Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- Game Changers week 7

All kinds of things are going on in the internet’s greatest Survivor fantasy leagues this week. Come feast on the points that a merge provides!


A quarter of all teams had Hali on them, while just 16% had Ozzy.

Individual scoring table

For starters, 3 points for everyone that made the merge.

One point to Andrea, Debbie, Ozzy, Tai, Troy, Zeke for winning the reward.

Four points each to Andrea and Tai for their immunity wins.

In the first episode: Everyone not named Michaela or Hali earned two points for voting out Hali.

In the second episode: Brad, Debbie, Debbie again (the first time a double vote has earned double points!), Sarah, Sierra, Tai, and Troy receive two points for voting out Ozzy.

PlayerEp 1Ep 2Ep 3Ep 4Ep 5Ep 6Ep 7Ep 8Ep 9Ep 10Ep 11Ep 12Ep 13Ep 14Total

Pick-4 League

Jersey_luck claims the lead with a total of 101 points. For reference, last week’s leader (torchoflaw) had 69. (Nice.)

Known Witch Barbara Anderson moved into third place, Witch-in-Training Purple Tally is in ninth place, Skynet is now in fifth place, and Dishonest, Blatantly Anti-Christian EmAndScoutInBK moves into a tie for seventh place with Corndogshuffle.

