Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- Kaoh Rong week 6

Is there a doctor in the house? Not anymore. Let’s see how that affects your fantasy scores.

Peter was on a little less than a third (31%) of all pick-4 teams. He was the 7th most-popular in terms of times drafted.

But perhaps more importantly, it was pointed out to me in the comments last week (thanks, ItsaFuckingStick) that I’d screwed up the scoring in week 4. Last season, we all agreed that first and second place in a three-team reward or immunity challenge would get the same amount of points. So if you’re wondering why your score dropped (or rose) this week, blame ItsaFuckingStick (and not me, the person that actually made the error).

Further explanation, if you care: I’d previously awarded 3 points to Brains, 2 points to Beauty for the immunity challenge and 1 point to Brains, 0 points to Beauty for the reward. The corrected totals: 2 points each to Brains and Beauty for immunity, 1 point each to Brains and Beauty for reward. (It did feel nice to give Caleb one point for a challenge that nearly killed him, too.)

Individual scoring table

One point to the yellow tribe for the reward win, two points to the blue tribe for the immunity win, and a VTEP for Julia, Scot, Tai, and Aubry this week.

PlayerEp 1Ep 2Ep 3Ep 4Ep 5Ep 6Total

Pick-4 League

Barbara Anderson takes sole possession of first place! Long may she reign. Malcolm is my Copilot drops to a tie for second along with David Gade and Ethan Kyle. And the computer-generated team lost its first player. Take that, technology! Only 10 of our 153 teams have all four players remaining.

But a big shout-out to DrVanNostrand and corndogshuffle, who managed to lose their entire team by episode 6. Truly remarkable work, guys. Bravo. On the bright side, you’re still beating XLPelican.

