Survivor Maryland, Major Conflict: Episodes 7 & 8


Hello to my 4 loyal readers and especially to McQuack who hit me up on twitter to see why we didn’t get a recap last week. It’s very basic. I was lazy and kept putting it off. But in procrastinating because I couldn’t be bothered to watch one episode of Survivor Maryland I now have to watch two! So you get a double dose this week of recappage. Somehow two weeks later I am still sad about losing Jasmine.

Episode 6:

  • JAM is dead long live AM.
  • Yes Ange, Amanda does suck.
  • I love that Ange, Morgan and Liam are all raging angry. FUCK IT UP MORGAN!
  • Yes, FUCK IT UP LIAM. I am wasn’t on board with Liam but I am on board for chaos Liam!
  • Doug has so much control, he can go basically any way he wants.
  • Everyone is talking to everyone. It’s hard to keep straight.
  • Santi, why would Ange have wanted to vote out Morgan instead of Dain? It’s all well and good being transparent and working with her but then you went for her ally.
  • The immunity challenge has too many elements. Morgan is a boss at tossing bolos.
  • Yellow wins and Morgan has effectively saved herself!
  • Mike and Liam decide to go after Josh because he’s closer to Santi.
  • Doug and Santi decide to go for Liam. Doug and Santi are running the game and people like Sadie, Amanda and Mike are going to find out until it’s too late.
  • Liam did not in fact fuck it up and Doug and Santi’s stranglehold on the game continues.

Episode 7:

  • FUCK IT UP MIKE. (I don’t think Mike will fuck it up)
  • I love Abby saying she didn’t storm off with Mike, she just ready to dip.
  • Sadie explaining to Abby that Liam was the glue of the Red tribe when Abby WAS ON THE RED TRIBE.
  • I find it very annoying that Americans use “kids” to describe people the same age as them.
  •  AUSTIN!
  • Remember when Dain said he was a better challenge asset than al the women? yeah, not so much.
  • Yellow manages to win immunity with only Tim and Santi. This brings up the interesting game theory question about how to approach this type of weight bearing challenge. With a pole and breeze block it is much easier for the smaller team to still be quick than it is in versions with weight bags. We saw this approach of having your weak people drop out early and the men were caught easily as they misjudged how much weight they would have to carry. Basically it’s dependent on how much weight and how it is distributed.
  • Doug asking Santi, Tim and Amanda for the immunity clue is dodgy.
  • Josh is an idiot for giving all the clues to Doug. As is Santi.
  • There is a truth that dominant players make for boring games to watch but god is it impressive the level of social capital Doug has in this game, he is Santi’s number 1, Sadie’s number 1, Tim’s number 1. Amanda trusts him, Josh trusts him, Dale Aram trusts him.
  • Telling Sadie and Santi about one of the idols each is good play.
  • It was a pretty formulaic episode, we knew from the beginning it would be Mike if the Red team went to Immunity again and it was. They tried to ratchet the drama up with Josh v Mike but there is no reason to get rid of Josh instead of Mike at all. None.
  • Doug is a beast of a Survivor player so far. Let’s see if anyone notices and guns for him before he can use his idols.
  • At least we are down to only 3 white guys left.


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