Survivor New Zealand: Thailand. Episode 6 Recap

Hello all! I am back again to recap Survivor New Zealand. I’m not sure if you all saw but Dylan found our little corner of Survivor internet and didn’t appreciate my Edgic’s take on his game. Sorry Dylan, not my fault you suck so hard and the edgic scientifically shows that! Anyway on with this week. The streams I found were uploaded wonky so it got jumpy so if I miss anything that is the reason.

Post Tribal

Eve for some reason decides to explain her idol play. Girl it’s a game they can’t be mad you tried to turn the tables on them and also save yourself!

Reward Challenge

The reward is pizza which is like special because Lisa and Tara both eat it with their families. Lisa do you think you are better than me because yesterday I ate a pizza on my own in my empty house where I live alone as I watched the Champions League Final? Do you Lisa? Do you?

Chani wins because it’s a physical challenge and Chani has every physical threat except Brad and maybe Tess. (I  wrote this before the challenge because obvs).

Post Reward Camp Life

Chani are super happy because pizza, even Dylan the joyless gamebot snake with ice blue eyes of evil.

The Outpost

Arun rigs the sticks and Renee goes to outpost. This is the kind of stuff no one was doing last season, they’d never consider rigging something for strategic advantage and that is why this is a way better season.
Tara is there for Khangkaw. The challenge is a memory and the prize is a reward: ransack two items from the opposition camp Pearl Islands style.
Renee wins. She gets to go back to Khangkaw camp and take stuff but she can talk to people too, not that it’s helpful as old Chani is weak in the game.

Tara cries about losing and when everyone finds out it’s just losing items everyone is like “what that’s not a big deal”. Renee takes the tarp (good decision) and the coffee which pisses someone off but my stream froze and I assume it’s Brad.

Pre Immunity Challenge Camp

Renee come back and Adam thinks it’s the coolest thing ever to steal. Renee gets some major lad points from the army of manbeasts on her tribe.

Something happens with my nemesis Dylan but things got jumpy so I’m not sure what. Adam doesn’t like it, Adam is kinda mean to evil Dylan. Dylan thinks he’s the swing vote but Adam is lining up to get rid of Dylan.  Josh uses his connection with Arun to move for Dylan. He goes to Dave and asks him to vote for Renee, I don’t get it, why would Dave ditch Renee?
Renee is thinking sensibly that if old Khangkaw all hate Dylan they could get him and vote out one of the dudes. It’s a big call however to throw a challenge not knowing if they can get Dylan’s vote (although spoiler alert they should be able to unless they all suck hard).

Immunity Challenge

The challenge is the one where they spell a word out on a balancing platform in the middle of ropes each team member is holding onto. This is such an easy challenge for a single player to throw.
Khangkaw wins after old Chani throw it for Chani.

Pre Tribal Council

Dave pretends he’s really sorry the tribe lost.
The old Khangkaw boys chat with Dylan and Dylan says he’d get rid of Arun. Is he telling the truth? surely not he’s a snake obviously. Adam is kind of smug thinking there is panic in the camp. Where as old Chani are talking about using Dylan to get rid of Josh.

Josh tells Arun that Dylan wants Arun. It’s very he said she said over at Chani. I can’t quite follow exactly what the plan is. Dave chats with Dylan about getting rid of Josh but everyone wants Matt. But Matt and Dave have been friends since childhood.

Somehow Dave and Arun think if they vote for Josh they’ll become a target and he could flip back. Renee is exasperate with them because Dylan is a snake who cannot flip back, they hate him, he’s a vote on their side long term. For the love of god if Dylan loses because these people are morons after he survived the Khangkaw idiots being idiots and getting rid of Survivor I will be very angry at this cast.
My opinion is they should absolutely vote out Josh, they know he has a tight alliance with Brad and Tess as well as Matt and Adam. Just get rid of him dumb-dumbs.


It’s pretty standard stuff “how was the challenge?”, “do you know what happened on the other side?”, “are old tribal lines still in play?” It’s trite and everyone gives the answers you’d expect, no one says anything. Chisholm continues to be too involved in the game saying “when there is silence all I hear is massive blindside”.

We see Josh vote for Renee saying he’s taking out insurance. Adam votes for Dylan so I assume he thinks that Arun and Dave will vote for Dylan making it 4 for Dylan, 1 for Renee and Dylan and Renee will both vote for someone but it’s inconsequential. It’s 4 votes for Josh and it’s enough. Josh is eliminated from the game.

Josh calls it the most deceitful behaviour he’s seen in his life. BRO, what did you think this game was? It’s outwit outplay outlast not best mates forever!

Some last thoughts

This is exactly why Khangkaw should have voted out Dylan not Kaysha. There is no way Kaysha flips on old Khangkaw there the way Dylan had to. It pains me to say that Dylan has done exactly the right thing. I’m laying my chips down now and saying Dylan cannot win this game.

It was an obvious move that a lot of us predicted at the Kaysha boot but it was still a good move for Dylan and a good move for Arun, Dave and Renee. Renee showed her mind for the game in how she talked about it when Arun and Dave floated getting rid of Dylan. She has the right read on this whole situation, Dylan is a snake who has nowhere else to go. His old tribe made it clear he had nowhere to go and they are reaping what they sowed when they went after Kaysha instead of him.

Dylan, you won this round, but you still suck, ok?


Dylan is still on track to win according to Edgic, which kills me because he sucks.