RankTeam NamePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4Total
1Barbara AndersonAubry- 12Julia- 13Michele- 15Tai- 1757
2Malcolm is my CopilotJoe- 11Kyle- 12Neal- 16Tai- 1756
2David GadeAnna- 11Kyle- 12Neal- 16Tai- 1756
2Ethan KyleJoe- 11Julia- 13Nick- 15Tai- 1756
5Purple Rock JohnAubry- 12Kyle- 12Michele- 15Neal- 1655
5macontosh2000Anna- 11Aubry- 12Michele- 15Tai- 1755
5Random LuckJulia- 13Nick- 15Peter- 10Tai- 1755
5EmAndScoutInBKAnna- 11Kyle- 12Michele- 15Tai- 1755
9Skip, In Outer SpaceJoe- 11Kyle- 12Michele- 15Neal- 1654
9WampusAnna- 11Aubry- 12Michele- 15Neal- 1654
9tanjaAnna- 11Kyle- 12Michele- 15Neal- 1654
9prettyboyprobstAnna- 11Kyle- 12Neal- 16Nick- 1554
9Purple Rock MarkAubry- 12Julia- 13Kyle- 12Tai- 1754
14John BelzAubry- 12Michele- 15Neal- 16Peter- 1053
14HeisenbergAnna- 11Debbie- 13Kyle- 12Tai- 1753
14HectorTheWellEndowedLiz- 5Michele- 15Neal- 16Tai- 1753
14Jacob SWAnna- 11Julia- 13Kyle- 12Tai- 1753
18Joseph FinnAubry- 12Debbie- 13Peter- 10Tai- 1752
18Tamir MAnna- 11Neal- 16Nick- 15Peter- 1052
18rygelAubry- 12Caleb- 9Neal- 16Nick- 1552
18BananaGrubCydney- 9Kyle- 12Michele- 15Neal- 1652
18Everyone is someoneJulia- 13Nick- 15Scot- 7Tai- 1752
23Crom DeluiseAubry- 12Debbie- 13Joe- 11Nick- 1551
23Prom KingAnna- 11Aubry- 12Kyle- 12Neal- 1651
23m0nit0rmanCydney- 9Michele- 15Peter- 10Tai- 1751
23LillewieAnna- 11Julia- 13Kyle- 12Michele- 1551
27Something QuirkyCydney- 9Michele- 15Neal- 16Peter- 1050
27Poor Sheltered HomeschoolerAnna- 11Kyle- 12Peter- 10Tai- 1750
27ebolamonkey84Anna- 11Aubry- 12Kyle- 12Michele- 1550
30Max_JetsAnna- 11Aubry- 12Joe- 11Michele- 1549
30MalcolmJoe- 11Julia- 13Nick- 15Peter- 1049
30JimJulia- 13Liz- 5Michele- 15Neal- 1649
30Friend ChooserCydney- 9Michele- 15Nick- 15Peter- 1049
30antikontiKyle- 12Liz- 5Michele- 15Tai- 1749
30dig dougAnna- 11Caleb- 9Kyle- 12Tai- 1749
36Ara MorinAubry- 12Liz- 5Michele- 15Neal- 1648
36Mike HirschAnna- 11Aubry- 12Cydney- 9Neal- 1648
36Doctor WuAubry- 12Julia- 13Neal- 16Scot- 748
36Purple Rock MattAnna- 11Kyle- 12Nick- 15Peter- 1048
36Joel GaastraAnna- 11Kyle- 12Michele- 15Peter- 1048
36LukaAnna- 11Caleb- 9Julia- 13Michele- 1548
42MrBurkesButtonsJoe- 11Julia- 13Neal- 16Scot- 747
42Diego ArmandoAnna- 11Liz- 5Michele- 15Neal- 1647
42IcarusArtsAnna- 11Liz- 5Neal- 16Nick- 1547
42LouieLeeLiz- 5Michele- 15Peter- 10Tai- 1747
42Audrey RatajackAubry- 12Julia- 13Liz- 5Tai- 1747
42SirLiveAlotCydney- 9Julia- 13Nick- 15Peter- 1047
42Other ScottAnna- 11Kyle- 12Scot- 7Tai- 1747
49Lauren MLiz- 5Neal- 16Nick- 15Peter- 1046
49hornacekAlecia- 4Cydney- 9Neal- 16Tai- 1746
49PeachykeeneAlecia- 4Michele- 15Peter- 10Tai- 1746
52jackdw97Cydney- 9Liz- 5Michele- 15Neal- 1645
52Kent McKAnna- 11Caleb- 9Debbie- 13Kyle- 1245
52Ms_WoozahAnna- 11Cydney- 9Michele- 15Peter- 1045
52Dr.HorribleAnna- 11Kyle- 12Liz- 5Tai- 1745
52KingoftongaJulia- 13Kyle- 12Liz- 5Nick- 1545
52Marco LemaAlecia- 4Anna- 11Michele- 15Nick- 1545
58AlkanarraDebbie- 13Liz- 5Neal- 16Peter- 1044
58Bieber FeverCaleb- 9Cydney- 9Neal- 16Peter- 1044
