Survivor New Zealand: Thailand. Episode 8 Recap

Sorry for the delay in coverage, I was off having fun on holiday with my friends. Well, we had some fun. One of my friends threw white wine on another friend because she was being aggressively in his face. Then she threw red wine. It was a whole kerfuffle.

The previously on makes it very obvious we are getting the merge this episode, which numbers also tell us but the previously on is insanely long and really focuses on Arun’s blindside of Josh, this can not mean good things for the tall, handsome, athletic man who is down in the numbers.

Post Tribal

Adam is a bit of a prick about getting rid of Dylan. Dylan is a sneaky bastard, an icey eyed snake devil if you will. But Adam’s glee is too much, especially for a man who had such strong words for old Chani booting Josh, he is becoming more insufferable and less and less funny.  Renee is unconvinced that it was a good move, spoiler alert Renee, it wasn’t.

Post Credits Camp Life

At Khangkaw Brad wants chicken and Lisa is sad and happy is gone. She tells the tribe she’s pretty sure the merge is coming. She’s about to switch it up, as she knows she’s seen as a bit of a Dawn, maybe even a Hannah. She needs to surround herself with goats so she goes Tara and Tess to convince them they need to go after the boys in their alliance.

Dave is at new Chani enjoying the fun with the crew. The crew who will turn on him,  Arun and Renee pretty soon. Renee is getting her second confessional of the episode, letting us know she gets she’s number 3 with Arun and Dave. She’s cultivating her relationship with Adam. It’s looking up for Renee if she can gain the protection of the least obvious boot from the “invisible five (four)”.

Reward Challenge

The challenge involves a slingshot and targets which Brad says he did “heaps of at school”, what is going on at New Zealand schools that they have slingshots all around? He also wasn’t good at it at all.
Khangkaw wins reward of the merge? Terrible reward. Why did we just sit through that challenge?

Lisa is pumped because of her double vote. Matt cries about missing his girlfriend.

Merge Feast

Everyone freaks out over the food. And Arun says he’s relying on Matt and Adam to be undercover agents in the Khangkaw alliance.

Adam goes off with Tess and tells her tall tales about how mean Arun is and how he has been through hell to get back. He tells Brad is a bully and for some reason Brad buys it.

Dave says the “man bun” alliance is voting for Lisa. I think the man bun alliance is a terrible name as Brad the king of man buns isn’t in it.

Immunity Challenge

It’s the build a tower of cards challenge. I can’t remember who to memorialise with this challenge. Did Laura Morett win it on BvW? Matt wins. An epic win even, if you believe the hyperbole machine that is Matt Chisholm.


Adam and Matt are in a strong position in between two alliances. They decide to chat with Lisa because she has a vote steal. She is going to take Arun’s vote and vote for him, which makes him an easy choice for them. The question is will or should Dave play his idol.

Dave sniffs out Matt and Adam are going away from him. Time to think about that idol.


Chisholm continues to let them get away without answering properly and then asks leading questions.

The idols are not played. The votes come in and 5 votes for Arun, 3 votes for Dave and 2 votes for Lisa. Renee voted for Arun with old Khangkaw and Lisa stole Arun’s vote.

Final Thoughts

Renee either smelt out that Adam and Matt weren’t with them or was trusted enough to be told the real plan. Whichever it is she made the right move by jumping ship when the vote steal meant that old Khangkaw could split the vote. Even if she had voted with old Chani it would have been a 4-3-3 split. Her final words about him not listening and it biting him were interesting. Had they kept Dylan over Matt like Renee had wanted then with the vote steal it would have been 6-4 allowing Dave to play his idol and possibly take it to 5-5 at the next tribal.


It’s has become clearer and clearer every week that Eve will win.

Feel free to comment on the other two seasons that are running right now. South Africa and Maryland.