Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- Kaoh Rong week 5

Well, this is going to be a rough week for approximately half of you.

Liz, the third boot of the season, was on nearly half (47%) of all pick-4 teams. Anna was on 46% of all pick-4 teams. Two interesting things about this: One, it’s nice to know that you all are definitely not spoiled.  Two, we haven’t even gotten to the merge yet, and less than 20% of our 153 teams still have all four players. At least from a fantasy perspective, this season is definitely living up to the hype as the most brutal Survivor season ever.

Individual scoring table

I’m like fantasy league Oprah up here: You get a point, and you get a point! Everyone except Anna and Julia put at least one point on the board this week. Neal pulled in 5 points thanks to finding the immunity idol, and is now the leading scorer. The week 5 scoreboard:

PlayerEp 1Ep 2Ep 3Ep 4Ep 5Total

Pick-4 League

The computer-generated random team has fallen into a tie for fourteenth place. Way to fight back against Skynet, everybody! Malcolm is my Copilot vaults into first place this week, and David Glade moves into second place. But since David Glad lost Anna in the process, it’s unlikely he’ll be in that spot next week.

And hey, shout out to ExtraLargePelican, all by his lonesome in last place. Well done, buddy.

Imperfect Game Watch: Ryan Deschamp and Boooourns did not lose their fourth player this week, preventing us from witnessing the amazing feat of getting all four of the first boots on one team.