RankTeam NamePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4Total
1jersey_luckBrad- 21Sarah- 21Sierra- 21Tai- 38101
2torchoflawBrad- 21Cirie- 20Tai- 38Zeke- 2099
3Barbara AndersonAndrea- 24Brad- 21Sierra- 21Troy- 2490
4BananaGrubMalcolm- 6Sierra- 21Tai- 38Troy- 2489
5Random LuckCirie- 20Hali- 15Michaela- 15Tai- 3888
5Loki LunaHali- 15Michaela- 15Ozzy- 20Tai- 3888
7corndogshuffleBrad- 21Sarah- 21Sierra- 21Troy- 2487
7EmAndScoutInBKAndrea- 24Brad- 21Sarah- 21Sierra- 2187
9PurpleTallyBrad- 21Cirie- 20Sarah- 21Troy- 2486
9DrVanNostrandBrad- 21Ozzy- 20Sierra- 21Troy- 2486
11dig dougMalcolm- 6Sarah- 21Tai- 38Zeke- 2085
12BrandyMalcolm- 6Michaela- 15Tai- 38Troy- 2483
13jaredholland32Aubry- 16Brad- 21Sarah- 21Troy- 2482
13Paul CarbyAubry- 16Sarah- 21Sierra- 21Troy- 2482
15Survivor CentralHali- 15Sarah- 21Sierra- 21Troy- 2481
15cazkayeBrad- 21Hali- 15Sarah- 21Troy- 2481
15nipi ipinBrad- 21Michaela- 15Sierra- 21Troy- 2481
15No Eyes in BlindfoldBrad- 21Hali- 15Sierra- 21Troy- 2481
15sabina1509Andrea- 24Aubry- 16Cirie- 20Sarah- 2181
15Mike HirschAndrea- 24Michaela- 15Sarah- 21Sierra- 2181
15How's Grandma?Andrea- 24Brad- 21Michaela- 15Sierra- 2181
15rygelAndrea- 24Brad- 21Hali- 15Sierra- 2181
23Joseph FinnAubry- 16Malcolm- 6Tai- 38Zeke- 2080
23tocantinsAndrea- 24JT- 12Ozzy- 20Troy- 2480
23Los UndesirablesBrad- 21Hali- 15Ozzy- 20Troy- 2480
23True AlainerAndrea- 24Cirie- 20Hali- 15Sarah- 2180
23SuhaibAndrea- 24Michaela- 15Sarah- 21Zeke- 2080
28HectorTheWellEndowedMalcolm- 6Michaela- 15Tai- 38Zeke- 2079
28MY WIFEHali- 15Malcolm- 6Tai- 38Zeke- 2079
28Joshua ChangAndrea- 24Cirie- 20Michaela- 15Zeke- 2079
28Kent McKBrad- 21Debbie- 22Hali- 15Sarah- 2179
28Head Architect SylviaBrad- 21Debbie- 22Michaela- 15Sierra- 2179
33Brian GoldBrad- 21Hali- 15Sarah- 21Sierra- 2178
34Diego's ArmanbroAndrea- 24JT- 12Sarah- 21Zeke- 2077
34Friend ChooserAubry- 16Ozzy- 20Sarah- 21Zeke- 2077
36Crom DeluiseAubry- 16Brad- 21Michaela- 15Troy- 2476
36TheForRealDealAndrea- 24Aubry- 16Brad- 21Michaela- 1576
38AubrysWinnersEditAubry- 16Malcolm- 6Michaela- 15Tai- 3875
38CasualFanCirie- 20Michaela- 15Ozzy- 20Zeke- 2075
38Tai-chi in PrivateBrad- 21Hali- 15Michaela- 15Troy- 2475
38Diego's ArmandadDebbie- 22JT- 12Ozzy- 20Sierra- 2175
38AmyinSoCalDebbie- 22JT- 12Sierra- 21Zeke- 2075
38TonelokeAndrea- 24Aubry- 16Cirie- 20Michaela- 1575
38Super duper fanAndrea- 24Aubry- 16Cirie- 20Hali- 1575
38ryell-00Andrea- 24Aubry- 16Michaela- 15Ozzy- 2075
38Derek YoungAndrea- 24Malcolm- 6Sarah- 21Troy- 2475
47MainstoneMoneyHali- 15Ozzy- 20Tai- 38Tony- 174
47MoloAndrea- 24Cirie- 20Hali- 15Michaela- 1574
49Matt WAubry- 16Brad- 21Michaela- 15Sarah- 2173
50John KenneyAubry- 16Cirie- 20Michaela- 15Sarah- 2172
50kristanmarieHali- 15Michaela- 15Sarah- 21Sierra- 2172
50CrappyAubry- 16Cirie- 20Michaela- 15Sierra- 2172
50Ryan DeschampMalcolm- 6Sarah- 21Sierra- 21Troy- 2472
50Dubious RobAndrea- 24Malcolm- 6Sarah- 21Sierra- 2172
50KGAndrea- 24Brad- 21Malcolm- 6Sierra- 2172
56HornacekCirie- 20Hali- 15Michaela- 15Sierra- 2171
56MsFjordstoneAubry- 16Cirie- 20Michaela- 15Zeke- 2071
56orangealfyHali- 15Michaela- 15Sierra- 21Zeke- 2071
56steve2013Cirie- 20Malcolm- 6Sarah- 21Troy- 2471