58gouisAnna- 11Kyle- 12Liz- 5Neal- 1644
58Saturday Evening PalsyJennifer- 1Kyle- 12Neal- 16Nick- 1544
58Derek WilliamsonAnna- 11Joe- 11Liz- 5Tai- 1744
58IneAnna- 11Julia- 13Liz- 5Michele- 1544
58ShitShowAnna- 11Julia- 13Liz- 5Nick- 1544
65True AlainerAlecia- 4Anna- 11Kyle- 12Neal- 1643
65aj hillerLiz- 5Michele- 15Neal- 16Scot- 743
65DezbotCydney- 9Jennifer- 1Neal- 16Tai- 1743
65DinoAnna- 11Liz- 5Peter- 10Tai- 1743
65Sinan FaiadAnna- 11Aubry- 12Liz- 5Michele- 1543
65Scarlett3639Aubry- 12Jennifer- 1Julia- 13Tai- 1743
65kristanmarieCydney- 9Kyle- 12Liz- 5Tai- 1743
65Anna RAnna- 11Kyle- 12Liz- 5Michele- 1543
65indescribable hatAnna- 11Kyle- 12Liz- 5Nick- 1543
74Kevin MAnna- 11Liz- 5Neal- 16Peter- 1042
74Drums XDebbie- 13Jennifer- 1Joe- 11Tai- 1742
74turgid_legumeJennifer- 1Neal- 16Nick- 15Peter- 1042
74WagnerAubry- 12Darnell- 0Debbie- 13Tai- 1742
74JacksDadCydney- 9Kyle- 12Liz- 5Neal- 1642
74Purple Rock EmmaKyle- 12Liz- 5Michele- 15Peter- 1042
74RickyBAnna- 11Caleb- 9Kyle- 12Peter- 1042
81Yangbang'dDarnell- 0Debbie- 13Kyle- 12Neal- 1641
81DutchAnna- 11Debbie- 13Jennifer- 1Neal- 1641
81Arran MilneAnna- 11Caleb- 9Liz- 5Neal- 1641
81RobothouseAnna- 11Liz- 5Nick- 15Peter- 1041
81Mikdyer252Anna- 11Aubry- 12Julia- 13Liz- 541
81DukeSilverTrioCaleb- 9Jennifer- 1Michele- 15Neal- 1641
81Banana TeamAnna- 11Julia- 13Kyle- 12Liz- 541
81CountBulletsulaCaleb- 9Kyle- 12Liz- 5Michele- 1541
89Chase SAnna- 11Aubry- 12Kyle- 12Liz- 540
89quinnAnna- 11Jennifer- 1Kyle- 12Neal- 1640
89Survivor CentralAnna- 11Kyle- 12Peter- 10Scot- 740
92Violina23Jennifer- 1Kyle- 12Neal- 16Peter- 1039
92Thethings Wedo4LoveAlecia- 4Caleb- 9Neal- 16Peter- 1039
92Maulik ShahAnna- 11Joe- 11Kyle- 12Liz- 539
92Special Agent PhileCaleb- 9Cydney- 9Liz- 5Neal- 1639
92torchoflawAnna- 11Julia- 13Liz- 5Peter- 1039
92Adli HanifAnna- 11Aubry- 12Jennifer- 1Michele- 1539
92tocantinsJennifer- 1Julia- 13Nick- 15Peter- 1039
99Josh PotterJoe- 11Kyle- 12Liz- 5Peter- 1038
99itsafuckingSTICKAnna- 11Kyle- 12Liz- 5Peter- 1038
99Jenifer PullmanCaleb- 9Jennifer- 1Kyle- 12Neal- 1638
99Fishbach Was HereCaleb- 9Kyle- 12Peter- 10Scot- 738
99KAL BJennifer- 1Kyle- 12Michele- 15Peter- 1038
99KateDarnell- 0Joe- 11Kyle- 12Michele- 1538
99Crystal LynneAnna- 11Liz- 5Nick- 15Scot- 738
99SueSurvivorAnna- 11Liz- 5Michele- 15Scot- 738
99bder19Caleb- 9Jennifer- 1Julia- 13Nick- 1538
108Come On In HereDebbie- 13Jennifer- 1Joe- 11Kyle- 1237
108SybilAubry- 12Darnell- 0Debbie- 13Kyle- 1237
108Jacob.CunninghamCaleb- 9Jennifer- 1Joe- 11Neal- 1637
108heartbreakingowlCydney- 9Joe- 11Kyle- 12Liz- 537
108Untitled Clint Howard ProjectJennifer- 1Liz- 5Michele- 15Neal- 1637
108Anndré BressanCydney- 9Julia- 13Liz- 5Peter- 1037
108free7694Liz- 5Michele- 15Peter- 10Scot- 737
108Jeff Probst's HairpieceAnna- 11Caleb- 9Jennifer- 1Neal- 1637
108Black DynamiteAnna- 11Jennifer- 1Nick- 15Peter- 1037
108tigersmidnightAnna- 11Jennifer- 1Michele- 15Peter- 1037
108Survivor squidAnna- 11Caleb- 9Kyle- 12Liz- 537
108AshCaleb- 9Jennifer- 1Kyle- 12Michele- 1537
120RoswulfAlecia- 4Jennifer- 1Michele- 15Neal- 1636
