Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- DvG week 8

The chaotic rains have stopped, and now chaos reigns.

49 of you had Johnny Twentypoints on your team. And you should have no regrets. 

Individual scoring table

Alec, Alison, Christian, Gabby, John, and Nick get 1 point for that reward challenge win.

Dan gets 4 points for immunity.

Davie gets 4 points for the correct immunity idol play. Dan gets no points for his, since John received more votes than Angelina- meaning Angelina was not saved by the idol.

Davie, Christian, and Nick get 2 points for the deplorable act of voting out Johnny Blindsided.

Pick-4 League

We have a new leader! I Hope opens up a 3-point lead over TheForRealDeal, McCrackalackin, and one other person. Last week’s leader Grab Your Torches falls to fifth place and loses a player in the process. Prom King and Stick to the Plan are tied for eighth place, eight points behind the leader. Diego, Crappy, It’s a Fucking Stick, and Hurleytennis also made it onto that coveted first page of the standings.

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Champions League

The haves/have-nots trend continues in Champions League, as Diego Armando’s elimination keeps the top five teams all completely intact. Storm of Cuteness remains in the lead, but it’s a crowded field at the top- Stick to the Plan, Jersey Luck, IcyTruth, and EvilRegals are all within striking distance.

Player points
TeamPick 1Pick 2
1Jersey Luck101Nick60Davie41
2Storm of Cuteness72Alison33Christian39
4Stick to the Plan55Dan30Carl25
6Black Rock49Natalie8Mike41
7Diego Armando29John20Lyrsa9
9Purple Rock John9Jeremy4Natalia5

Wimpy Little Non-Leaders League

Corndog Shuffle is dominating all of you. And the seventh- through tenth-place teams are all completely wiped out after PaiMei lost her final player this week.

Player points
TeamPick 1Pick 2
1Ms. Woozah89Nick60Angelina29
4Corndog Shuffle58Dan30Gabby28
5ERocklee56Alec 24Kara32
6Blurry Denzel34Alison33Jessica1
8Kemper Boyd19Natalia5Elizabeth14

Other leagues

We allowed people to do their own draft-based leagues again this season, because drafts are fun. You can find the results of those leagues here: PRP fantasy leagues