Varner- 1Wentworth- 48
32Ara MorinSavage- 2Shirin- 1Varner- 1Wentworth- 48
32LawsKass- 2Peih Gee- 1Shirin- 1Wentworth- 48
32this bear is tops bloobyJeremy- 2Tasha- 2Wentworth- 4Woo- 08
32free7694Savage- 2Tasha- 2Wentworth- 4Woo- 08
32VoicOffPeih Gee- 1Tasha- 2Varner- 1Wentworth- 48
32True AlainerAbi Maria- 1Jeremy- 2Spencer- 1Wentworth- 48
32chicago95Jeremy- 2Spencer- 1Varner- 1Wentworth- 48
32HeisenbergAbi Maria- 1Ciera- 2Varner- 1Wentworth- 48
32Everyone is someoneKeith- 2Kimmi- 2Terry- 0Wentworth- 48
32TiminSoCalCiera- 2Jeremy- 2Vytas- 0Wentworth- 48
32GeorgeCiera- 2Jeremy- 2Joe- 2Stephen- 28
32Saturday Night PalsyCiera- 2Jeremy- 2Keith- 2Tasha- 28
32Untitled Clint Howard ProjectPeih Gee- 1Spencer- 1Tasha- 2Wentworth- 48
61Tovah AthaPeih Gee- 1Tasha- 2Wentworth- 4Woo- 07
61gouisKass- 2Monica- 2Stephen- 2Varner- 17
61Rob BrodeurPeih Gee- 1Shirin- 1Varner- 1Wentworth- 47
61Crystal LynnePeih Gee- 1Spencer- 1Varner- 1Wentworth- 47
61Michael DyerSavage- 2Spencer- 1Wentworth- 4Wiglesworth- 07
61Rachel KoeperMonica- 2Peih Gee- 1Wentworth- 4Woo- 07
61Ryan DeschampPeih Gee- 1Stephen- 2Terry- 0Wentworth- 47
61Max_JetsJeremy- 2Kimmi- 2Peih Gee- 1Tasha- 27
61We Want Good TVCiera- 2Monica- 2Spencer- 1Stephen- 27
61SG StandardTasha- 2Varner- 1Wentworth- 4Woo- 07
61Zachary ChongJeremy- 2Monica- 2Stephen- 2Varner- 17
61Maulik ShahCiera- 2Monica- 2Peih Gee- 1Stephen- 27
61bookplayerKeith- 2Spencer- 1Stephen- 2Tasha- 27
61Mechanical SharkSavage- 2Varner- 1Wentworth- 4Wiglesworth- 07
61Jim AndrewsJeremy- 2Monica- 2Spencer- 1Tasha- 27
61DoublelayHalfJeremy- 2Kimmi- 2Tasha- 2Varner- 17
61Ryan JaydenStephen- 2Varner- 1Vytas- 0Wentworth- 47
61KarterpillerCiera- 2Kass- 2Keith- 2Varner- 17
61Micah GillJeremy- 2Kass- 2Monica- 2Peih Gee- 17
61Overshoppe.comAbi Maria- 1Ciera- 2Joe- 2Stephen- 27
61Alex CCiera- 2Savage- 2Spencer- 1Tasha- 27
61WaffleStackTasha- 2Varner- 1Wentworth- 4Wiglesworth- 07
61ninaptimeSavage- 2Varner- 1Wentworth- 4Woo- 07
84SarahPeih Gee- 1Stephen- 2Tasha- 2Varner- 16
84Purple Rock MarkMonica- 2Savage- 2Spencer- 1Varner- 16
84PeachykeeneJoe- 2Peih Gee- 1Savage- 2Varner- 16
84jordan deckerShirin- 1Varner- 1Wentworth- 4Woo- 06
84Icarus ArtsKass- 2Peih Gee- 1Stephen- 2Varner- 16
84NearlyNinaJeremy- 2Peih Gee- 1Tasha- 2Varner- 16
84BananaGrubJeremy- 2Keith- 2Shirin- 1Spencer- 16
84Martin RegalaCiera- 2Monica- 2Stephen- 2Wiglesworth- 06
84Scarlett3639Savage- 2Shirin- 1Spencer- 1Stephen- 26
84RoswulfJoe- 2Monica- 2Tasha- 2Woo- 06
84MenschJeremy- 2Spencer- 1Tasha- 2Varner- 16
84Carol DowningCiera- 2Monica- 2Tasha- 2Woo- 06
84Lisa MansfieldCiera- 2Terry- 0Vytas- 0Wentworth- 46
84Andrew SwiftSpencer- 1Varner- 1Wentworth- 4Wiglesworth- 06
84Michael SMonica- 2Stephen- 2Tasha- 2Vytas- 06
84Brandon BryceJeremy- 2Peih Gee- 1Shirin- 1Tasha- 26
84WinnerWinnerChickenDinnerJeremy- 2Spencer- 1Stephen- 2Varner- 16
84dig dougCiera- 2Kass- 2Savage- 2Woo- 06
84Gipsy DangerCiera- 2Joe- 2Shirin- 1Varner- 16
841qaz2wsxCiera- 2Joe- 2Stephen- 2Woo- 06