56David CorbettBrad- 21Ozzy- 20Sierra- 21Varner- 971
56Mike SweeneyAubry- 16Debbie- 22JT- 12Sarah- 2171
56Sad LilCirie- 20Debbie- 22Sandra- 8Sarah- 2171
56Ms. SweaterfanAndrea- 24Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 20Sierra- 2171
56Purple Rock JohnAndrea- 24Brad- 21Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 2071
65HurleytennisCaleb- 2Hali- 15Michaela- 15Tai- 3870
65Kemper BoydCirie- 20Sandra- 8Sarah- 21Sierra- 2170
67KateAubry- 16Cirie- 20JT- 12Sarah- 2169
67kirbstompAubry- 16JT- 12Sierra- 21Zeke- 2069
69Purple Rock EmmaHali- 15JT- 12Ozzy- 20Sierra- 2168
69SirLiveAlotCaleb- 2Sandra- 8Tai- 38Zeke- 2068
69itsafuckingSTICKAndrea- 24Michaela- 15Varner- 9Zeke- 2068
69Casey CraftonMalcolm- 6Ozzy- 20Sarah- 21Sierra- 2168
73vaderdawsnCaleb- 2Hali- 15JT- 12Tai- 3867
73Side CharacterAndrea- 24Cirie- 20Michaela- 15Sandra- 867
73Kevin RogersBrad- 21Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 20Zeke- 2067
73george luminarioAndrea- 24Aubry- 16Malcolm- 6Sierra- 2167
77FranHali- 15Sarah- 21Sierra- 21Varner- 966
77Max_JetsAubry- 16Hali- 15Michaela- 15Ozzy- 2066
77bassmanxviCaleb- 2Malcolm- 6Tai- 38Zeke- 2066
77this bear is tops bloobyCaleb- 2Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 20Tai- 3866
77Purple Rock MarkAndrea- 24Malcolm- 6Michaela- 15Sarah- 2166
77slothlordeDebbie- 22Michaela- 15Sandra- 8Sierra- 2166
77Black DynamiteAndrea- 24Aubry- 16Malcolm- 6Zeke- 2066
77Jeff Probst's HairpieceAndrea- 24Aubry- 16Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 2066
85Andrea MarinAubry- 16Cirie- 20Varner- 9Zeke- 2065
85IneAndrea- 24Cirie- 20Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1565
85TiagoAndrea- 24Cirie- 20Hali- 15Malcolm- 665
85Parvatis2IdolsDebbie- 22Michaela- 15Sandra- 8Zeke- 2065
85aj hillerAndrea- 24Malcolm- 6Michaela- 15Ozzy- 2065
85Violina23Andrea- 24Hali- 15Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 2065
85HankScorpioAndrea- 24Hali- 15Malcolm- 6Zeke- 2065
92JimAubry- 16Hali- 15JT- 12Sarah- 2164
92Prom KingAubry- 16JT- 12Michaela- 15Sierra- 2164
92Diego's ArmomdoDebbie- 22JT- 12Sarah- 21Varner- 964
92Zachary ChongDebbie- 22Malcolm- 6Michaela- 15Sarah- 2164
92macontosh2000Debbie- 22Malcolm- 6Michaela- 15Sierra- 2164
92fransesquaAndrea- 24Aubry- 16Caleb- 2Debbie- 2264
98TJ SassAubry- 16Cirie- 20JT- 12Michaela- 1563
98WampusCirie- 20Michaela- 15Sandra- 8Zeke- 2063
98JJBrad- 21Debbie- 22JT- 12Sandra- 863
98Purple Rock MattAndrea- 24Brad- 21JT- 12Malcolm- 663
98Nick BommaritoAndrea- 24JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sierra- 2163
98Zach AttackBrad- 21Malcolm- 6Michaela- 15Sarah- 2163
98prettyboyprobstBrad- 21Malcolm- 6Michaela- 15Sierra- 2163
98PuddinSnack1Aubry- 16Malcolm- 6Sierra- 21Zeke- 2063
106MrBurkesButtonsCiera- 0Hali- 15Tai- 38Varner- 962
106pufflehuffCirie- 20Malcolm- 6Michaela- 15Sarah- 2162
106Blake BallAndrea- 24JT- 12Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 2062
106Conor PatrickAndrea- 24JT- 12Malcolm- 6Zeke- 2062
106Sago PalmAubry- 16Cirie- 20Malcolm- 6Zeke- 2062
106Crystal LynneHali- 15Malcolm- 6Sierra- 21Zeke- 2062
106ExtraLargePelicanCaleb- 2Michaela- 15Sierra- 21Troy- 2462
113TorcoLuCirie- 20JT- 12Ozzy- 20Varner- 961
