Survivor Cambodia Week 4 Predictions and Poll

Time for another installment of the Purple Rock Podcast staff try and guess the next boot of Survivor Cambodia. This week, we’re back to guessing one boot per tribe, which should make for a lengthy chat. Or, we’ll just focus on one tribe. It could go either way.


Angkor Boot Predictions

John: Ok, prediction time! Let’s start with the tribe that’s definitely losing the challenge: Angkor. Who goes home?


Mark: Is there any doubt it’s between Woo and Abi? If they keep losing, it’ll be both. But for the sake of viewer sanity I’m hoping Abi’s BS catches up with her and Tasha/Savage realize what they’ve done.

So I’m saying (praying?) Abi.

Emma: I claimed Abi this morning!

John: We’re just completely discounting the idea that it’s Varner?

Mark: I am. Apparently his meltdown went further, and would they hide it and give him a glowing edit if he was gone at 16th?

Emma: I think Abi will blow up, causing Tasha and Savage to be concerned. Tasha doesn’t want to work with a J’Tia or a Kass. Sure, this could lead Abi to just target one of them, but I think Woo flips to Savage and Tasha.

Matt: I’ll keep going with Abi.

But on the other hand… would anyone really be surprised if Abi turned on Savage and Tasha, and one of them went home? Like I don’t think anyone is safe on that tribe.

John: Good point. But… I think it’s Varner.

Matt: NO


John: …And my heart is broken. I think that’s why we didn’t see Tasha yelling out “Should’ve been Varner”, like Peih-Gee said in her interview. Because it would spoil the next vote. However! We did also see Abi-Maria noting how Woo had voted for her twice.

Mark: I don’t think I can deal with a season where 3 of the first 4 votes are big superfan characters. Then it’s just the Spencer coronation hour.

Andy: I think Varner is in real trouble when the episode begins. Which means he should be safe by the time it ends.


I think Abi once again burns the side she is on, flips, and votes out Tasha for some perceived slight.

Matt: I mean its Abi! That would be expected at this point.

Andy: I’m picking Tasha over Savage because it sounds like that’s the person she attached herself to.

John: Maybe Tasha stole her spot in the shelter?

Emma: Tasha compliments her on getting a good night’s sleep.

John: Yeah, Peih-Gee’s interview said Tasha was braiding Abi-Maria’s hair. So that’s the hand that’s feeding her, and thus the one that’s getting bitten.


Matt: Smart of Savage to not do that! haha

Andy: Yeah, “smart”. Surely an intention thing.

Matt: That was why I laughed. It obviously wasn’t intentional, but it could work out well for him.

Andy: But here’s the question: if Abi flips on Tasha, does she still have the votes? Maybe this is her last bridge.

Matt: I think Woo is done with Abi, unless that is the only way he can save himself.

Andy: Agreed. You’ve convinced me! One more week for Abi as my prediction!

Matt: NO


Matt: Dammit Andy, we need the reverse jinx!

Andy: Fine. Tasha. I will do this for the world.


Ta Keo Predictions

Mark: Let’s be real, Ta Keo is not losing.

John: Yeah, should we even make Ta Keo predictions?

Mark: My prediction: Ta Keo loses another chicken.

Matt: Oh! Probst revealed the challenge! The immunity challenge! Is that fair to talk about? Because I think the immunity actually won’t highly favor anyone

John: Oh right, blindfold challenge. That was on the preview.

Andy: Abi for the caller for Angkor. And for all the lulz.

Matt: Oh god

John: “Woo, walk straight into that giant thing in front of you!” “Woo, walk into the ocean! Keep going! Swim back to LA!”


Andy: Which skill is Abi worse at? Calling or listening?

Matt: I think Varner calls.

Andy: With his raspy voice?

Matt: Ugh yeah I guess Varner isn’t loud enough.

Matt: The thing about the blindfold challenge is that athleticism doesn’t really matter that much.

Andy: Alright, Ta Keo: I think they could lose.

Mark: A chicken. Yes, we discussed.

Andy: No. Immunity.

John: Like, they lose the idol on the walk to the challenge? I’m sure production has a spare.

Andy: Two episodes of “we can never lose”. All aboard the “Live-4-Ever”. Terry couldn’t be asking for bad karma more if he said “give me bad karma”


Matt: If, and as we said massive if, Ta Keo loses, it is Terry

Emma: And Kelley has the idol. So even if they don’t target Terry, he goes home.

Andy: Unless she votes for the other side.

Mark: Yeah, ok, if I have to pick a Ta Keo, it’s Terry.

Emma: I don’t really see the OG Bayon men voting for him, but I don’t see them flipping on their women either.

Matt: I could see Joe voting for him

Emma: Especially since Joe and Kass apparently bonded.


Matt: Everybody loves Kass.

John: Joe would vote with Terry. But he might be the only one.

