Survivor New Zealand: Thailand. Episode 11 recap

Apologies for the delay in posting this week’s recap the World Cup has taken over my life. My team got through a nail-biting penalty shootout on Tuesday and I’ve only just recovered.

Post Tribal Council Camp Life

Dave is super confused by Renee being angry about him knowing about Josh’s vote for her. Adam basically says Dave lied to Renee. Which isn’t true in this case. Looks like Adam might have a problem with Matty’s best friend from nappies Dave. I genuinely don’t understand what Dave was supposed to do differently with Josh, Josh had to believe he was in an alpha male alliance and it was a vote split on Dylan, Renee was the only person they could pretend to split on. And Josh went home!

Post Credits Camp Life

Matt gets the first confessional about how strong he feels in his relationships with Adam, Dave, and Lisa. Lisa starts talking about getting rid of Matt next now Renee is gone, you know who would have helped with that Lisa? Renee!

Some genius I didn’t see who posits that the “mouthwatering reward” on offer may be food.

Reward Challenge

It’s another Keith Nale memorial challenge, balance a thing (this time a bowl of corn) on a long stick. The reward is chocolate, cake, bars, biccies, and milk. This time at least it isn’t in a ziplock bag.

Eve wins! Which isn’t a surprise because she was given a pre-reward confessional. Dave says it would be embarrassing to come last then has to apolgise to Lisa who did come last. Eve then chooses Dave for coming in second (Dave is getting a lot of rewards) and Adam because she spoke about him needing food in her confessional. She says he hasn’t eaten in 30 days but he won a load of rewards on new Chani and on old Khangkaw.

Post Reward

Dave eating is still gross, stop eating until you nearly throw up you animal! Adam agrees with me, he’s annoying.

Tara gives a confessional all about Eve, she trusts her and wasn’t craving chocolate anyway. Matt is worried about Eve’s endurance skills and he’s right, she is showing Amanda Kimmel levels of challenge skill.

Adam opens up about his little brother who has cerebral palsy and it makes Eve feel more connected to him. For Eve taking Adam was a good move, he’s got good social connections with a lot of people and is an important cog in the machine.

Back at camp, Lisa decides to finally begin to make her move against Matt. She goes to Tara who is on board, Lisa says Eve will come with them but neither is sure that Tess can be trusted to go against Matt. Lisa gives a confessional about how important it is for Tara to keep this plan to herself. So now I can’t wait for Tara to screw this up and talk to Dave about it.

Adam has noticed that Matt is keeping Dave to himself and is confused why Matt continues to work with Dave considering the thrown challenge and good moves in the past. Which again comes down to this unfair game mechanism.

Matt chats with Dave and Lisa about possibly taking out Eve. On the walk down Lisa and Matt both spot an arrow. Lisa and Matt both say they are going to meditate then go look at the arrow together. Lisa sees the idol but Matt climbs for it. Who does it belong to? Matt’s keeping it so I guess Matt. That’s ruined Lisa’s plan. Lisa’s frustration in her confessional is fantastic. I am really enjoying watching this super fan who is the demographic who often doesn’t get credit on Survivor play a good game and narrate it so brilliantly. Lisa’s second confessional is exactly how I am when I’m frustrated, angry crying and berating herself for her bad luck. I love that NZ interview people in confessional straight after the big event.

Lisa has a nap and comes up with a plan to get Matt to separate from the idol. She tries to convince him one of them should own the idol and one should hold it. She wants him to make her feel better in her “nervousness” by having her hold it and him own it. This obviously makes Matt feel nervous. It wasn’t a great idea.

Immunity Challenge

It’s a race of bamboo on a rope through an obstacle course.  We are still getting a lot of content about Lisa wanting to vote out Matt which means either she does or he wins immunity

Matt wins immunity.

Post Immunity/Pre-Tribal

We have dedicated so much of this episode to getting Matt that I genuinely have no idea going into the final 20 minutes who will be going home. Lisa is in a tough spot, she needs Eve as a number and she can’t get rid of Dave without Matt knowing he needs to play his idol next week.

Matt wants Eve, Eve and Dave want Tess but Dave feels like he has no power. If it’s Eve Dave should play his idol for her keep his number and blindside Adam or Lisa. Lisa also doesn’t want it to be Eve because she can beat Matt in challenges. Lisa tries to work out her case and goes to Tara. Tara floats Dave and Lisa says they can’t take out Dave. The thing is they could tell Eve Dave is coming for her, go to Tess and Adam and offer Dave and then vote for Eve with Matt and Dave.

Tara goes rogue and when chatting with Matt she makes him feel nervous. Adam also wants Dave, Lisa could do this without getting her hands dirty. Tara and Adam chat about Dave but it’s as they set off for tribal. OOOHHHHH intrigue.


The jury comes in and Renee has an extreme lip game going on.
Chisholm asks Matt if his immunity win makes him a target. He asks Tara about how much she is hustling, she says she doesn’t hustle she makes decisions. Eve isn’t a hustler either and gets to crying about how she’s totally going home, she must have been told Dave is going for her. Adam whispers to Tess that Tara had the chat to her. Eve starts to talk too much about Dave backing out of alliances although she won’t name him. This could make him nervous and he could play his idol. Dave says he feels like he had no say in saving her.  Eve cries a lot. Adam decides to use the moment to say to Eve that they’ve never really interacted before and he gives her a chance to plead her case, saying she is loyal and if Adam votes a certain way and then she names Dave. Never name names in case of an idol for god sake.

The votes are in and Dave doesn’t play his idol; boy has nerves of steel! Somehow it’s worked for him again! Everyone voted for Eve and it was dumb of 3 of those 6 people.

Final Thoughts

Adam, this is when you lost the game. Had Adam and Tess gone and voted Dave out there they have someone to beat Matt in an immunity and Adam is easily the biggest jury threat of that foursome. If Adam comes out of this with the win I will be flabbergasted. It now seems like a foregone conclusion Lisa or Matt are winning this season.


Edgic got super confused this week.