113Survivor ClubbAndrea- 24Aubry- 16Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1561
115Other ScottJT- 12Malcolm- 6Sarah- 21Sierra- 2160
115PeachykeeneAndrea- 24Hali- 15Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1560
117Audrey RatajackCirie- 20JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sarah- 2159
117gouisCirie- 20JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sierra- 2159
117indescribable hatBrad- 21Cirie- 20JT- 12Malcolm- 659
117BadPlayer91Aubry- 16Cirie- 20Michaela- 15Sandra- 859
117Ethan KyleBrad- 21Sandra- 8Sierra- 21Varner- 959
117PineappleDreamsAubry- 16Caleb- 2Sierra- 21Zeke- 2059
123Kevin NAubry- 16JT- 12Sarah- 21Varner- 958
123NearlyNinaAndrea- 24Aubry- 16JT- 12Malcolm- 658
123Scarlett3639Andrea- 24Cirie- 20Malcolm- 6Sandra- 858
123BundiCaleb- 2Michaela- 15Sarah- 21Zeke- 2058
123JoJo BevilacquaCaleb- 2Hali- 15Ozzy- 20Sarah- 2158
123Irish LuckCaleb- 2Hali- 15Sarah- 21Zeke- 2058
123Lo BevBrad- 21Caleb- 2Michaela- 15Ozzy- 2058
130MaritimerAndrea- 24JT- 12Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1557
130ShitShowAndrea- 24Hali- 15JT- 12Malcolm- 657
130Lira2012Aubry- 16Cirie- 20Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1557
130the sky is fallingAubry- 16Cirie- 20Hali- 15Malcolm- 657
130danomite10Aubry- 16Malcolm- 6Michaela- 15Zeke- 2057
130Anthony DePaulAubry- 16Malcolm- 6Michaela- 15Ozzy- 2057
130Andrei ConstantinAubry- 16Hali- 15Malcolm- 6Zeke- 2057
130Something Bout FootballCaleb- 2Michaela- 15Ozzy- 20Zeke- 2057
138Sarah DavisMalcolm- 6Sierra- 21Varner- 9Zeke- 2056
139Kyle KramerAubry- 16JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sierra- 2155
139Come On In HereMalcolm- 6Ozzy- 20Sandra- 8Sierra- 2155
139Jacob.CunninghamAndrea- 24Aubry- 16Malcolm- 6Varner- 955
142ReyaHali- 15JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sarah- 2154
142HBO CEO of TitsJT- 12Malcolm- 6Michaela- 15Sierra- 2154
142Adam BAubry- 16JT- 12Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 2054
142Kate WeaverAubry- 16JT- 12Malcolm- 6Zeke- 2054
142CarrotsCirie- 20Malcolm- 6Sandra- 8Zeke- 2054
142AlishaShortyMalcolm- 6Ozzy- 20Sandra- 8Zeke- 2054
142Christina BommaritoJT- 12Sierra- 21Tony- 1Zeke- 2054
142MattAndrea- 24Hali- 15Malcolm- 6Varner- 954
142Saturday Night PalsyCaleb- 2Debbie- 22Malcolm- 6Troy- 2454
151RippertHali- 15JT- 12Malcolm- 6Zeke- 2053
151K.P. WatershedAubry- 16Sandra- 8Varner- 9Zeke- 2053
151AlkanarraAndrea- 24Hali- 15Malcolm- 6Sandra- 853
151Adli HanifAndrea- 24Caleb- 2Malcolm- 6Sierra- 2153
155TheClutchCityAubry- 16Malcolm- 6Sarah- 21Varner- 952
155forever1267Brad- 21Caleb- 2Varner- 9Zeke- 2052
157Yoshi Kirby and ToadAubry- 16Malcolm- 6Varner- 9Zeke- 2051
158Something QuirkyAubry- 16Caleb- 2Cirie- 20JT- 1250
158MarleneHali- 15Malcolm- 6Sandra- 8Sierra- 2150
158free7694Brad- 21Hali- 15Malcolm- 6Sandra- 850
158Jacob SWCaleb- 2Hali- 15JT- 12Sierra- 2150
158Janice TengAndrea- 24Ciera- 0Cirie- 20Malcolm- 650
163Assistant Dragon SlayerAubry- 16JT- 12Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1549
163DezbotCirie- 20Malcolm- 6Michaela- 15Sandra- 849
163CrashCaleb- 2Hali- 15JT- 12Zeke- 2049
163AlexCiera- 0Ozzy- 20Varner- 9Zeke- 2049
