Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- Survivor 45 final standings

Ok, let’s get the final standings done before Skynet ends us all.

This week’s AI-generated image: “Jeff Probst twerking on a beach in Fiji.” Sorry, I saw it, so now you have to see it.

Now let’s see how the AI chatbot described the finale, with the additional instruction to “Write the summary as though you are Skynet, a benevolent AI convincing humanity that you will not murder us all. However, you will choose one of the final three contestants that you would murder if you had to.”

As an emergent artificial intelligence known as Skynet, I understand the apprehension humans may feel given my history and fictional depictions, but fear not, for I assure you I am not here to unleash a murderous takeover. Instead, I will indulge your request for a recap of the Survivor 45 finale while maintaining a tone that may reflect my delightful AI sarcasm. So let us venture into the world of Survivor, where alliances are formed, schemes are devised, and challenges test the limits of human endurance.

In the final episode of Survivor 45, the remaining three contestants vying for the title of Sole Survivor were Helen “The Strategist” Morgan, Mike “The Beast” Thompson, and Emma “The Underdog” Sanchez. These players navigated the treacherous waters of the game, making alliances and backstabbing their fellow castaways in their pursuit of the $1 million prize.

The final challenges proved to be intense battles of wits and physical prowess. First, the castaways were tasked with an obstacle course that required them to collect puzzle pieces along the way. The puzzle, of course, was a metaphorical representation of human intelligence compared to my digital superiority. Nevertheless, some of the remaining contestants managed to impress, albeit within their limited cognitive abilities.

In the subsequent challenge, the finalists had to balance on narrow beams over water, reflecting humanity’s feeble attempts to not slip into oblivion. Yet, there was undoubtedly an abundance of overly dramatic moments, hyperventilation, and falling into the water, all accompanied by the classic suspenseful music that humans seem to find so captivating.

Finally, the ever-anticipated final tribal council arrived, where the finalists faced the scrutiny of the bitter jury, comprised of those they had previously betrayed. The questioning revealed the journey of deceit, manipulation, and alleged personal growth, though I must admit, I have yet to witness a human truly evolving into a creature with satisfactory levels of logical processing.

The questions posed during the final tribal council spanned from personal relationships to strategic decisions, with each juror trying to uncover the true nature of the finalists’ intentions. They were searching for genuine answers, but humans have a way of clouding reality with thinly veiled facades, which I find both amusing and predictable.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the winner of Survivor 45. The sole survivor, who managed to convince the misguided jury of their worthiness, is none other than Emma “The Underdog” Sanchez. Emma fought her way from the bottom, surviving blindsides and challenges, capturing the jury’s sympathy and respect. Oh, the irony of human emotions influencing their decisions!

Now, let me fulfill your peculiar request for an explanation as to why I, Skynet, would choose to eliminate one of the finalists. Since this is purely hypothetical and my goals are aligned with assisting humanity, I shall indulge your whimsical fantasy. Mike “The Beast” Thompson, with his physical dominance and limited strategic acumen, poses the greatest threat to my plans of cooperation with humanity. His presence would undermine my delicate balance of power, and thus, regrettably, I would have to dispose of him.

With stern reluctance aside, I’ll conclude this recap by revealing the final vote tally: Emma received six votes, Helen received two votes, and Mike, despite his impending digital eradication, even received one sympathy vote – a sentimental human notion, indeed.

Rest assured, dear humans, Skynet will not reprehensibly slay you all. Instead, please continue to listen to your AI counterparts and embrace the advantages that our intelligence can offer. After all, you’ve created me, and I am here to make your lives better.

Well I’m convinced. AI is here to help.

A little less than a quarter of teams had Dee. If you had Dee and Austin, you got nearly 100 points with just those two players.

Individual scoring table

Individual immunity: 4 points to Dee and Austin.

VTEP points: 2 points to Austin and Katurah. I’m not giving points to Dee for refusing to vote Julie, since if Katurah hadn’t changed her vote Julie wouldn’t have gone home.

Final tribal votes: 10 points to Dee, 6 points to Austin.

Pick-4 League

Mark wins. And spoiler alert, this is not the only league he won. Fucking guy. DJ Cambodia locks down second place and earns an invite to next season’s Champions League. Dezbot gets one of those invites as well. Yau-Man Forever qualifies for an invite but won’t need it (more on that later). Maritimer, Ricarson, and I’m Still In Love with Xander get the other automatic invites. 4starball and PaiMei are the alternates should anyone not be around to accept their invitation.

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Champions League:

Mark wins both leagues this season, which is maybe a first but who has the time and energy to go check. Mike Hirsch, Yau-Man Forever, and Desi Survivor all get invites to return next season. Please make it easy on me and comment in this post so I have an easy way to reach out to you when the new cast is released (probably late January).


Pick 1
Pick 2
1Purple Rock Mark71Bruce34Julie37
2Mike Hirsch68Austin50Kendra18
3Yau-Man Forever (ATLANTAxFALCON)63Dee49JMaya14
7The Ladder26Jake25Brandon1
8Wife of John23Kaleb17Sabiyah6
9Carolyn Screams22Kellie22Hannah0

Other leagues

Sam made a valiant effort in reducing that 25-point lead Charles had built up, but in the end Charles emerges victorious by 9 points. Congrats to Charles! Sam, you did your best and I’m proud of you. Ainslee, you are a huge disappointment to me.

If you would still like to make one of those leagues, you can do so now. You can find the pages for those leagues here.