Survivor New Zealand: Thailand. Episode 10 Recap

Welcome to week 10 of Survivor Too Many Hats.

 Post Tribal

The Brad blindside really shook things up. Tessa doesn’t feel safe in a Khangkaw alliance while Lisa and Adam try to reassure her. Somehow she doesn’t think the chat she had with Brad about getting rid of Matt wasn’t a weakness in the alliance. Part of me really hopes that Tess discovers her inner gamebot and goes on a revenge rampage that gets her the win, haha not really the win but to final 3.

Post Credits Camp Life

A lot of spider imagery this season I’ve noticed. I wonder what that means.
Eve feeds the chickens even though there are no eggs. Is the lack of laying and their demise a metaphor for not giving your vote? Who knows. Tess thinks she’s totally on the outside and she’s on look out for a lift raft. Tara did a terrible job of talking to her and doesn’t make her feel better at all. Tess goes back and tells Adam the whole thing. Now Tara and Tess are both in the sights of Adam, Matt and Lisa alliance. They don’t like that Tara is feeling her oats after being the swing vote in the Brad vote and Tess said she didn’t trust anyone.

Reward Challenge

The reward is watching Jurassic World, this is much better than Jack and Jill.  I found this challenge very confusing, why did they switch? if they were switching why did they need to knock them down? Tess, Matt, Dave and Lisa win because Lisa is a puzzle machine.

Post Reward Challenge

Adam is scathing of Tara, which is fair, she kinda sucked. He is also an incredibly sore loser, he’s a pretty sore winner to be fair too. The reward suddenly becomes videos from home too. Everyone cries, etc etc.

Tara has had two confessionals already, I wasn’t convinced she was really on the series up to this point. It can’t be good for her, boot time must be approaching.

Matt and Dave have a chat about whether to knock off Tara or Tess or Eve but Dave wants to go at Renee. Matt continues to play both sides, having a chat with Renee next. Renee want to go after Dave. Matt chats with Lisa. Lisa wants to get rid of Matt but knows mathematically 8 is not a great spot.

Immunity Challenge

It’s a Keith Nale memorial balance a ball on another thing challenge. Adam wins immunity.

Pre Tribal Camp Stuff

Matt and Tess talk about the Renee v Dave of it all. But Matt obviously wants to go after not Dave and that is Eve. This is stupid Eve has no one but Dave and Dave is reliant on Matt thus ipso facto Eve is reliant on Matt. Tara continues to suck at the game by not telling Renee anything and closing off the relationship.

Renee goes to Matt and Adam and tries to get them to commit to Dave. Holy shit, Tess has sussed out that Matt is in charge, she’ll definitely be ready to turn on him at 7 with Lisa.

I have literally no idea which way this is going but it’s not exciting any way it shakes out.

Tribal Council

Brad just like Arun looks no better for a wash, even worse he kept his terrible moustache.

Chisholm gets to his questioning, Adam doesn’t know if he can win but he’s going to try his best. Dave is always the immunity bridesmaid, it worries him. I then got up to get myself an ice pole (also called icey pop) as it’s very warm in London and we don’t have aircon. I came back in to Renee saying that Matt is calling the shots. Tara doesn’t think anyone is calling the shots but continues to play very badly. The jury don’t buy Tara’s bullshit. She is 100% unable to win.

Dave again doesn’t play his idol. Matt must have told him he was ok. Renee goes home. This is where the friendship from home is really unfair to other players, without that cast iron trust in Matt formed at school Dave would have played his idol earlier or at least here.

Final Thoughts

Renee is a good call for Matt, he has Dave in his pocket and Eve has no one but Dave. But he has left himself open to Lisa, Tara, Adam and Tess coming for him next time. What really screws things up for that crew is Dave will not be willing to go with them, when in a normal season he’d jump at the chance to get rid of a power player like Matt.

For the others I think Renee was a bad call. I think she would be more useful to Lisa or Adam than Eve or Dave will prove to be. If Renee had pitched Eve not Dave she might have survived, her vendetta against Dave scuppered her game.

Matt is playing a very good game so far but he has to be wary of Lisa and others coming for him.


Edgic is very confused this week.