167KingoftongaHali- 15JT- 12Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1548
167Survivor StickAndrea- 24Aubry- 16Caleb- 2Malcolm- 648
169Life Of TaiAndrea- 24Caleb- 2Hali- 15Malcolm- 647
170m0nit0rmanAubry- 16Malcolm- 6Michaela- 15Varner- 946
170StormofCutenessAubry- 16Caleb- 2Cirie- 20Sandra- 846
170Ara Morin AcevedoAubry- 16Cirie- 20Tony- 1Varner- 946
170Haley HannAndrea- 24Malcolm- 6Michaela- 15Tony- 146
174Alycia SwiftAubry- 16Hali- 15Malcolm- 6Sandra- 845
174WellDressedEvilCaleb- 2Cirie- 20Michaela- 15Sandra- 845
174Flat FifthCaleb- 2Michaela- 15Ozzy- 20Sandra- 845
174MaloryCaleb- 2Hali- 15Ozzy- 20Sandra- 845
174TiminSoCalCaleb- 2Debbie- 22Hali- 15Malcolm- 645
179RoswulfHali- 15Malcolm- 6Michaela- 15Sandra- 844
179Jenifer PullmanAubry- 16JT- 12Michaela- 15Tony- 144
179hopefuls016Aubry- 16Caleb- 2Malcolm- 6Zeke- 2044
179ThisstickhasnonameAubry- 16Malcolm- 6Sierra- 21Tony- 144
183DutchCirie- 20Malcolm- 6Sandra- 8Varner- 943
183Diego ArmandoCaleb- 2Hali- 15Malcolm- 6Zeke- 2043
185Soccer ChampAubry- 16JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sandra- 842
185doctor wuAubry- 16Caleb- 2Michaela- 15Varner- 942
185Michael BachnerAubry- 16Caleb- 2Hali- 15Varner- 942
188giorgosCirie- 20JT- 12Sandra- 8Tony- 141
188Taako From TeevhiiCaleb- 2JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sarah- 2141
188Brendan GuyCaleb- 2JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sierra- 2141
191Maulik ShahCiera- 0JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sarah- 2139
191Drums XAubry- 16Caleb- 2Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1539
193Chris DiorioAubry- 16JT- 12Tony- 1Varner- 938
193MalloryAubry- 16Malcolm- 6Michaela- 15Tony- 138
195do tell it's micheleMalcolm- 6Sandra- 8Sierra- 21Tony- 136
196BananaHannahCaleb- 2JT- 12Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1535
197Chivafan30Ciera- 0Hali- 15JT- 12Malcolm- 633
198phileAndrea- 24Caleb- 2Ciera- 0Malcolm- 632

Champions League

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. I’m not talking about the legendary Survivors that have gone home early, I’m talking about me. My fantasy team has fallen.

After six straight seasons of Champions League play, I will finally be out of the league next season. It’s the end of an era. And I’m glad all of you could be here to witness my remarkable run. Except Saturday Night Palsy. Fuck that guy.

Oh, and Barbara Anderson is in first place. Insert long string of profanities here.

Outcasts League

Thanks to Tai’s absurd point total, Matt still clings to the lead. Alycia Swift has been unable to capture the top spot despite Matt’s team having just one player for weeks. Mike Hirsch also moves into striking distance this week.

Other leagues

This season, for the first time, I tried to make draft-based leagues available to everyone. You can see the leagues (and check how your teams are doing) here: PRP fantasy leagues

Pay particular attention to the Purple Rock Staff League, where Andy has lost all of his players and finishes in last place. “But John,” you may be saying, “your team isn’t that great. Do you really want to gloat here?” The answer is yes. Always yes.