84Ellen CShirin- 1Varner- 1Vytas- 0Wentworth- 46
84Lira2012Joe- 2Kass- 2Shirin- 1Spencer- 16
84BenAbi Maria- 1Ciera- 2Spencer- 1Tasha- 26
84prettyboyprobstKimmi- 2Peih Gee- 1Savage- 2Varner- 16
84SagoPalmCiera- 2Jeremy- 2Peih Gee- 1Spencer- 16
84forever1267Savage- 2Spencer- 1Tasha- 2Varner- 16
110Count BulletsulaMonica- 2Stephen- 2Varner- 1Woo- 05
110Crom DeluiseCiera- 2Keith- 2Peih Gee- 1Vytas- 05
110JackJeremy- 2Stephen- 2Varner- 1Wiglesworth- 05
110tanjaJeremy- 2Spencer- 1Tasha- 2Wiglesworth- 05
110Other ScottSpencer- 1Stephen- 2Tasha- 2Woo- 05
110XL PelicanKeith- 2Tasha- 2Varner- 1Woo- 05
110Jeff Probst's HairpieceJoe- 2Spencer- 1Stephen- 2Terry- 05
110Mike SweeneyAbi Maria- 1Kass- 2Keith- 2Woo- 05
110BCG519Peih Gee- 1Shirin- 1Stephen- 2Varner- 15
110Robyn HipA$$Keith- 2Peih Gee- 1Spencer- 1Varner- 15
110Kent McKKass- 2Spencer- 1Stephen- 2Woo- 05
110ZacharyJeremy- 2Peih Gee- 1Shirin- 1Spencer- 15
110WeAreGonnaGoToMatchesCiera- 2Shirin- 1Spencer- 1Varner- 15
110TJ FaulknerShirin- 1Spencer- 1Stephen- 2Varner- 15
110Special Agent PhileJoe- 2Spencer- 1Tasha- 2Woo- 05
110bassmanxviCiera- 2Jeremy- 2Peih Gee- 1Wiglesworth- 05
110Mohamed RaoufKeith- 2Tasha- 2Varner- 1Wiglesworth- 05
110Space CowboySavage- 2Shirin- 1Spencer- 1Varner- 15
110Friend ChooserJoe- 2Savage- 2Shirin- 1Woo- 05
110Joseph FinnJeremy- 2Spencer- 1Tasha- 2Woo- 05
130DrVanNostrandCiera- 2Peih Gee- 1Varner- 1Vytas- 04
130MrBurkesButtonsSavage- 2Stephen- 2Terry- 0Vytas- 04
130Come On In HereKeith- 2Monica- 2Wiglesworth- 0Woo- 04
130Disgruntled GoatStephen- 2Tasha- 2Terry- 0Wiglesworth- 04
130vaderdawsnJeremy- 2Shirin- 1Spencer- 1Wiglesworth- 04
130Wet Biscuit McGleeSpencer- 1Tasha- 2Varner- 1Wiglesworth- 04
130KingoftongaMonica- 2Peih Gee- 1Varner- 1Wiglesworth- 04
130torchoflawPeih Gee- 1Savage- 2Shirin- 1Wiglesworth- 04
130John CMonica- 2Peih Gee- 1Varner- 1Vytas- 04
130SurvivorFanTyKimmi- 2Shirin- 1Terry- 0Varner- 14
130Jonathan MichaelsStephen- 2Tasha- 2Wiglesworth- 0Woo- 04
141Diego ArmandoSpencer- 1Tasha- 2Vytas- 0Woo- 03
141Jacob SWAbi Maria- 1Jeremy- 2Terry- 0Wiglesworth- 03
141hornacekKimmi- 2Peih Gee- 1Vytas- 0Woo- 03
141indescribable hatCiera- 2Peih Gee- 1Wiglesworth- 0Woo- 03
141I was saying Boo-urnsCiera- 2Shirin- 1Terry- 0Vytas- 03

Champions League

Team Player 1 Pts Player 2 Pts Total
Dutch Savage 2 Kimmi 2 4
Purple Rock Emma Wentworth 4 Terry 0 4
Disgruntled Goat Tasha 2 Abi Maria 1 3
The Cage Varner 1 Kass 2 3
Purple Rock John Spencer 1 Keith 2 3
fransesqua Joe 2 Shirin 1 3
nearlynina Peih Gee 1 Stephen 2 3
ebolamonkey84 Jeremy 2 Wiglesworth 0 2
tocantins Vytas 0 Ciera 2 2
SG Standard Monica 2 Woo 0 2

Savage League

Team Player 1 Pts Player 2 Pts Total
XL Pelican Wentworth 4 Joe 2 6
Saturday Night Palsy Jeremy 2 Keith 2 4
Ms Woozah Stephen 2 Kimmi 2 4
Adam B Spencer 1 Kass 2 3
Violina23 Tasha 2 Abi Maria 1 3
Purple Rock Mark Peih Gee 1 Ciera 2 3
Purple Rock Matt Savage 2 Terry 0 2
Count Bulletsula Monica 2 Wiglesworth 0 2
Gouis Vytas 0 Shirin 1 1
Diego Armando Varner 1 Woo 0 1