120Kemper BoydJennifer- 1Liz- 5Michele- 15Nick- 1536
122Survivor FanCaleb- 9Cydney- 9Jennifer- 1Neal- 1635
122EemelimansikkaAnna- 11Kyle- 12Liz- 5Scot- 735
124sweaterfanDebbie- 13Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Michele- 1534
124NrocketAnna- 11Jennifer- 1Michele- 15Scot- 734
126PuddinSnack1Jennifer- 1Joe- 11Liz- 5Neal- 1633
126SG StandardAnna- 11Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Neal- 1633
126IspeakllamaJennifer- 1Kyle- 12Liz- 5Michele- 1533
129Disgruntled GoatJennifer- 1Liz- 5Neal- 16Peter- 1032
129vaderdawsnCaleb- 9Jennifer- 1Kyle- 12Peter- 1032
129bassmanxviJennifer- 1Joe- 11Liz- 5Michele- 1532
129No Eyes in BlindfoldAlecia- 4Aubry- 12Jennifer- 1Michele- 1532
129Rob BrodeurDarnell- 0Jennifer- 1Michele- 15Neal- 1632
129Will HolstonAlecia- 4Jennifer- 1Kyle- 12Michele- 1532
129ryell-00Anna- 11Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Nick- 1532
129cazkayeAnna- 11Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Michele- 1532
137NearlyNinaCaleb- 9Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Neal- 1631
137KevinJennifer- 1Liz- 5Michele- 15Peter- 1031
137DrVanNostrandAnna- 11Caleb- 9Jennifer- 1Peter- 1031
137KeepCalmAndHodorOnAnna- 11Darnell- 0Liz- 5Michele- 1531
141TiminSoCalDebbie- 13Jennifer- 1Joe- 11Liz- 530
141ZC7Anna- 11Jennifer- 1Julia- 13Liz- 530
143Lira2012Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Neal- 16Scot- 729
143WelldressedEvilCaleb- 9Cydney- 9Jennifer- 1Peter- 1029
143forever1267Aubry- 12Caleb- 9Jennifer- 1Scot- 729
143Assistant Dragon SlayerAnna- 11Jennifer- 1Kyle- 12Liz- 529
147fransesquaJennifer- 1Kyle- 12Liz- 5Peter- 1028
147this bear is tops bloobyCydney- 9Jennifer- 1Joe- 11Scot- 728
149corndogshuffleAnna- 11Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Peter- 1027
149BoooournsAubry- 12Caleb- 9Jennifer- 1Liz- 527
151GeorgeCydney- 9Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Peter- 1025
151Ryan DeschampAlecia- 4Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Nick- 1525
153ExtraLargePelicanAnna- 11Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Scot- 724

Champions League

Good luck to all of you in your quest to get second place in this league, because Saturday Night Palsy has this thing wrapped up already. Is there really any way he can even lose at this point? Seems unlikely. A seven-point lead after only six weeks? Insurmountable, I say.

My team is currently in second place. But having lost Peter this week, it will be difficult to remain in the top four. We could potentially have a Champions League next season with no Purple Rock staff in it.

KR Champions week 6

Outcast League

I may just rename this the Haves vs Have Nots league. We’re six weeks in, and three people have lost their entire teams. No change in the standings here, but Matt is officially out of the running after losing his second player. It’s on you, Mark! Be the one Purple Rock staffer who doesn’t suck at fantasy Survivor this season!

KR Outcasts week 6