RankTeam NamePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4Total
1Malcolm is my CopilotJoe- 11Kyle- 10Neal- 15Tai- 1450
2David GadeAnna- 10Kyle- 10Neal- 15Tai- 1449
3WampusAnna- 10Aubry- 11Michele- 12Neal- 1548
3John BelzAubry- 11Michele- 12Neal- 15Peter- 1048
3Purple Rock JohnAubry- 11Kyle- 10Michele- 12Neal- 1548
3Skip, In Outer SpaceJoe- 11Kyle- 10Michele- 12Neal- 1548
7Barbara AndersonAubry- 11Julia- 10Michele- 12Tai- 1447
7Ethan KyleJoe- 11Julia- 10Nick- 12Tai- 1447
7macontosh2000Anna- 10Aubry- 11Michele- 12Tai- 1447
7Joseph FinnAubry- 11Debbie- 12Peter- 10Tai- 1447
7Tamir MAnna- 10Neal- 15Nick- 12Peter- 1047
7tanjaAnna- 10Kyle- 10Michele- 12Neal- 1547
7prettyboyprobstAnna- 10Kyle- 10Neal- 15Nick- 1247
14Random LuckJulia- 10Nick- 12Peter- 10Tai- 1446
14EmAndScoutInBKAnna- 10Kyle- 10Michele- 12Tai- 1446
14HeisenbergAnna- 10Debbie- 12Kyle- 10Tai- 1446
14Crom DeluiseAubry- 11Debbie- 12Joe- 11Nick- 1246
14HectorTheWellEndowedLiz- 5Michele- 12Neal- 15Tai- 1446
14rygelAubry- 11Caleb- 8Neal- 15Nick- 1246
14Prom KingAnna- 10Aubry- 11Kyle- 10Neal- 1546
21Purple Rock MarkAubry- 11Julia- 10Kyle- 10Tai- 1445
22Jacob SWAnna- 10Julia- 10Kyle- 10Tai- 1444
22Poor Sheltered HomeschoolerAnna- 10Kyle- 10Peter- 10Tai- 1444
22Max_JetsAnna- 10Aubry- 11Joe- 11Michele- 1244
22Something QuirkyCydney- 7Michele- 12Neal- 15Peter- 1044
22BananaGrubCydney- 7Kyle- 10Michele- 12Neal- 1544
27MalcolmJoe- 11Julia- 10Nick- 12Peter- 1043
27ebolamonkey84Anna- 10Aubry- 11Kyle- 10Michele- 1243
27m0nit0rmanCydney- 7Michele- 12Peter- 10Tai- 1443
27Ara MorinAubry- 11Liz- 5Michele- 12Neal- 1543
27Mike HirschAnna- 10Aubry- 11Cydney- 7Neal- 1543
32dig dougAnna- 10Caleb- 8Kyle- 10Tai- 1442
32LillewieAnna- 10Julia- 10Kyle- 10Michele- 1242
32Purple Rock MattAnna- 10Kyle- 10Nick- 12Peter- 1042
32Joel GaastraAnna- 10Kyle- 10Michele- 12Peter- 1042
32JimJulia- 10Liz- 5Michele- 12Neal- 1542
32Diego ArmandoAnna- 10Liz- 5Michele- 12Neal- 1542
32IcarusArtsAnna- 10Liz- 5Neal- 15Nick- 1242
32Lauren MLiz- 5Neal- 15Nick- 12Peter- 1042
32AlkanarraDebbie- 12Liz- 5Neal- 15Peter- 1042
41Everyone is someoneJulia- 10Nick- 12Scot- 5Tai- 1441
41LouieLeeLiz- 5Michele- 12Peter- 10Tai- 1441
41antikontiKyle- 10Liz- 5Michele- 12Tai- 1441
41Friend ChooserCydney- 7Michele- 12Nick- 12Peter- 1041
41Doctor WuAubry- 11Julia- 10Neal- 15Scot- 541
41MrBurkesButtonsJoe- 11Julia- 10Neal- 15Scot- 541
47LukaAnna- 10Caleb- 8Julia- 10Michele- 1240
47Audrey RatajackAubry- 11Julia- 10Liz- 5Tai- 1440
47Derek WilliamsonAnna- 10Joe- 11Liz- 5Tai- 1440
47Kent McKAnna- 10Caleb- 8Debbie- 12Kyle- 1040
47PeachykeeneAlecia- 4Michele- 12Peter- 10Tai- 1440
47Kevin MAnna- 10Liz- 5Neal- 15Peter- 1040
47gouisAnna- 10Kyle- 10Liz- 5Neal- 1540
47hornacekAlecia- 4Cydney- 7Neal- 15Tai- 1440
47Bieber FeverCaleb- 8Cydney- 7Neal- 15Peter- 1040
56DinoAnna- 10Liz- 5Peter- 10Tai- 1439
56Dr.HorribleAnna- 10Kyle- 10Liz- 5Tai- 1439
56Other ScottAnna- 10Kyle- 10Scot- 5Tai- 1439
56Ms_WoozahAnna- 10Cydney- 7Michele- 12Peter- 1039
56SirLiveAlotCydney- 7Julia- 10Nick- 12Peter- 1039
56True AlainerAlecia- 4Anna- 10Kyle- 10Neal- 1539
56jackdw97Cydney- 7Liz- 5Michele- 12Neal- 1539
63RickyBAnna- 10Caleb- 8Kyle- 10Peter- 1038
63Sinan FaiadAnna- 10Aubry- 11Liz- 5Michele- 1238
63Marco LemaAlecia- 4Anna- 10Michele- 12Nick- 1238
63Drums XDebbie- 12Jennifer- 1Joe- 11Tai- 1438
63Arran MilneAnna- 10Caleb- 8Liz- 5Neal- 1538
63DutchAnna- 10Debbie- 12Jennifer- 1Neal- 1538
63turgid_legumeJennifer- 1Neal- 15Nick- 12Peter- 1038
63Saturday Evening PalsyJennifer- 1Kyle- 10Neal- 15Nick- 1238
71IneAnna- 10Julia- 10Liz- 5Michele- 1237
71ShitShowAnna- 10Julia- 10Liz- 5Nick- 1237
71RobothouseAnna- 10Liz- 5Nick- 12Peter- 1037
71Anna RAnna- 10Kyle- 10Liz- 5Michele- 1237
71indescribable hatAnna- 10Kyle- 10Liz- 5Nick- 1237
71KingoftongaJulia- 10Kyle- 10Liz- 5Nick- 1237
71WagnerAubry- 11Darnell- 0Debbie- 12Tai- 1437
71Purple Rock EmmaKyle- 10Liz- 5Michele- 12Peter- 1037
71Thethings Wedo4LoveAlecia- 4Caleb- 8Neal- 15Peter- 1037
71aj hillerLiz- 5Michele- 12Neal- 15Scot- 537
71DezbotCydney- 7Jennifer- 1Neal- 15Tai- 1437
71JacksDadCydney- 7Kyle- 10Liz- 5Neal- 1537
71Yangbang'dDarnell- 0Debbie- 12Kyle- 10Neal- 1537
84Mikdyer252Anna- 10Aubry- 11Julia- 10Liz- 536
84Scarlett3639Aubry- 11Jennifer- 1Julia- 10Tai- 1436
84Maulik ShahAnna- 10Joe- 11Kyle- 10Liz- 536