Andy: Seriously, I’m starting to think that they’re gonna lose next week. The thing about that challenge is that it forces you to rely on the whole team. Joe and Terry can’t do the whole thing.

Matt: Would Terry call? And then get super pissy when people don’t listen?

Emma: Kass and Ciera are their only weak links. One of them can call

Andy: One of them can sit too

Emma: Oh yeah!

Matt: Calling is actually the hardest part of the challenge


Andy: It is. Kelley calls. Ciera sits. Keith fucks it up. They’ve started a storyline on Ta Keo. I think they’re ripe for a comeuppance.

Matt: That would be funny and frankly I am ok not sending Angkor to tribal because I will get too stressed

Andy: All because Andrew Fucking Savage takes his collection of losers and makes them a goddamned team!

John: Ok, now you’re just pandering to Matt.

Andy: Varner’s weakness is speed. This is not a challenge that rewards speed. So, with all that out of the way, I predict that Terry Deitz is going home next week.

John: If it’s them, it’s Terry. But it’s not them.

Emma: I concur.


Andy: I should get an extra point when we all get this right.

Bayon Predictions

Mark: So…Stephen or Monica for Bayon, right? That second one breaks my heart. But Wiggles and Kimmi are still goats to me.

Andy: Wiglesworth. She gone.

John: Kimmi.


Matt: Wigles

Emma: Wigles

John: Wigles has more challenge value.

Emma: Spencer has more social connections

Andy: Spencer is making bonds, Wiglesworth was shown collaborating with Varner. She still won’t be in the edit much because she is god awful television.


Mark: Power players are Jeremy, Spencer, and, what who was the other Takeo?


John: Yes. Power players are Jeremy, Spencer, and Takeo.

Mark: Oh right. Point proven I guess.

Matt: That tribe follows Jeremy and Jeremy I think votes out Wigles.

Emma: Stephen actually seems to be in fairly well with Jeremy.


Mark: Never mind then, Stephen and Wigles are the boots.

Andy: Spencer has proven potentially valuable to him. Which is what’s important. Plus, he wants the meat shields. Also, they aren’t going to TC, so there’s time to set this up.

Mark: Can’t get over Purple Monica though.

Matt: Monica had a confessional guys she is totally safe!

Andy: She had two!


Cambodia- Monica hunting for an idol probably
Purple Monica

Mark: So since everyone is saying Kelly, I’ll say Stephen.

John: Oh good, Mark is inviting the wrath of RHAP.

Andy: Bout time someone did.


Andy John Emma Mark Matt Jenn no fucksReaders
First Boot S31_abimaria_tAbi-Maria  S31_kelly_tKelly S31_abimaria_tAbi-Maria S31_spencer_tSpencer  S31_spencer_tSpencer Vytas
Second Boot S31_abimaria_tAbi-Maria  S31_abimaria_tAbi-Maria   Terry Abi-Maria
Peih-Gee  1024px-Red_x.svg N/A
Third Boot S31_abimaria_tAbi-Maria  Kimmi Joe
Jeremy  Monica S31_andrew_t Savage
Angkor Next Boot Tasha S31_jeff_tVarner S31_abimaria_tAbi-Maria  S31_abimaria_tAbi-Maria  S31_abimaria_tAbi-Maria  S31_abimaria_tAbi-Maria 
Bayon Next Boot Kelly Kimmi Kelly Stephen
Kelly Kelly
Ta Keo Next Boot Terry Terry Terry Terry Terry Terry
Score 0-red 0-red 0-red 0-red 0-red 1-green
Winner Pick S31_monica_tMonica  S31_jeff_tVarner S31_kelley_t Kelley S31_monica_tMonica   S31_jeff_tVarner  S31_kelley_t Kelley

Reader poll

Good news! You guys getting it wrong last week restored our faith in humanity. And it came at no cost in the standings, because we are terrible at this! So now you can try and pad your lead. As a reminder, if you are spoiled, don’t vote. It’s stupid to do so. You’re not stupid. Are you?

If Angkor goes to Tribal Council, who get voted out?

  • Abi-Maria Gomes (39% Votes)
  • Jeff Varner (31% Votes)
  • Woo Hwang (23% Votes)
  • Tasha Fox (5% Votes)
  • Andrew Savage (2% Votes)

Total Voters: 64

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If Bayon goes to Tribal Council, who get voted out?

  • Kelly Wigglesworth (49% Votes)
  • Monica Padilla (22% Votes)
  • Stephen Fishbach (19% Votes)
  • Kimmi Kappenberg (5% Votes)
  • Spencer Bledsoe (5% Votes)
  • Jeremy Collins (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 63

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If Ta Keo goes to Tribal Council, who get voted out?

  • Terry Deitz (79% Votes)
  • Ciera Eastin (10% Votes)
  • Keith Nale (5% Votes)
  • Kass McQuillen (3% Votes)
  • Kelley Wentworth (3% Votes)
  • Joe Anglim (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 62

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