Survivor Maryland: Major Conflict Episode 2

Here we are at week two of Survivor Maryland Major Conflict. The only new season of Survivor for you this September (although Survivor Michigan is wrapping up it’s 3rd season currently).

If you are interested in watching the youtube is here, and previous generation youtube is here (try All Stars, it’s really good).

Thoughts on the episode:

  • Sadie and Dale Aram both talk about not really wanting to vote out Natalia but having to because the need of the group. This is ok for the first couple of votes but if you go against your own wishes for too long you can end up on the outside of a strong alliance of men (it’s always men).
  • Eric has clocked on to the friendship between, Tim and Doug and the 4 including Amanda and Chris. I misjudged Eric in the first episode.
  • Teresa doesn’t seem to think that the only vote for her was Natalia, which is super dumb, why would she have voted for Dain when she wasn’t in your alliance?
  • Ivy meeting with everyone, could be good, or could be very bad as people feel she’s two faced.
  • Evan is a character. I fear for him if Humanities go to Tribal.
  • The Tape Alliance is honestly the best, Jasmine, Morgan and Angie are great. 3 women of colour? splitting up and making alliances with the dudes but putting the women first?  Hell yes.
  • The Immunity Challenge is confusing, they have to defuse bombs based on clues. It’s a puzzle I do not feel was adequately explained and is filmed at night. We once again see the limitations of fan made Survivor challenges.
  • The Red Team (Humanities) wins. So much for Stem being able to catch up on the puzzles!
  • Amanda has the right read on Teresa, she has no logical game.
  • Doug is in a great spot, Sadie is telling him everything, he has Tim, Chris and Amanda. And Dain as part of the six. Basically just Eric and Teresa aren’t in his plans but Teresa isn’t in any alliances.
  • An 8.30am Tribal Council? no bloody thank you.
  • Teresa is voted out and honestly she deserved it. Way too intense, no understanding of social game play and generally didn’t make a good impression. But guys, please no more women voted out.

So that’s the second episode in the books. What thoughts so far? I like Sadie and Doug but there is too much talk of transparency and honesty. But that usually goes away once we hit twists and swaps.