84Chase SAnna- 10Aubry- 11Kyle- 10Liz- 536
84Josh PotterJoe- 11Kyle- 10Liz- 5Peter- 1036
84kristanmarieCydney- 7Kyle- 10Liz- 5Tai- 1436
84DukeSilverTrioCaleb- 8Jennifer- 1Michele- 12Neal- 1536
84quinnAnna- 10Jennifer- 1Kyle- 10Neal- 1536
84Violina23Jennifer- 1Kyle- 10Neal- 15Peter- 1036
93torchoflawAnna- 10Julia- 10Liz- 5Peter- 1035
93Banana TeamAnna- 10Julia- 10Kyle- 10Liz- 535
93itsafuckingSTICKAnna- 10Kyle- 10Liz- 5Peter- 1035
93CountBulletsulaCaleb- 8Kyle- 10Liz- 5Michele- 1235
93Survivor CentralAnna- 10Kyle- 10Peter- 10Scot- 535
93Jacob.CunninghamCaleb- 8Jennifer- 1Joe- 11Neal- 1535
93Special Agent PhileCaleb- 8Cydney- 7Liz- 5Neal- 1535
100Adli HanifAnna- 10Aubry- 11Jennifer- 1Michele- 1234
100Jeff Probst's HairpieceAnna- 10Caleb- 8Jennifer- 1Neal- 1534
100Come On In HereDebbie- 12Jennifer- 1Joe- 11Kyle- 1034
100Jenifer PullmanCaleb- 8Jennifer- 1Kyle- 10Neal- 1534
104Survivor squidAnna- 10Caleb- 8Kyle- 10Liz- 533
104Black DynamiteAnna- 10Jennifer- 1Nick- 12Peter- 1033
104tigersmidnightAnna- 10Jennifer- 1Michele- 12Peter- 1033
104tocantinsJennifer- 1Julia- 10Nick- 12Peter- 1033
104Fishbach Was HereCaleb- 8Kyle- 10Peter- 10Scot- 533
104heartbreakingowlCydney- 7Joe- 11Kyle- 10Liz- 533
104KAL BJennifer- 1Kyle- 10Michele- 12Peter- 1033
104KateDarnell- 0Joe- 11Kyle- 10Michele- 1233
104SybilAubry- 11Darnell- 0Debbie- 12Kyle- 1033
104Untitled Clint Howard ProjectJennifer- 1Liz- 5Michele- 12Neal- 1533
114Crystal LynneAnna- 10Liz- 5Nick- 12Scot- 532
114SueSurvivorAnna- 10Liz- 5Michele- 12Scot- 532
114Anndré BressanCydney- 7Julia- 10Liz- 5Peter- 1032
114free7694Liz- 5Michele- 12Peter- 10Scot- 532
114PuddinSnack1Jennifer- 1Joe- 11Liz- 5Neal- 1532
114RoswulfAlecia- 4Jennifer- 1Michele- 12Neal- 1532
120bder19Caleb- 8Jennifer- 1Julia- 10Nick- 1231
120AshCaleb- 8Jennifer- 1Kyle- 10Michele- 1231
120SG StandardAnna- 10Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Neal- 1531
120Disgruntled GoatJennifer- 1Liz- 5Neal- 15Peter- 1031
120Survivor FanCaleb- 8Cydney- 7Jennifer- 1Neal- 1531
125EemelimansikkaAnna- 10Kyle- 10Liz- 5Scot- 530
125Kemper BoydJennifer- 1Liz- 5Michele- 12Nick- 1230
125sweaterfanDebbie- 12Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Michele- 1230
128DrVanNostrandAnna- 10Caleb- 8Jennifer- 1Peter- 1029
128vaderdawsnCaleb- 8Jennifer- 1Kyle- 10Peter- 1029
128bassmanxviJennifer- 1Joe- 11Liz- 5Michele- 1229
128TiminSoCalDebbie- 12Jennifer- 1Joe- 11Liz- 529
128NearlyNinaCaleb- 8Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Neal- 1529
133ryell-00Anna- 10Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Nick- 1228
133cazkayeAnna- 10Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Michele- 1228
133NrocketAnna- 10Jennifer- 1Michele- 12Scot- 528
133KevinJennifer- 1Liz- 5Michele- 12Peter- 1028
133No Eyes in BlindfoldAlecia- 4Aubry- 11Jennifer- 1Michele- 1228
133IspeakllamaJennifer- 1Kyle- 10Liz- 5Michele- 1228
133Rob BrodeurDarnell- 0Jennifer- 1Michele- 12Neal- 1528
140KeepCalmAndHodorOnAnna- 10Darnell- 0Liz- 5Michele- 1227
140Will HolstonAlecia- 4Jennifer- 1Kyle- 10Michele- 1227
142ZC7Anna- 10Jennifer- 1Julia- 10Liz- 526
142corndogshuffleAnna- 10Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Peter- 1026
142Assistant Dragon SlayerAnna- 10Jennifer- 1Kyle- 10Liz- 526
142fransesquaJennifer- 1Kyle- 10Liz- 5Peter- 1026
142WelldressedEvilCaleb- 8Cydney- 7Jennifer- 1Peter- 1026
142Lira2012Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Neal- 15Scot- 526
148BoooournsAubry- 11Caleb- 8Jennifer- 1Liz- 525
148forever1267Aubry- 11Caleb- 8Jennifer- 1Scot- 525
150this bear is tops bloobyCydney- 7Jennifer- 1Joe- 11Scot- 524
151GeorgeCydney- 7Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Peter- 1023
152Ryan DeschampAlecia- 4Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Nick- 1222
153ExtraLargePelicanAnna- 10Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Scot- 521

Champions League

Saturday Night Palsy remains in first with his two Beauty tribe members. Turgid_legume makes a leap into striking distance of the top four thanks to Neal finding an idol, and ebolamonkey84 joins Emma in being relegated out of Champions League.

KR Champions week 5

Outcast League

Diego Armando stays in pole position, but Ms. Woozah leaps over Matt (who lost Anna this week) to join the two other women in the top four.

KR Outcasts week 5